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  1. Yesterday my shop, an Opticians located inside my local supermarket, was shut down until further notice. Our entire team is now expected to stay home as per Gov "Instructions", basically to wait until our HO tells us to come back to work. This is the down side of my news as I like my job and the team I work with. The up side: The weather is nice, warming up a bit thanks to being sunny, and I'm not showing any symptoms of illness associated with Covid-19. I'm even considering trying to get my 3D printer sorted out (if I can) as it's so uplifting having such good fortune is such uncertain times. So, yeah. I'm trying to stay optimistic. Catch up with me after a week or two of lockdown and I might be singing a different tune but, for now, I'm trying to keep a positive attitude.
  2. Thank you, Chris. You're a star! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🥳🥳🥳
  3. I'm just waiting to hear from two sources today... 1) My Work: I'm hoping my department is going to reopen today. Even though it was a Health and Safety issue, not Covid19, it's still worrying. My team was directed to work in the High Street stores until our place reopened. This isn't ideal with Covid19 about. 2) Mom's work: They were having meetings all through yesterday about "at risk" staff being sent home to self isolate. I'm hoping for the final decision to come out soon. I'm surprised that I'm actually getting a bit stressed out by everything.
  4. I want! 👍 My username should be the same over there. 😇
  5. Wow. Interesting read... I didn't know how much of TC suffered from anxiety. I've got a general mindset of not doing the worrying thing but this evening I've got a little more concern than I did yesterday morning. I work in a shop inside a supermarket. Obviously people are panicking all over but we were shut down after a glass atrium shattered above our shop (y'know Health and Safety reasons). So my shop is shut until further notice... Then, today, my Mom is told by her work (an A&E department at our local NHS hospital) that she might not be allowed to work because she is in the "at risk" age category. This means that if she has to self isolate then I'll have to isolate too in order to safeguard. After all, it would be pointless if she stayed home in isolation only for me to go out and get Covid19 to bring it back to her. So now I'm starting to worry that both of us will be unable to work, earn money, etc. The only saving grace is that we already buy in bulk so we've got plenty of food (and toilet paper) to last us a while should we have to isolate. Thankfully.
  6. You're not alone on this. I want to display alternative body shells, alternative wheels, etc. with my models but, even with my customized Ikea Detolf cabinets, there's too little room.
  7. Good news for me, or a bit of stress relieved at least, as my Bullhead kit arrived yesterday. It's just in time as I'm travelling Stateside in a few hours. If it didn't arrive before I left... you know DHL can't keep it for long and would have to send it back. 😭😭😭 Oh... I also went and ordered another body shell... It's an ABC Mazda RX7 with Veilside Fortune body kit. Lord help me, I can hear my bank account screaming in my sleep. 😱
  8. Mine is a bit... something... 1st part - Vagabond - A friend from back in college had aspirations to make a movie based on the Wing Commander computer game back in the day. We were both "Movie Guys" with aspirations to be actors/writers/directors so he wanted me to be in it. I'm a bit oriental and I was a bit "dark & brooding" in my college days so the character he wanted me to play was Winston Chang. As per Wiki: "Winston Chang is a fighter pilot with a "dark" past he wishes to leave behind and a wanderer’s spirit, reflected by his callsign "Vagabond"." Personally, I preferred Nomad, but the character was called Vagabond. 2nd part - Star - The "Star" part comes from "Wandering Star", as in "I was born under a wandering star". Although I'm UK born and bred I'd spent my life in the UK, USA and the Philippines (as time and money dictates) and consider all 3 as "home areas"... and I thought VagabondStar just sounded cooler than WanderingStar... and NomadStar just didn't "work" for me. 3rd part - JXF - I had aspirations to become a novelist as well as a screenwriter but kinda disliked my IRL name for that. So I tried coming up with a writer's pseudonym that I liked. The initials for that pseudonym ended up being JXF. I never got myself to finish a novel, or even a short story, but I liked the name so I kept it for personal use for forum names and for gaming tags. I did go through a load of different name combinations and could've easily ended up with AXL. Just to think, after that explanation, I could've been NomadStarAXL and that doesn't actually sound too bad to me!
  9. Thanks. Odd thing though... it's nice to have some money coming in but I kinda miss having the free time. I really learned how to chill out and de-stress myself. Go on and make the underspend thread! I'd love to see what people are doing (or not doing?) with their pennies. Yep... although some might say that I've really never stopped treating myself. Gotta have my Tamiyas!
  10. Hi all, It's been a while since I'd posted anything RC on here (or anything anywhere if I'm honest) so I thought I'd try and start a semi-serious, semi-fun thread. Long story short, I've been unemployed since 2012 and recently started working in September. This being said, I'd dedicated all my paychecks thus far to paying off my overdraft & credit cards and I did it! Would you believe it? Then Black Friday weekend happened... And so begins The Strictly Unofficial/TC 2019 X-Mas Overspend Thread (a.k.a The "I'll deny all knowledge if the Family/"Significant Other" questions my purchases" Thread) So far I've purchased a Bullhead kit and loads of parts for that Clod crawler project I got from Twinset years ago, a load of tyres for lots of other projects, another Futaba FX10 (the wheels & chassis look immaculate!), a load of FX10 parts for my Striker & Sonic Fighter builds, more brushed motors, dampers, and aluminium parts... And I'm back to Square One again! So... Am I the only one who's overspent on themselves this X-Mas? Please don't say that I am! I really won't believe it if someone says it's so!
  11. OOoohhh… I hope he takes requests for Tamiya decals again. His work was excellent and I'm in need of a few more sets of repro vintage decals to eventually sit in my collection of unused decals instead of actually being used on my projects. lol
  12. Yep. That's the guy. He made awesome Tamiya repro decals (I still have a few that have yet to see use). Unfortunately he stopped doing Tamiya decals, Tamiya specifically, because Tamiya were contacting people (TamiyaClub included) because they wanted to flex their mighty corporate muscles against the guys who were trying to make repro decals for everyone... which is well within their rights but kinda sucks for most of us because we can't make our own decals to restore our models. [sighs & shrugs shoulders]
  13. Relationships? I know not of what you speak. What is this "Relationships" thing?
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