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  1. JohnLunchBox

    Hoped up lunchbox

    Now on ebay.
  2. JohnLunchBox

    Hoped up lunchbox

    I'm thinking of selling my lunchbox, it has a hopped up motor, ESC, bearings, chrome wheels, battery, fast charger, transmitter, receiver etc etc drop me an email johnrampton @ gmail .com if your interested as i don't come on here anymore.
  3. One of them we couldn't be bothered to research so it's not named
  4. JohnLunchBox

    Lunchbox wheels and tyres

    All in good cond, 4 wheels and 4 tyres. offers to: johnrampton @
  5. Built it on saturday, everything is brand new would be ideal first car (if you changed the shell - don't want to wreck it)or gift/shelf queen.
  6. Audi A4 DTM 2005 RTR with prepainted shell **Brand New** So brand new in fact that it's currently in box but i intend to build it in the next few days with bearings if i get them in time. Brand new Transmitter,receiver,servo, ESC, Used but good Battery. Sensible offers only to johnrampton @
  7. JohnLunchBox

    TA03F Peugeot 406 almost RTR

    TA03F Peugeot 406 almost RTR Motor, Mechanial Speed Controller, 2 Servo's will also throw in receiver and battery for the right price. Believe this car also has metal bearings and driveshafts dunno if this is a hopup or not.
  8. JohnLunchBox

    Can anyone tell me what these are ?

    Excellent cheers for that, at least no i know what i'm selling :-)
  9. Bought as part of a job lot but didn't find out what it was, i have bag fulls of metal drive shafts as well that i have no idea what they are off.
  10. Plus more bits to come. Inc BNIB TT01 Xanavi Nismo Z and Audi A4 DTM 2005 with pre-painted shell. plus other retro bits and bobs
  11. I sprayed WD40 on the rear wheels after it had been raining and managed to the the Lunchbox sideways !! :-D
  12. JohnLunchBox

    Anyone near Andover

    I used to live in Andover, the only place that i know people used to go is on the portway ind est there used to be a BMX trackfor offroading but i think they've built on it now. If your looking to run on tarmac you could always take it to safeways carpark thats normally fairly quiet. There is a track at bisley (offroad) but i guess thats too far.
  13. JohnLunchBox

    Must have this !!!

    RC NISMO R34 GT-R Z-tune - TT01 Item #58364 (COMING SOON)
  14. JohnLunchBox

    Tamiyaclub Roll Call

    Yateley, Hampshire/Surrey Border UK
  15. JohnLunchBox

    Scale working Ferrari