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  1. Happy Holidays to all on TC this year. I hope you are all well and staying safe.
  2. Hi 👋 I'm interested in the motor, spur and suspension mounts. PM me please. 🙂
  3. I'd prefer the ESC alone as I don't want to have another TBLM-01 motor. If I got the combo pack it'll mean that I'd probably relegate the motor I've got back to the spares box.
  4. Hi all, I know this is a long shot but I don't suppose there's anyone on TC that has a good, clean, working example of the Tamiya 45038 TBLE-01 Sensorless ESC that they're willing to sell? If no one has one then, perhaps, if someone can point me in the direction of somewhere that still sells them? I've looked at all my usual places (Fusion, Tamico, Stella, RCMart, eBay etc.) but it's been out of production for ages so that search was pretty pointless. Long story short, I've got a TBLM-01 that I want a matching ESC for but no one seems to be selling any (or simply not for a realistic price if they are). If anyone has one or info on where to get one, please let me know. Until then, stay safe everyone! Thx, J.
  5. I'll have them if they're still available. PM me your PayPal details if they are, please. ✌
  6. I've just pre-emptively collected the package from the depot instead of waiting for the card to be mailed to me... Well... RC Mart put $50 as the value on the parcel this time so here's the breakdown as per label: £0.00 for Import Duty. £0.00 for Excise Duty. £7.58 for VAT. £12.00 for the Parcel Force Handling Fee.
  7. Yeah. Happened to me too with an airbrush I bought a couple of months ago. Came in via FedEx super fast but then, a week later, I got hit with their customs fees. I've ordered from RC Mart a couple of times during Covid with the second one currently being held by Parcel Force for customs fees. Royal Mail usually delivers my RC Mart orders, without fees incurred, so I'm surprised that Parcel Force have my latest package. I guess that's what I get for spending a little more on shipping via air-mail to get it a little faster (and not by much now thanks to PF).
  8. Hey all, I've been looking at some cheap servos for my first crawler build, DS3225 Waterproof Metal Gear High Torque, but I can't seem to find any real info about them. Does anyone on here use them? £10.99 each sounds really good to me but £10.99 on something that won't do the job is £10.99 that could've gone towards something that may be more expensive but with a proven reputation. Any info on experience with this servo is appreciated, J.
  9. I've been working hard and just got paid so... Woot! I've just pre-ordered mine from Fusion! ... ... erm... Just got a bit of a weird feeling... I hope I haven't made a mistake going for this one right out of the gate... But it looks so pretty!
  10. Thanks for your purchase & thanks for posting up some pics. Wow. Those turned out rather nice, didn't they? (even if I do say so myself! ) I can't wait to see everything all painted and fitted together.
  11. Thanks for buying them! I was hoping it was you. AMPro recommended that the SLS Nylon stuff should be sealed with something like Tamiya TS spray paint before you do anything else. I've done this on my Coffin Spoke wheels (on my M04S Stratos) and the nylon absorbs the paint nicely. I think the finish, a sandy matte, looks nice but it's not gloss if that's what you're after. I'd assume that, after sealing the nylon, you could lightly sand then prime to see any imperfections that you could sand out or fill... but I've not tried that on wheels yet.
  12. Thanks for the info. 👍 I think that if you can resist the temptation to upgrade your 3D printer like you'd upgrade your RC models then it should be a brilliant tool. Unfortunately, I've fallen off the deep end and trapped myself somewhere down this particular rabbit hole. The Ender3 does look good but wait for Creality's new machine, the CR-6, which looks very promising.
  13. It's been about a week since I'd gotten all the bits for my 3d printer but I'd kinda fell into a bit of a mental rut. I've basically lost all momentum again and can't seem to get myself motivated... Then I'd got the call last Friday to say that I'm going back to work on Thursday this week! My 3D printer isn't going to be fixed until the end of the month, maybe, so I'm trying really hard to NOT buy more upgrades in the meantime. I really want to get the dang thing working but I also want to buy the Canvas 2 and Palette 2S Pro from Mosaic. The Canvas 2 is basically to enable wireless printing via the OctoPi system as well as controlling the Palette hardware to turn the 'single nozzle & filament' printer into a 'single nozzle & multi-filament' printer. That's pretty much another £1000 worth of equipment to go on a printer that ain't up 'n running. In other news... I'm thinking of giving up on Facebook. I barely post on there nowadays but it comes in really handy as they host the pics & slideshows that I can post on here. I've just figured out how to use Instagram in a similar way, albeit without slideshows because I haven't figured out how to do that on Instagram yet, so I might be closing down my FB in favour of this option.
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