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  1. I've done both and the price is generally more for the through link as it uses more material, although not a lot more. I personally prefer the sprue type but sometimes it can break apart in post processing if it's too thin.
  2. Just a heads up... DHL can still send you a letter later with the charges you have to pay. Happened to me the last couple of times I'd ordered via Tamico. Also same applies for FedEx and UPS. Had the same happen with both of them.
  3. I'm interested too. How much and what's your location?
  4. A little update and a bit of a test... https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPp2NPsjbU_/?utm_medium=share_sheet I hope this works as I'm not updating my Facebook anymore and that's what I was using for pics and vids before. Edit: That didn't work. I might have to start using FB again just to host vids & pics.
  5. I recommend the Creality CR200B. I'd been struggling to print with any filament on my Tevo Tornado (mostly because I don't know what I'm doing with 3D printing) and I finally decided to look for an enclosed FDM. The CR200B that I bought back in March has really been instrumental in turning things around for me in regards to 3D Printing, especially as I've been intent on printing in ABS. I've even managed to print everything I'd needed to get my Tevo Tornado back in action. It's a helluva lot quieter than my Tornado (even after I'd done all the upgrades to it) and I've had more consistent quality with it too. I'm still fine tuning my slicer settings for both printers, which is another complicated thing you're going to figure out along the way, but I'm still happier with the CR200B than the Tornado. The only minor thing is that the CR200B has a smaller print area (200x200x200mm) than the Tornado (300x300x400mm). I think it's only minor because I've yet to print anything that absolutely needs that kind of area in order to print.
  6. Tiny update... Late on Saturday night I'd got my Creality CR200B printing with that cheap, generic, ABS! I had to use the 'raft' option (where filament is laid down until there's a relatively thick platform for the model to 'stick' to before it begins the main print) and, despite the base not laying down particularly flat, I've managed to get a couple of prints done. The chamber, after I pre-heat it above 36oC, seems to have been enough to stop my prints from warping or delaminating during printing or afterwards as it cools down. Admittedly, I've yet to do anything 'tall' yet. I've only printed off my VagabondStar logo and some replacement adjustment knobs, both designs are less than 1cm tall, but that's more than I was able to print in ABS with the Tornado. Notably the knobs I'd previously printed for it delaminated at several points/heights across all four whereas the new ones are almost completely fine with only the first couple of layers (which likely won't be seen after fitting) being a little disappointing. I'm not sure how I can correct these first layer issues (not sure... yet) but the raft option seems to have, at the very least, allowed me to begin to actually print in ABS, which is nice. I can now get back onto Fusion360 and redesign my Tevo Tornado upgrade parts (again) with at least a little hope that I'll be able to print them off. Once my Tornado is back up and running (and fully enclosed) I can get back to designing stuff for my RC related projects. Again, though, if anyone here on TC has any hints & tips about printing (or improving prints) with ABS, please feel free to chime in or PM me.
  7. And... another year has passed. Last March I’d set out to rebuild my Tevo Tornado but, a year later, it’s still not running. I had to finally concede a temporary defeat and look for another printer with which to print the parts I need for my Tornado. This is probably the wrong way to approach this problem being that I’ve got little to no experience in actual 3D printing (seeing as my printer has spent more time as a “modern art” piece than as a working 3D printer). Anyhoo... I’ve recently bought myself a Creality CR200B. It’s a “fully enclosed” 3D printer that is pretty much the printer I’d wanted when I’d bought my Tevo Tornado 3 years ago, albeit with a smaller print bed size. The enclosure has a transparent door and LEDs to light up your printing area. Using the heated bed to bring the ambient temp inside the enclosure takes a fair bit of time. After watching a few YouTube vids I’d come to the conclusion that, when printing with ABS, I’d need an ambient temp of approx 40oC before I start the print. Reaching that temp takes a good 30mins as there’s two fan holes on the back of the enclosure and a big y-shaped slot in the cap to let the wires and Bowden tube in. Covering the fan wasn’t an issue (Masking tape to the rescue!) and the top slot has been partially covered with a cloth just to stop cold draughts from being too much of an issue. This helped to keep the temp up but then, as is my prior issue with the Tornado, I’ve struggled to get decent & consistent bed adhesion with the generic ABS filament I’ve got. I think, at this point, I’ve used about 5 times as much filament on failed test prints as I have on successful prints. So far my successes include a single Benchy and a ring for my tumble dryer... and that’s all... nothing else has worked, either failing to adhere to the bed in the first place or failing mid-print. I was on the verge of calling it quits on home 3D printing before I bought the CR200B but I refuse to give up now. Buying a 2nd printer is simply an expense that I shouldn’t have gone for so I have to fully commit or these 3 years of 3D ‘Stuff’ expenses will be a complete waste. My Basic Settings for ABS: CR200B – 200x200x200 print area Print Temp – 250oC Bed temp – 100oC Layer Height – 0.2mm Initial Layer Height – 0.3mm Line Width – 0.36mm Shell – 2mm Top/Bottom Thickness – 2mm Top/Bottom Pattern – Lines Bottom Pattern Initial Layer – Zig-Zag Infill – 15% Infill Pattern – Gyroid Print Speed – 55mm/s Initial Print Speed – 30mm/s Travel – 100mm/s I honestly have no clue as to why I still can’t get consistent bed adhesion but 2 printers have come into play now and I’ve now had the same problem with both so I know it’s something I’m doing and not the printers being ‘bad’ or faulty. The bed is properly trammed/levelled, it’s cleaned properly with either isopropyl alcohol or PrintaClean, I’ve tried both with and without the glue stick, with and without masking tape, printing on the patterned surface or on the slick side of the glass... I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I might have to buy some branded ABS filament, supposedly higher quality, to see if that solves the issue. I’ve tried ABS-X on my Tornado, which worked ok(ish), but still had the same issue, albeit slightly less, whereas the generic ABS is actually usable on the CR200B, much to my surprise, and can print remarkably well but only when I get decent bed adhesion. If there’s anyone here on TC that has had better luck printing with ABS, please chime in. I could really do with some advice on how to get ABS printing done right.
  8. Happy Holidays to all on TC this year. I hope you are all well and staying safe.
  9. Hi 👋 I'm interested in the motor, spur and suspension mounts. PM me please. 🙂
  10. I'd prefer the ESC alone as I don't want to have another TBLM-01 motor. If I got the combo pack it'll mean that I'd probably relegate the motor I've got back to the spares box.
  11. Hi all, I know this is a long shot but I don't suppose there's anyone on TC that has a good, clean, working example of the Tamiya 45038 TBLE-01 Sensorless ESC that they're willing to sell? If no one has one then, perhaps, if someone can point me in the direction of somewhere that still sells them? I've looked at all my usual places (Fusion, Tamico, Stella, RCMart, eBay etc.) but it's been out of production for ages so that search was pretty pointless. Long story short, I've got a TBLM-01 that I want a matching ESC for but no one seems to be selling any (or simply not for a realistic price if they are). If anyone has one or info on where to get one, please let me know. Until then, stay safe everyone! Thx, J.
  12. I'll have them if they're still available. PM me your PayPal details if they are, please. ✌
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