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  1. trying to locate a dang 12v auto bulb. Of all the years of having so many halogens, all I can find is led
  2. This 3s Lipo has developed quite the bulge. Any point at which some of you find your lipos not so safe? Thoughts on this one? I have used this in my electric HPI Baja. Hate to see it or my home go up in flames.
  3. Yep! Thank you. Ordered! Shocked there is an aftermarket part!
  4. Good question. I have a Mad Bull that needs a battery holder. Car still produced, the parts tree for this particular part is “discontinued”. Frustrating to say the least. EBay rarely has one for sale but when they do, it’s about 25% the cost of a new Mad Bull (I’m exaggerating a bit).
  5. That’s a beauty. The driver’s mutton chops are great!
  6. @ProblemchildI notice you have Sport Tuned motors in your Clod, do they offer much more in torque/speed than the normal 540s? Are the Sport Tuned easy to reverse the rotation?
  7. I’ve been wearing multifocal contacts for the past couple years (also have progressive glasses). They work great but I still throw on non prescription reading glasses with the contacts for really small print or detailed work. I’m nearsighted. Thank God for plastic lens or I would be wearing coke bottles. I’ve looked at magnifiers but have never gone all the way and ordered one.
  8. Yeah, I read that. Ebay has sent out a notice on it as well. I wonder if the tax addition may have added to the decision to lower the pricing.
  9. I also noticed after years of no tax added, tax is now added.
  10. JRX2 was my first race buggy. Great car and I would love to see a re-release. I don't see Horizon doing something like that. If Losi were still family owned, I bet there would be one.
  11. Yes and no. I have an old Blackfoot that I run with a manual esc and an AM radio. I like the feeling of it not being "updated". It runs just fine the way it is. I have a couple other rc's set up the same way. I tried it with my second Clodbuster for a couple runs. I couldn't stand it and replaced it with an esc. I think it's case by case for me. If I have issues with manual esc's, then I'll just forgo the frustration and switch to a cheap esc. The lipo cells I like and hate, but a good old NiMH I love. I don't have to worry about the possibility of combustion. The set up of some brands of brushless escs drive me up a freaking wall. I have a programmable Castle in my HPI Baja. I dread hooking it up to the computer to adjust settings. Switching an esc between lipo and NiMH drives me insane. I'm staring at instructions trying to decide if I did it correctly based off the lights and beeps.
  12. That is cool. I never saw one before. Thanks for posting the wheelbases, I'm ordering the Jimny!
  13. The wheelbase on this one, is it slightly off? I can handle it if it's a little off.
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