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  1. A TF Evo makes perfect sense, and very easy to produce. I'd like to see a return of some Group C cars. Yokomo were rumoured to be working on an 870c release, but apparently that has been cancelled. Would love to see a return of the 870c or even later 90s models, some of the best buggies I ever raced. Lee
  2. A 211x chassis set and under tray would be very cool. Lee
  3. I used DSRCC arms in the end. They are the SA geometry arms.
  4. Shelf or VERY light running, the parts, more so the arms are like glass. No bashing at all, and I'd not be confident in racing with the parts, too much room for a failure. So very lovely to look at though. Lee
  5. Sold all my Nimrod parts to a nice fellow who wished to build a full replica of the Nimrod car. Cannot say I'm a fan performance wise, very stiff, brittle, and fragile, but wow it all looked great. I had the complete front end, motor guard and arms, very well made, but more an aesthetic coolness IMO. Lee
  6. Anybody seen this as yet? Would this be based on the F104 I think it is??? Anyway, I thought the logo play was very cool, and it's nice to see the team on the up. Lee
  7. Looks like it's a thing, thanks to Dirt Burners for a great article. Lee
  8. Electrics finally installed. Run time soon.
  9. DSRCC on Facebook buddy, fellow called Dennis. Lovely chap and remarkable craftsmanship. Lee
  10. And that's the roller all finished. Just added the DSRCC arms. Lee
  11. Manobet racing Rob. All fitted now, shiny. Lee
  12. Thanks Tom. Yes it's 3mm and 2mm. So easy to do mate, man of your skills will find it a breeze. So this lovely jewel just landed. Now to get it fitted. Lee
  13. Just search for Team Associated, or even Jconcepts chassis protector. It's a clear sheet that is extremely hard wearing. Bests....Lee
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