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  1. Makes me miss my E-Maxx. I had a great time with mine and I cannot recall why I ever sold it. The Mini Revo is a good time too. I’m in the same boat with that one....sitting and waiting on new batteries.
  2. You got me thinking about the thickness of the plates, so I checked the LMT's thickness on theirs. LMT is just a tad thinner than these. I was expecting thicker with the LMT.
  3. Agreed. I'm off Facebook and have recently found several companies that seem to be Facebook only. Putting all your eggs in one basket seems nuts. Now he does sell stuff on eBay under Colectables-r-us, but having a web presence other than Facebook/ebay would be helpful to people like me (or maybe you) who don't love social media.
  4. Standard hardware, which drives me nuts when they get mixed together on a build. The lower links are chunky and screwing them together had me worried initially due to how close the nuts are in a couple spots. Thankfully, everything fit together perfectly.
  5. Bought the Thunder Tech Racing Tremor Pro last summer and it's been sitting in my closet along with a NIB Bullhead. I was pumped about getting it, but with all the stress of work and all the other worldly events, I decided to wait until Christmas break and build it out then. Of course, as 2020 continued to crush on, I ended up with some pretty severe shoulder issues at the end of November and the pain I was going through in December killed my want or need to even begin to mess with the build. Things were starting to look back up in January, but now I'm back to severe pain again and surgery in a couple weeks. I decided that doing it now may be my best bet, especially since it helps take my mind off any pain I'm going through. Since what happens during and after surgery is an unknown, it could be a relatively quick recovery to a very long one. Sometimes pictures don't tell the story until you get in and poke around. Anyway, enough of my blabbing. Here is the donor Super Clod (Yellow with red stripes). I've decided to keep the Bullhead NIB for the time being, seeing as I have an original Clod already built and a built Bullhead (and a new LMT waiting for warmer weather and a first run). I purchased the fiberglass composite version of the Tremor Pro rather than carbon fiber. Here is how the Tremor Pro arrived, along with several bags of parts. If interested in it further, you'll have to check out their Facebook page. The web page is very old and directs people to check out their Facebook page. I started the lower 4-link bars tonight. I'll continue to work on it as I have time and update here.
  6. Worked on “ghetto-fying” the Thunder Dragon I bought a couple years ago where the body clips attach. New chassis, gearboxes, bearings, and gave it a good cleaning. The body is a wreck as you can see. Since the front of it is broken/cut off, I’ll have to find a way to attach it. These came from RCMart:
  7. That's because Traxxas sued them (Hobbico).
  8. That looks great! I know some people are cracking their axle housings, I wonder how good the insert is from RH Designs (looks like Facebook only sales) Any thoughts on their part? I thought I'd be proactive by spending 30 bucks now and fix before rather than cracking a housing, spending $40 then getting the inserts.
  9. Actually, do a search on ebay UK: clodbuster anti rotation (a few popped up when I tried) That should bring you a couple local options.
  10. Steel pinions would be great. Didn’t even think of that! Steel anti-rotation brackets are good if you want to avoid having to eventually locate an entire parts tree and have something that will never break. I have 3 Clods and have only broken one anti-rotation bracket ever. But I’m an old man driver now.
  11. Yep! If you are going totally stock, get those in during the build!
  12. Because the Clod is not Lexan, you won’t need to worry about masking windows since you won’t attach the grill/bumpers/window until after the body is complete. The Clods do come with a graphic decal sheet though. If you are wanting pinstripes or some other painted graphic aside from box art, you’ll have to mask it. It’s all dependent on how detailed you want it and what pieces you want to paint. You’ll enjoy it, it’s a great build! I would say at the beginning, just keep it stock and see how you like it. I always eventually bend the steering rods so I eventually get some heavy duty ones to replace them.
  13. Nice! Thank you, ordering one. God knows I need extra parts.
  14. Your SMT looks great! I have never seen the chicken until I was out on Team CPE and was looking at decals. They have some pretty cool sets and it looks like MCI makes them. I’ll have to get the 4ws parts now.
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