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  1. Relationships? I know not of what you speak. What is this "Relationships" thing?
  2. No worries, I'd got the joke, but if you get to the point that you're just gonna chuck 'em out, let me know. I don't actually have any need for them so I was thinking of maybe cutting them up and using them for decoration.
  3. What's your location? If you're just going to destroy them/throw them away, and if I'm close enough, I'll be happy to take the rest off of you.
  4. Cool... Here's some links for you: Gearbox - Right Side Gearbox - Left Side And just in case you wanna try these too: Custom Body Posts (For your M04RRXL if you wanna give 'em a shot!) M04S v2 (LiPo Compatible) - Left Side M04S v2 (LiPo Compatible) - Right Side Like I said, I haven't tested any of these for myself yet so, if they need reworking, please don't hesitate to let me know what I can do to make them better. In the meantime, thanks for trying any of them. I look forward to hearing how they went.
  5. Yeah, I'm looking for 52-54mm long dogbones. The stock dogbones are 34mm so if you know if there's a variant of the universals you showed but with the extra 18-20mm... well... those would be ideal!
  6. Thanks for your patience. I haven't had the spare funds to order test prints yet, lately every penny has been taken up with & for other commitments, but I can make them available for sale for you if you don't mind that I haven't tested them for myself yet.
  7. I hate to necropost but I figured I shouldn't start a new thread for this... Bad news on the HPI dogbones. They're about 0.3mm too fat and simply won't fit inside the Tamiya cups. Does anyone have any idea about similar length Tamiya dogbones? BTW I've managed to source some appropriate spacers for the MIP kit...
  8. How much? I've been looking to replace my airbrush setup since I'd took my last one to the Philippines. And how large is the nozzle on the spray gun?
  9. It's nice to see some love for the Striker/Sonic Fighter/FX10! I made a Special Interest Group on the main site called The Striker Foundation to help show the love for these models. Feel free to join it and show what you got.
  10. I like the Firefox plane too. If I had the space (and the funds) I'd have to 3D print a 1:10 scale version to have alongside my 1:10 runways & gymkana arena. Ah... the dream of RC dreams!
  11. Does it have a mains adapter/power supply?
  12. Would you have a nice NIB example for sale in the future, perchance? The last one I saw for sale had a seriously battered box, no telling if the battery inside was still ok, and they wanted stupid money for it.
  13. pm me, please, and we can discuss details.
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