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  1. Out of curiosity, was there any relation between Marui and Tamiya at one time? That box looks just like the artwork on a Tamiya box.
  2. After reading all the delays above, I guess I feel better about getting mine in about 9 days from AsiaTees. Ordered Jun 21, they sent an email late in the evening on the 25th right before I was heading for bed asking for $15 additional shipping (on top of the $82 already paid) for FedEx International Priority. So I paid it quickly and notified them. They thanked me. 10 minutes later another email arrived asking for $17 more. I thought what the.... 5 minutes later another email arrived canceling the $17 additional. Then, FedEx hung on to it for 27 hours past the estimated delivery time. I’m just glad it made it.... all that fuss for a Bullhead!!!! Just waiting for the Thunder Tech Racing chassis now (about a 3 week waiting list).
  3. I'm not sure about dying them, painting plastic will just end up in scratches exposing the white. You can always get the Tamiya 9000360 D parts for the Bruiser in black. https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/7-digit-spare-parts/rc-d-parts-58519/
  4. I had to revive my Facebook account to join the "Team Thunder Tech Racing" group. The guy that owns it (Darren) doesn't use his old website but is working on a new one. In the meantime, he has prices listed of everything he currently is selling posted in the group. If you are interested, you send him a message, he gives you an idea on how long it'll be before it ships and sends his PayPal ID for payment. I was going to go CPE on the chassis, but the Tremor looks awesome. It's about 100 bucks more than what I "wanted" to pay, but I figured why be disappointed? I've wanted an aftermarket chassis ever since I first laid eyes on a Clod Sassy Chassis. Go big I guess. https://www.facebook.com/groups/453856024744629/
  5. Ordered a Bullhead from AsiaTees, then ordered a Tremor Pro chassis kit from Thunder Tech. It’ll be a month before I have the Thunder Tech kit but it’ll be worth the wait. I’ve always wanted to convert a Clod! 😃
  6. That is a NICE Lunchbox! Beautiful job on the paint and decals.
  7. Mine has been ugly for 15+ years. Your shell looks great! Look at that mirror finish! If mine had looked that good, I would have never stripped it down.
  8. Jerks, I would call and raise badword. I notice screwups are rarely ever in reverse. Why couldn’t they have accidentally shipped a Bruiser?
  9. They screw up and you have to pay return shipping??
  10. I did on my original HPI Baja where everything on it was anodized purple. It took me several nights to get the purple off, but it looked great when it was finished. Oven cleaner worked really well, but like @SupraChrgd82 said, leaving it on too long could cause pitting, so just keep watch. Test it out on something old and see if it's something you want to do. Wear gloves and safety goggles and even throw on a mask so you don't breathe in those awful fumes.
  11. Stripping the butt-ugly lime green from this original Blackfoot body.
  12. I’m in for two black please. Mine would be international shipping.
  13. Finished the HPI Baja brushless conversion back to gas, it was definitely a challenge going through boxes trying to locate certain parts. Since 2007 I have converted this to 1) Monster Baja with FG monster tires, 2) shorty chassis conversion, 3) brushless, 4) now mostly back to its original form. I hate to get it dirty again, but I'll be starting it up this weekend. I have a pretty good hunch the pipe gasket is going to blow out.
  14. Ha! I’m asked myself that after the lipos puffed.
  15. I've been working on my old HPI Baja that I converted to brushless last year. After puffing some very expensive lipos after about 10 runs, I decided to switch it back to gas. Found that I had a Lauterbacher 4 shoe clutch that I must have bought 10 years ago and never installed. With all the open parking lots and parks, I'm hoping to get it tuned up once it's all back together and take it for some runs.
  16. trying to locate a dang 12v auto bulb. Of all the years of having so many halogens, all I can find is led
  17. This 3s Lipo has developed quite the bulge. Any point at which some of you find your lipos not so safe? Thoughts on this one? I have used this in my electric HPI Baja. Hate to see it or my home go up in flames.
  18. Yep! Thank you. Ordered! Shocked there is an aftermarket part!
  19. Good question. I have a Mad Bull that needs a battery holder. Car still produced, the parts tree for this particular part is “discontinued”. Frustrating to say the least. EBay rarely has one for sale but when they do, it’s about 25% the cost of a new Mad Bull (I’m exaggerating a bit).
  20. That’s a beauty. The driver’s mutton chops are great!
  21. @ProblemchildI notice you have Sport Tuned motors in your Clod, do they offer much more in torque/speed than the normal 540s? Are the Sport Tuned easy to reverse the rotation?
  22. I’ve been wearing multifocal contacts for the past couple years (also have progressive glasses). They work great but I still throw on non prescription reading glasses with the contacts for really small print or detailed work. I’m nearsighted. Thank God for plastic lens or I would be wearing coke bottles. I’ve looked at magnifiers but have never gone all the way and ordered one.
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