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  1. This auction is for a Modified Tamiya Twin Detonator Project This is an unfinished project of mine, but to be honest it shouldn’t take much more work to complete as all major changes have been made and parts bought. It is with great regret that I am selling this car, but these days time is against me. The modifications I have made are as follows; Traxxas Novak EVX ESC – Has been used but in perfect condition. Works perfectly. Runs with twin motor and up to 14.4V battery pack, I used two 7.2 battery packs on it. 2 Mabuchi #RS-555PH motors – Brand new and only ever been used when testing. I have soldered the ESC directly to the motors so that the best performance is given. They have excellent speed and torque Gearboxes have been fully stripped, cleaned and ball bearings fitted. All gears are in perfect condition. New Extended HPI arms fitted front and rear with strong dog bones fitted in the rear. All Ball cups etc are new and there are also some spare ones along with steering rods and blue body clips. New HPI front and rear axles. The Twin Detonator itself is in excellent condition. The chassis is strong with no damage and the shell is in good shape. I have started to cut out lights for the shell, but have not completed fitting any. All original parts, seen in the photo, will come with the car so it will be easy to put back to normal if needed. Also comes with a nice clean manual. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...IT#ht_713wt_936
  2. I did the same. Had it in my head the closing date was the 23rd so wasn't rushing, then checked the competition on the 21st in work and noticed it closed that day so had to rush home and get something done other than what I had planned to do.
  3. I had forgotten about Demonic designs. They have somme really smart ones on there, but price a bit high for me at teh moment, it may have to wait. In the mean time I have designed one myself, so just looking for the best material to make it out of. I may even go for Carbon Fibre as I have a client through work that said they would do it for me, but I just need to check the cost with them, the car has already cost me a fortune! LOL! Andy
  4. I used a Superstock TZ in mine as its a good all rounder with good Torque and lasts a long time. I love my Manta Ray, its a great car! Its really tough, Ive thrown it around so much! Check out this; http://home19.inet.tele.dk/martinjordt/res...tors/motors.htm I use it a lot when looking for motors. Ive also got Dyna Storm special, which is nice and fast, but I prefer running the TZ as it seems to have a lot more torque and doesnt run out the battery as quick. Andy
  5. Cheers for that, I am thinking of maybe getting one made or making it myself, I just need to check which is the cheaper option (And if I can be bothered! LOL!) ANdy
  6. Chupa1uk

    Liquid Rc

    Sorry for the generalisation Helen, I will consider myself told off, its just the women I know do! ;-) But Im on there now and she doesnt seem to working today. There isnt a huge amount for Tamiya cars, but its been handy for bits and pieces like Ball joints, O rings etc. And its helped out with some HPI bits for my Twin Detonator project. Andy ;-)
  7. Hi All, I am looking for a twin motor chassis for my Twin Detonator project and was wandering if anyone knew where I can get my hands on one or on some CAD/scale drawings that I can get one made with. Cheers, Andy
  8. Chupa1uk

    Liquid Rc

    Hi, I have recently used Liquid RC for a few transactions and I was very very impressed. Most items I bought were cheaper than on other RC sites and with the 99cent postage (even to UK!), you just cant grumble! I ordered items twice, first time as a bit of a test, and both times the items arrived within the week that I had ordered them. http://www.liquidrc.com/ However I would suggest muting your computer because the woman on the site does not shut up! But she does watch what your doing. Its a bit like having the Mrs on the site! LOL! Regards, Andy
  9. Ditto from me, off to Chicago but are there any model shops in central Chicago??? Although I have been advised of Al's hobby shop, which is in Elmhurst if you can travel out to it. Andy
  10. Anyone know any Tamiya model shops near Stanley Village in Hong Kong?? Cheers, Andy
  11. My Highest is; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=52402&sid=11937 My Halloween comp entry at 791. My lowest is; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=49534&sid=11937 My Ferrari babies at 113. I suppose posting these will get us some more hits on them ;-)
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