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  1. Totally agree with you. I do no competitive crawling and most of the metal stuff people slap on their vehicles seems like throwing money away (obviously there are some great upgrades out there for weak parts and true competition). When I had my TRX4 I had purchased the kit and found the build to be excellent. I wish the Trx6 was a kit! I never threw any additions on my TRX4 because it was quite great right from the build. I’m not a huge fan of trx esc so I figured with the good deal I got on the Trx6, I might as well get the Axe system. It’s still sitting and waiting for installation, but I have 16 days of vacation coming up in July and a new workbench/desk that is nearly complete. Can’t wait to try it out!
  2. Gasoline on the body won't cause the paint to come off. WD40 does nothing. I have spilled gasoline in my HPI Baja enough to know it won't affect the body. Polycarbonate paint does not come off easily, acetone can work, but that can make the polycarbonate brittle and foggy and will take a bit of scrubbing. Plus, not all of it will come off, no matter how hard or how much you put on it. (I've done it before, it isn't fun and it is a slow project) Find a new one on tamiyausa (https://www.tamiyausa.com/parts/36344).
  3. I made the mistake a couple weeks ago of counting mine. Approx 42 built, I do occasional running, and about 10 NIB. I have one kid going off to college in the fall. Now my finished basement is mostly cleared and I can move my collection from the garage. I’m in the process of making an L shaped desk that will serve as my remote work space and a workbench. I’ve waited a long time for some real space that I can claim. I can now work on some of the unfinished vehicles. It will be nice. (17 years since I had a good workbench/place to work). I once in a while will sell something off. I do know one day I will have to get rid of them, be it due to age, health, the possible need of emergency funds, or boredom. Until one of those days occurs, I’ll just keep enjoying what I have.
  4. I think it's been a bit since I purchased a Traxxas. I had a TRX-4 a few years ago, sold it and then recently became infatuated with the TRX-6. Found one for very reasonable on Facebook that is pretty close to being new. Not a scratch on the bottom and just some dust collection from being parked on a shelf. After a 70 mile trip southeast for a halfway point meet up, I'm back with this slice of happiness. Next step is the Hobbywing Axe system.
  5. They have talked about the above $600 tax for a couple years now. I’m hoping they keep kicking the can down the road. Being taxed on a box of ****ty used parts is a bit frustrating considering it was already taxed once.
  6. Have you seen these? You probably have, but here you go any way! https://mciracing.ca/collections/tam-959-parts?sort_by=manual
  7. Looks great! I regret not getting one of these four years ago when they were NIB for around $400.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I was excited until I saw the price, 50% increase too much. Hoping for one to run, but I'll just stick with my BBX (once I build it). It looks like it has bronze bushings. I would expect a $380 kit that's so dang special to have some bearings. But maybe I'm wrong. The specs don't mention it, the ad doesn't mention it, and the pics certainly don't show bearings. Maybe they are thinking it'll just be a display item.
  9. Here is what mine look like. 62mm or something like that.
  10. I just purchased some like that off eBay for my Squash van. V-racing but in blue. Mine have Option No. 1 printed where yours say Absima.
  11. Sounds like with your new space, it will be worth the unpacking and sorting out.
  12. That looks entirely restorable. Chassis is fairly reasonably priced as well as the body mounts. eBay sellers have the parts listed as well. You should be able to easily find the parts you seek. Electronic speed controls are dirt cheap now. Download the instructions here (modern ones) and lists of parts: https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/110-trucks/rc-monster-beetle-2015-4/none/
  13. You have given me lots of hope if I have to move in the future and pack up my hobby! That’s an impressive packing job!
  14. Both boxes are cool. It would be easy to miss at first glance. Both look like full kit boxes.
  15. One is the kit, the other is a body set. (the one below).
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