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  1. Looks like it's a thing, thanks to Dirt Burners for a great article. Lee
  2. Electrics finally installed. Run time soon.
  3. DSRCC on Facebook buddy, fellow called Dennis. Lovely chap and remarkable craftsmanship. Lee
  4. And that's the roller all finished. Just added the DSRCC arms. Lee
  5. Manobet racing Rob. All fitted now, shiny. Lee
  6. Thanks Tom. Yes it's 3mm and 2mm. So easy to do mate, man of your skills will find it a breeze. So this lovely jewel just landed. Now to get it fitted. Lee
  7. Just search for Team Associated, or even Jconcepts chassis protector. It's a clear sheet that is extremely hard wearing. Bests....Lee
  8. Went for a non boxart quick and simple shell. Lee
  9. No bud, I'll be running it with AE chassis vinyl, which is tough as nails, used it on many of my race cars. The SA arms are shorter, very slightly, but you get the track width back with a wider 6mm hex hub. The uprights give a nice 2 degree toe in too, or 0, depending how you orientate them. Lee
  10. Driveshaft option. Now I am using SA arms here, but the 70mm DF03 shafts, along with the two way hubs seems about fine. A bump stop is needed, but this would be negated if using actual Dynastorm arms.
  11. Few silly bits to do, waiting on a couple more custom parts, but very happy so far. Can't wait to run this one, it's been fun. Lee
  12. Oven cleaner. Finite timing too, just move the parts around till they all hit silver, then remove fast and rinse. Then just a case of a lot of polishing. Only did this as they were a bit faded, no scratches so it made it easier, and since this is now in a 211x vain, thought it would look kinda bespoke. Lee
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