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  1. Hey bud. Can you DM me on prices and of its possible to get on a list for this one. Been out of the game a while but this looks fantastic. Bests.....lee
  2. That's my Turbo variant roller done, bar the faulty motor plate that is.
  3. Indeed, honestly didn't expect this. Would have been an easy fix save for the holes being around 2.8mm, thus making tapping them myself fruitless. Very surprised as these are my first Legendary kits, first kit was a dream to build, sadly this one has a silly issue. There is also a rogue punch mark on the outside of the plate, so it really is a junk one that may have got through into blister packing.
  4. I have good and bad news. I finished up a Mid 22 for my nephew in white box art, went like a dream. Sadly, started my own Turbo build today, and Kyosho have forgot to tap the three locating holes in the motor plate. The guard screws are tapped, just not the locating ones. I did then grab an M3 tap, an easy fix I thought, but no, the holes are too large to cut the appropriate pitch, so new motor plate ordered and a mail to Kyosho. Bit of a disappointing day on my car.
  5. I do think its click bait. Could happen, but i hardly think a paid YouTuber would be privvy to such information. Im calling BS and speculation for now. Lee
  6. I do agree. The recent Super Astute build surprised me. Still made of that very brittle glassy plastic, kinda turned me off when i built mine. There are a lot of chassis where i think Tamiya need to start looking at a better plastic with some more durability. Lee
  7. You wanted to voice an opinion, i responded to said opinion. You dont pay for folks RC buys here so its up to the individual to decide. Its massively overpriced, as have been a few recent releases, Tamiya are really coining in and taking a liberty or two. If you dont like that opinion, dont read it. Bests......Lee
  8. Used to race one of these way back, superb car, way better than the later Pro3. Was a looker too. I miss the HPI of old. Lee
  9. It is an interesting topic for sure, and one that could always run on. That said, i don't think its the business of the OP to be "schooling" what others see as a fair price or not. Tamiya are very skilled in tugging at those nostalgic heart strings, and i will add IMO they also play on that to the fullest with some rere prices, not all, but some. Lee
  10. ralphee


    Early Traxxas i loved, really enjoyed racing my TRX3. Now i just see them as yet another basher/toy company with generic "lets make an assembled missile" and paint it revolting colours. Shame they didn't pursue the racing side of the hobby. They made some great 2wd chassis. Lee
  11. Its a weird one for me buddy. Dont get me wrong, its very nice, but, yeah lacking, i know its frowned upon, by purists, but id have liked a few improvements, mainly in the fragile front end, i mean, a hollow thin plastic pivot block/shock tower mount just, doesn't get my fire going. I enjoyed the build, even gave it a run with an 11t, and it got me smiling, but i had to take it so easy as, i just knew anything heavy would result in a breakage.
  12. Super Astute re-release. Its lovely and all, but lacking something and still fairly fragile. Lee
  13. For me, i think the VQS is a little rich. Its not vastly overpriced as i originally thought. Its a beautiful kit it seems, but yes, a lot considering it contains very little by way of "exotic materials". I think its worth what you want to pay, to keep Tamiya in business and also keep them keen to carry on with re-releases, as non of us would want that. The Super Astute was, great to have done, but, a little lacking, just a few extra bits and jobs like front bearings, few other pieces, would not have made Tamiya bankrupt. So again, not massively overpriced, but a little lacking in a few more essentials. The VQS is not a car on my radar as i wasnt a fan way back and its not grown on me since, but i think what they are charging for it, take that price and stick it on a Porsche, or Celica, im on it. It does make me wonder what a TF Evolution would run at re-released today, food for thought if its done part for part including TI screws. Bests...... Lee
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