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  1. I spent $750 (I’m slightly guessing, could have been a bit more) on an HPI Baja when they came out in 2007. Lord only knows how much more in hop up parts in the last 13 years was spent. I still have it and run it a few times a year. Couldn’t dream of getting rid of it though.
  2. I did the same thing a couple years ago, it’s a good case. That port is the only downside, such a tight fit for cables.
  3. 66 Chevelle body for my soon to be cleaned and reassembled Thunder Dragon. I’m also hoping my measurements are accurate. LMT arrived too.
  4. Just ordered one today. I’m looking forward to it after 15 years of owning the Losi Aftershock in nitro and brushless form. Perfection or not, it should be fun to run.
  5. I think the sellers research by first, then find the highest priced ones that have sold and figure they can get that price as well. Also, the word “vintage” makes people think they can sell them for a higher amount too, I believe. (Hardly antique, maybe collectible, but rarely worth what they are asking, drives me nuts seeing that word used all over the place)
  6. I had one for about a year, the kit version was a fun build. I loved the look, the stickiness of the stock tires, and the climbing ability but always ended up wanting to make speed runs. I found it rolls easy when turning. I ended up putting it on eBay last May and getting back exactly what I put into it (rarely happens).
  7. Looked at pre-ordering the Losi LMT roller since I finally sold my old Losi Aftershock last month. Trying to decide. Then Tower has a 20% off sale on a few Tamiya kits and I’m not sure if I want one of those. Ordered a new pinion for my Thunder Dragon. It’s all in pieces but a good cleaning and reassemble is coming soon!
  8. I always loved the Big Brute, enough that I purchased a Nitro Brute for my first nitro rc. Unfortunately, I was only able to start that thing maybe a half dozen times and finally couldn't take it any longer and sold it. I was able to build a USA-1 and a Double Dare (another favorite of mine) during my few years working in a hobby shop. Would love to have a shelf queen of one of them and a regular Big Brute runner. I wish I could help out with some suspension knowledge, but all I can remember is sweating in awful midwest humidity trying to start that thing up.
  9. Thanks for the info! I read this on Robinson's site so I figured they would work with most Tamiyas. Apparently not the case! STEEL ALLOY PINION GEARS Steel alloy pinions are not heat treated and should only be used with plastic spur gears. Most commonly used on Kyosho and Tamiya electric cars and trucks. In sizes 12 through 24 teeth. 1/8 inch bore. One 5-40 set screw included. 1/16 inch allen wrench (NOT INCLUDED) fits the 5/40 set screw. .6 module Steel Alloy Pinions are not marked with tooth number.
  10. I've collected some replacement parts to the tattered Thunder Dragon I purchased a couple years ago. I would like to replace the pinion with a steel one but am not certain which "mod" I should look for. Does a .6 mod, 15 tooth sound correct? I'm specifically looking at the Robinson Racing steel pinions.
  11. On my very first pistol transmitter, I didn’t realize the steering needed to be reversed. I drove for years with the steering incorrect. Yes, I have it back to normal now. 😁
  12. I saw that in your post over in “the shed” thread! I was wondering how it looked. Nice!
  13. I’m looking forward to listening while I work. Should be fun. Looks like they last quite awhile and I have a lot to catch up on!
  14. I’ll have to start listening to these. Thanks!
  15. Dangit. That looks great. Now I wish I would have ordered one from Tower at 25% off.
  16. Hopefully you didn’t discount. Some people are just awful and will do anything to get a better deal. That dude sounds like one of them.
  17. That’s a beauty. This thread may cause me to start working on mine again. I always think a different color would be great, but as soon as I see one done with box art, I change my mind. eBay and I have had the worst year for sales, stupid things happening, people not reading the description, return on an esc that wasn’t working (it was).... I can only imagine what happened in your situation.
  18. Funny you asked. It’s been sitting on a shelf next to my desk and I look at it daily. I was staring at it during a conference call last week and went into a trance thinking about the body when I heard my name being said over and over. 😄 Unfortunately, I’ve done nothing with the body yet. The chassis is close to being finished. I’ll snap some pics this weekend and upload.
  19. Search for 58525. It should bring back at least some of the Wild One parts.
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