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  1. I went with beige on my clone a couple years ago. After I put the decals on, I wished I had just left it beige and found white rims for it.
  2. I hate to complain about CPE because they make some great parts but this one is just really bad.
  3. I’ll check out JConcepts and also shoot a message to Thundertech and see if theirs are made of delrin. Thanks!
  4. I purchased a wheel widener kit from Team CPE (Crawford) earlier in the year. I wish I had not gone cheap. I love Crawford parts, but these 3D printed things are terrible. They are loose on the hex and having to loctite the bolts was a pain. They are just wobbly as heck so I finally just took them off. Anyone have any experience with other brands of wideners for the Clod?
  5. Bought a Prusa Mini a couple months ago and have been working with Fusion 360, YouTube, forums, etc to learn all I can the last six weeks. One key piece of the printing puzzle I didn’t pay attention to was humidity. Spent that last six weeks printing a copy I created of the CRP Blackfoot body mounts. Printed on everything….PLA, ABS, PETG to no avail. After putting my spools in a sealed container with two pounds of silica beads, I have finally achieved a decent, kinda ok, amateur print in ABS (white), and a center test piece in PLA. The first print without a mess of melted, stringy crap. Now if I can just work out the speed and the other kinks. Great fun though!
  6. Porsche 959 Blazing Blazer Kyosho Gallop Race Prep Pro Radiant
  7. I love the Bullhead chassis and colors, that body and color/decal scheme looks great on there!
  8. https://www.hubhobby.com/58577-110-novafox-chassis-kit.html https://www.hubhobby.com/tamiya-47457-110-fire-dragon-4x4-buggy-kit.html no coupons and they charge for shipping BUT they are very nice and send them out quick
  9. The grease I’m trying to clean off is very thick and sticky. I may give the plumbers grease a try after seeing how much Tamiya charges for their “choice” grease.
  10. Bought an old Blackfoot off eBay that had an old Thorp drive. Cleanup on the truck is going well and it seems that it’s a pretty solid truck and the Thorp looks to be barely used. Anyway, I’m cleaning it up before I reassemble the gearbox and have a couple questions: 1: whatever lubricant they used on it is so thick it’s really difficult to clean it off, any suggestions? 2: what should I lube the thrust bearing with 3: what should I lube the ball diff with 4: should I put some cera-grease on it once it is back together 5: pinion gear suggestions? Any tips would be great and appreciated! Thanks
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