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    Traxxas Blazer!!!!!

    I bought the TRX4 kit and it was a good build. I put a Jeep body on it. It climbs well!
  2. These are great responses. I've never had anyone mock me for running an rc BUT when I worked at a hobby store in high school/college, I had a lots of people comment on the ridiculous price of rc kits or TOYS. That was annoying as badword but there were lots of people that frequented the shop of all ages that ran rc. A manager walked by my cube when I had some pics up on Tamiyaclub looking at Sand Scorchers last month. She said cool rc's. I felt embarrassed for a second but then said that was my hobby along with flying my drone. She said her husband has an X-Maxx and loves to run it with his friends. I didn't feel as odd after that happened. It makes me feel good knowing that I'm not the only one that could just hang out and mess with my rc's all day without human contact.
  3. tamiya_1971

    Traxxas Xmaxx

    I have an X-Maxx and it's a great vehicle. Nothing Tamiya will compare! I keep mine at 6s for lipos (I doubt I'll ever get 8s, too much power). Keep in mind the battery cost, and you'll need a lipo charger. Also, you'll want to pick up a bluetooth module so you can update the firmware when there is a push.
  4. That is the most kick *** body! More pics please.
  5. tamiya_1971

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Went through my workbench piles last weekend for cleanup. I noticed I have several 2 cycle engines from my HPI Baja I've owned for the past 12 years. I decided to go ahead and put in one of the engines and I started to take apart the Castle Creations brushless conversion pieces apart that I never used. I disassembled for over an hour with the thought of selling it on ebay. Went to bed, woke up and decided I'm keeping the brushless conversion. I can't screw up my ears any more and I think I've reached my point of gas/oil mix cleanup. So, I shopped over the weekend for a great deal, found a Castle XL X ESC and a Dynamite 800kv motor which should be here by the end of the week. Tried out my X-Maxx batteries in the chassis and found they are too long for the Scorpion shorty chassis I installed on the Baja years ago. Now I just have to swap out the shorty with the original, so apart again!
  6. tamiya_1971

    Kyosho Big Boss

    I built a Double Dare for a customer and hated every second of it. I didn't like Kyosho manuals. A buddy of mine loved his Double Dare though. I had a Nitro Brute for a few months during a really humid summer. I think I was able to get that thing started and running less than 6 times. Nothing worse than 90% humidity, 95 degrees and the frustration of a nitro engine.
  7. tamiya_1971

    Ford F150 Ranger XLT 58027

    Finished the front end clean up on the Ranger. Used an ultrasonic cleaner on the parts. It worked really well. Threw in a new o-ring on the shocks. So far, no leaks. Attached that RC Channel bottom plate. I think it looks good and will keep the chassis straight. The fiberglass chassis has a nice bend in the front. Now onto the rear.
  8. So I bought this off ebay last night. What drives me nuts is the inability to ask questions if something seems like a good price. I hate having to make a split decision on whether I should ask a few questions about the item or just flat out buy it and risk it. I've lost too many good deals on "buy it now" because I've sent questions. Were there aftermarket nerf bars for the SRB's? Here are the pics from ebay: Quite a few pieces with it. Hopefully some of it is still functional. The body doesn't look too awful, of course I can't see the tailgate or the other side. I'm hoping the radio box isn't too jacked (looks like tape has been holding it together). Hard to tell from these awful pics. The bumper looks like an ok aftermarket. I have an old original looking bumper I can always put on it. Nerf bars.. I couldn't locate any pics of stock Tamiya photos with these for SRB's. That chassis where the bumper meets looks like it may be bad off. I hope to take apart the battery and put a lipo in it. Good there are some decals left.
  9. tamiya_1971

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Went out this evening for a run with my kids. Great time. Lunchbox, Mini Revo, and a Telluride.
  10. tamiya_1971

    Wild Willy Restoration Part 2

    The link on ebay shows an ESC. That doesn't work with a servo. It gets rid of the manual speed control servo so you are just left with a steering servo. That Hobbywing you have linked is a good ESC. As for the brand of transmitter/receiver your ebay link points to, I have never heard of that brand. I don't know where you are located, but I would stick with a name or known brand of transmitter/receiver. I'm more familiar with Spektrum, Futaba, or even a FlySky (which I find reasonably priced and work very well).
  11. tamiya_1971

    eBay Sales

    15% off until 7PM PT if you use the ebay mobile app (at least in the U.S.). That is what I see on ebay's front page.
  12. tamiya_1971

    The "postman Brought Me" Thread

    Got a good deal on a new discontinued Traxxas Telluride roller so there is that. A pig graffiti body for the Stampede and a Kinexsis ESC and 3000kv motor for the Telluride.
  13. https://traxxas.com/products/models/electric/stampede-4x4-kit?t=overview Under features: Efficient rubber-sealed ball bearings
  14. Thanks, just saw it on A Main, 199 isn't too bad. Haven't found it on Traxxas' website.
  15. Where did you see the Stampede 4x4 kit? I built the TRX4 kit last year and thought it was a fun assembly.
  16. I will gladly stop by weekly and dust them for you.
  17. tamiya_1971

    eBay Sales

    I almost always notice on the ebay page in one of their banner ads. I have noticed a couple times on dealighted.com or some of the other "special online sale" sites on occasion where deals are posted. Usually after the sale has expired.
  18. tamiya_1971

    eBay Sales

    They actually had a 15% off a few weeks ago. Next time I see one pop up, I'll post here. I never get a notification, I just stumble across it on the front ebay page.
  19. I came across an old XR311 and bought it. All four tires are torn and no good. I also was provided an original XR311 buggy tyre box with two brand new Good Year printed tires that look identical to the originals. I was also provided two new tires (modern ones, no Good Year printing). Now, the new, old ones have an inner diameter of 32.87mm. I might add these tires were mounted to what appears to be a three piece rim similar to a Hornet. The old wheel will not fit into this tire, it's loose. The old torn tire and the new tire both have an inner diameter of 27.54mm and the old rim fits just fine into the new tire. Was there a Tamiya model that used a similar tire to the XR311 that had a larger inner diameter, or did those rims just stretch out the inner diameter so much that they will no longer work with the smaller rim? Below from left to right: New tire, old new tire with larger diameter hole, original tire.
  20. Those gears look amazing. I just bought a Harbor Freight ultrasonic cleaner last week and used it on some old oil/dirt caked metal shocks. They look fantastic. Makes cleaning stuff fun.
  21. tamiya_1971

    XR311 Tires - Inner diameters

    Here is what I ended up with (about 60 bucks total, not too bad, but the cost on purchasing the parts I need to get the body looking good, a set of tires, and bearings are going to run about 120). I'm trying to decide if it's worth it or not. Plus, I can't seem to locate any B Parts anywhere at the moment.
  22. tamiya_1971

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Took the WR-01 I had purchased last year without a body and added the chrome wheels, Double Blaze body and decals. Those decals......a pain to apply
  23. tamiya_1971

    XR311 Tires - Inner diameters

    That tractor is pretty dang cool. I wish I had "ideas" to build up some cool creations! I have enough trouble trying to figure out a color to paint a body. I'll post some pics of the XR311 later this evening. I'm looking at parts and have a cart full of new ones from TamiyaUSA and eBay. I noticed some cracks in the arms today. The gears look fantastic though. The motor looks to be original. The body....I may just order all the parts to put together a new one and then order some decals from MCI. It's such an odd little rc, I don't think I could part with it.