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  1. Hub Hobby packs well. It drives me nuts when things are packed like a first grader did it (Amazon). On top of that, tip blanks for carry out on food drives me crazy, cashiers that hand you a device to scan your card then have a pre-filled tip amount irks me. Plus the attitudes and non-smiling faces aren’t helping their cause with me.
  2. I was wondering if it was a set $20 regardless of how many hundreds that might be spent. Nothing better than an ever declining percentage off the more you spend.
  3. I'd kill for a space like that! When we moved 17 years ago to a larger house, I lost unfinished basement and a deep garage with 2 sizeable workbenches.
  4. Took out the old redneck Blackfoot with the horrible, yet somehow sturdy 3d printed nylon rollcage/cab (also has Thorp diff, dog bones, hubs, Trinity shocks, and a Tekin ESC). I almost threw out that original body because the cab was so broken, but that ugly thing saved it. Started running it and the old Parma 14t motor wouldn't turn. Rather than throw the whole thing back on the shelf, I went ahead and took it apart, found broken pieces of magnet, cleaned it up and threw it back in. This time, just horrible squealing from the motor. Removed it again, put in an old 540 and off she went. After running my Losi LMT, my Tekno MT410, then this, it was quite the change, but the fun factor was a little higher. I love how it just jumps over curbs.
  5. I’ve seen many built ones on eBay for what seems like a long time. Getting it sold might be a pain, especially the packing and insurance.
  6. I've been looking at Tamiya rigs for the past couple years and have read a lot of the threads out here, watched YouTube videos, looked at the different multi function control units (Beier, Tamiya) and then keep wondering if this is something that is a challenging build, or just a very expensive paper weight that would be sitting on my shelf with the occasional drive. It's not like I don't have a couple dozen rc's that sit for most of the year. With kids in high school now and wondering what to do to keep my self busy during the winter, I thought this might be an entertaining winter build. Looking at @Mad Ax thread on his Globe Liner tends to get me giddy for one. Any certain things (aside from bearings, lights and the MF unit) that I should get prior to beginning a build? Radio recommendations? Servos? Are they a challenging build? Is hooking up the lights/sounds/electrics a big part of the challenge? (Watched a Youtube video of a guy programming the Beier, it's a darn nice unit with lots of sounds). Any advice? Regrets after building/owning one for a while?
  7. Great pics and write up! It looks like a blast and that’s a heckuva sweet area you live in. I have a few trails by a lake but we have so many people with dogs and out walking I’d have to wait for one of those cold overcast days when a football game is on to do something like this. I may have to try it.
  8. Did the original Sabre have bearings with it?
  9. Ha! I was going to post the video link but didn’t want to break any rules since I consider this a clean, friendly site with a range of ages from 10-90 years old. I’ve heard his voice on YouTube over the years for old commercials. I found out he just passed away back in May at the age of 93. Who says anger is bad for your health? 😆 $&@:$/ flies!!
  10. I think it’s the voice of Winnebago Man, Jack Rebney. Just search YouTube. He’s famous for the Winnebago commercial outtakes.
  11. Great pics, looks like they were taken with a film camera!
  12. Yeah we were a bunch of dumb mullet headed moron cavemen back then. Thank God for all the brilliant internet minds of today!
  13. Was the Anderson similar to the Duratrax? I had the Duratrax motorcycle and I recall ordering parts from overseas and I swear they were Anderson parts. I know the part I really hated about the Duratrax was the rider. Cruddy, hollow lexan held together with tiny screws. Many people injected the driver with that spray expanding spray foam.
  14. Well, the sticker/decal crap was brought up in one of my threads about a month ago. If I have upset the delicate balance of having an unpopular opinion, in the unpopular opinion thread, I won't apologize. I will say loud and proudly: STICK YOUR DECALS! (or decal your stickers?!!) I will continue to call them DECALS even if it becomes politically incorrect or it becomes some sort of offensive term for some woke joker! WOOHOO! I WIN.
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