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  1. That looks great! Definitely leave the body as is. I bought one a couple years ago from eBay and I can't bring myself to stripping it down and it's not nearly as nice as yours. Mine is solid orange, but it has the decals on it.
  2. I wonder how recent this is. I just checked a NIB Bull Head I purchased last summer and I don't see this sheet in there. Do you know if this was an insert/addition to the instructions?
  3. Interesting that it’s 1:8 scale. Nice looking MT.
  4. Thank you!!! I forgot about that yellow-ish background.
  5. I can't get an answer from this seller. Does anyone happen to know if these are real or reproduction? He has quite a few, so I'm assuming they are reproduction. eBay Decals
  6. Anyone have these parts they would be willing to part with? I'll gladly pay if the price is reasonable. I'm not picky on the condition really. It just has to be original blue molded one. In the pic below: B5, B1/B2/B4. I currently own B7
  7. A couple questions for those that have added a brushless system to their Clods. I'm looking at the Tower Hobbies Onyx 70a 3000kv and 4000kv systems. I currently have the 3000kv (under the old Horizon Hobby Kinexsis brand) in my Konghead which really makes it quick. Any thoughts or suggestions on one vs the other? Would the 4000kv be quite a bit faster? I would be keeping the Clod at 2s.
  8. Ah! Mine was the Cox Progress. I would have loved to have seen one at a Sears Outlet. Parents went there frequently when I was a kid. That’s where I saved up and bought the Sears Atari 2600 clone. $300 seems reasonable to me.
  9. Enjoy that car. I bought one back when Tower was selling it for $79 bucks. I was intrigued by the 4ws at the time but apparently didn't have the patience for it for some reason and sold it. Man I wish I still had it.
  10. Pulled my Mad Bull off the shelf and shoved in an 8.4v battery. What a freaking blast that car is with just 1.2v more! Took the old hg-p407 clone out for a run. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a wreck with it. When I was heading in from the garage, it rolled off a 5 foot shelf landing on its bumper. I’m not sure if anything bent or jarred, but I do know the Coors beer in the driver’s hand came unglued. 😁
  11. Finally took the LMT out for a spin yesterday. The 7.4v Lipo with the Castle Mamba Monster and 2200kv motor seem to be a perfect combo. Does it wheelie? No. But it’s controllable and a blast to drive. My only broken part on this truck was the garbage JConcepts body. It cracked in two spots already. I didn’t bash it, just had your typical rolls in the driveway and yard. The only body I have ever had anything crack like that on the first outing was Redcat bodies. Those are terrible. I equate this JConcepts body to that. I also read the Losi is supposed to have an update to their axle issue. Part: LOS242055
  12. On a garage floor doing circles it did well. It definitely needs a bit of shock adjustment in the back end, but I’ll know for sure once I get it out in the yard this weekend with a ramp.
  13. Finished it up. I wish the decals had been the correct size for this particular body, but you get what you get sometimes.
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