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  1. I'm interested in opinions too.... One reservation I have in finding a brushless system for beach use (either sensored or sensorless) is that the ESC's have small fans and I'm sure they don't like sand. I've been considering the Hobbywing brand; either EZRun (sensorless) or the JS4 sensored system in 13.5T (does anyone know the difference between the JS4 and XERun systems, they are both sensored) Also, is a sensored system worth the extra money over sensorless?? JS4: (sensored) http://www.hobbypartz.com/07e-combo-js4.html EZRun: (sensorless) http://www.hobbypartz.com/ezrun-35a-brushl...stem-combo.html
  2. Very nice build Theibault! I did mine a few days ago except for paint and I noticed my rear stabilizer bar is pretty much useless...the red plastic part it passes through that is attached to the gear box allows the bar to flop all around inside - it doesn't secure it there is a lot of play. Did yours come out the same way or maybe I just have something wrong?? Also, anyone have ideas for a paint coilor? thinking of something non- boxart. Has anyone seen a yellow, blue or orange SuperShot??
  3. I think I got a good price - $265.00 from Ultimate Hobbies in California if anyone is interested ($9.00 bucks shipping). That's compared to $330 at Tower Hobbies.... just an FYI if anyone in the States is looking...I grabbed two!!
  4. That's awesome thanks for posting it. I remember once a long long time ago seeing a picture of a real life very similar Frog desert race car. Anyone have pictures of that perhaps?
  5. Hey guys can I have some suggestions on how to paint the driver figure, like how to prep and what brushes exactly to use and any paint suggestions. I've never painted a driver figure so I would really appreciate any tips. I should use acrylic right? But is there a lacquer paint in the little glass bottle to use because lacquer is better right? Also I'm going to paint my Buggy Champ body the box art TS-12 but I plan to run the car so is there a clear coat finish paint I can use over the color to protect the paint job?? any links to brushes and paint would be appreciated! It's about time for me to finish a Tamiya kit properly! here is a list of Tamiya brushes. what are the right sizes to use for the driver figure? like to get the face done and the arms and hands. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...s&search=Go
  6. It's up on the Tower Hobbies website for $499.00 as "On Order"
  7. Yeah I noticed I thought that was pretty funny....I was even second guessing myself if they were intentionally put on that way.
  8. heres one http://cgi.ebay.com/Tamiya-OLD-CRP-Trans-s...%3A1%7C294%3A50
  9. Thanks all for the comments. I do see there is one on eBay now in the States that ends in about 24 hrs that I am watching. I don't think I will replace the chassis - only because it would be 1/5 or maybe more of what the car is worth and I don't feel like taking the time either really, but it is a good suggestion. Are there any restrictions on listing it in the sale forum as I'm just a basic member here and I dont know all the rules really. If anyone wants to make an offer to me feel free, lol. I guess I should just put it on the bay and be done with the hesitation and take what I get!
  10. Do you have a link to the cvd shafts? Thanks.
  11. I am seriously considering putting my re-re Manta Ray up on the auction block. I was just trying to get an idea of what it would be worth in US Dollars if I were to do so. I do not think the Manta Ray was all that popular?? I bought and built mine about 2 years ago. The only one listed on ebay is new and built in Australia with a starting bid of about 260 dollars - I certainly dont think that is practical for my used one even though it has full radio gear and is ready to go. Mine was used about 12 full battery packs or so and it is in very good condition with scratches and stuff you would normally expect. I'd appreciate any "market" info or other suggestions you have. Here are a few pics:
  12. Will the ESC go up in smoke? I am tempted to try a Chameleon Pro 19t on it.
  13. Does anyone recognize this part? I can't seem to ID it.
  14. I moved my ball studs in to the closer hole on the steering block and it improved some. I remember something about the re-re Hotshot has two different front steering knuckles that can be used??? I built my re-re but had a look through the manual and didn't see any mention of optional front steering knuckles. Can anyone clarify that for me? What parts are they? thanks for any help. I hope its ok to ask in this thread, didnt want to start a new one for it.
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