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  1. Good grief, I thought someone had died.
  2. Finally finished the dang lime green Blackfoot body strip down, repainted and added the MCI Blackfoot decals. All the parts were cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Not perfect by any means, tried to fill in some bad spots on the body, some success, but still some flaws. @Xeostar gearbox strengthener installed. It has the original manual speed control and some CRP parts.
  3. Those look very nice. The 249 is a bit steep for me, but I'd hate for someone to clone them and sell them for 49. AmPro (PintoPower) has created a double wishbone suspension, total price is more reasonable: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ampro
  4. Anyone ever used the CRP body buttons and Kydex mounts for the Clod Buster?
  5. Nice day to run the Clods with the kids. Damage: Bullhead with original steering, bent rods. Original Clod, one broken anti-rotation bracket. Great time though.
  6. Hopefully track down another set sometime and add them to one of my Clod Busters.
  7. Asked my son last week for a good color on a lexan body for that Bullhead we purchased off eBay. He looked at all the rc’s and said “orange” since none of the rc’s are orange. I cringed and asked, “are you sure, it’s already yellow and red?” He said it would look great, so orange we went with. I have to agree, I like it. JConcepts 1979 Ford F-250 MT body:
  8. Cleaned the shocks to an old King Cab I parted out a couple years ago.
  9. Cripe, sorry GTodd. I would have flipped my **** at the moving company. Sometimes things are found, hang in there. Tip: If you are married, check the box labeled "wife's closet". You never know.
  10. The ugly Mad Bull purchase from last year turned into a slightly better Mad Bull. Or at least in my eyes. Plus, I had some really old yellow paint I was about to toss and decided it was good enough for this thing.
  11. Bullhead arrived packed nicely. The paint on it is great, no body scratches. I opened up both gearboxes, one had bearings and the other did not, but now they both have them. Replaced both pinions with steel pinions. A couple of the tires have flat spots from sitting. Now just waiting for the radio to arrive as the seller forgot to pack it.
  12. I’ve never had a Sport Tuned. I know if I was picking between a Radon and a closed can Sport Tuned, I would go with a Radon. That’s just me. Brushes and Springs can be replaced on the Radon. As long as both motors are set to the same timing it’ll be fine. Nothing needs to be set to a specific timing. The timing settings depend on if you want to squeeze a few more rpm’s out of it. Don’t overthink it 😃
  13. You can adjust the timing a bit to get a little more rpm or a little less. I would personally just leave them set at zero. I can't imagine the small amount of rpm is going to be noticeable on a clod.
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