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  1. I see it now, bad spot. Activity/Search. I need a visible search field. Speaking for myself, I'm getting older and need things big, easy to find and readable.
  2. Where is it? I've used two browsers now, don't see it.
  3. I think a Grasshopper 2 would be an excellent idea. I'll check out the decals on MCI.
  4. I ended up with a poorly painted, ugly, around $30 Mad Bull a couple months ago. I stripped the god-awful paint from the body, sanded it, and have yet to paint it (still ugly, but better than the paint that was on there). My kids and I decided to get out and go for a run on Saturday evening. I threw the Mad Bull in the trunk but didn't have a plan to run it until I realized I took the wrong radio with me on the Traxxas I had brought. I hate how ugly the Bull is, I hate the body, the stupid big tires, and the cheap-o look to it. So many things I hate. BUT, it ran great and was fun as heck. It runs as stupidly as it is ugly but it is now one of my favorite cars to run.
  5. You may have reached your max for uploads. You can’t upload a lot here. You might use imgur.com or another free photo site and then you can just post a link to the pic. Another thought, try just one pic in another post and see if you can do one at a time.
  6. Finally ran this thing last night while one of my kids ran a Super Clod. The Super Clod seemed to smoke this old thing. It has the original manual speed control. I realized how much I hate manual speed controllers. Fun to run though! I'm replacing it with an ESC soon.
  7. Geez. I was REALLY excited for about 3 seconds.
  8. The Road Wizard, I would have to say. I remember getting a job at a hobby store in November 1988. There was a purple Road Wizard sitting in the case for sale, built by the shop at least 2 years before I started working there. I was there a couple years and I recall coming in one day and someone said it was finally sold. That thing sat for a LONG time.
  9. Last month's ebay find and I finished adding the bearings, added the CPE steering system, added a Hitec hi torque steering servo, left in the manual speed control, ultrasonic cleaned the whole thing (except wheels/tires, that thing does wonders for the red parts and the gears), and painted a new lexan body for it. Someday, I might clean up the original body. Here was the original (one broken chassis, one broken axle): Cleaned up: The Scottsdale body paint was inspired by the pic I found below. I've always liked the Tamiya Mustard Yellow.
  10. Yeah, figured out the issue. The axle tube originals (e part) are shorter than the new ones. So I'm replacing all of them with the new ones. Old: New:
  11. Help. I have stripped down the gearboxes on an original clod and have given everything a good cleaning. The axles are confusing me, I looked at my Super Clod and don't see the same issues I'm having with these "originals". Is there any difference between the long and short axles aside from the protrusion of the smaller shaft the diff gear sits on? (should the small shaft be easily removeable? When i disassembled both gear boxes, it was easily removed from both axles) I have been messing with these things for about 3 hours now. No matter where I move them nothing seems to improve. I've never run into this before. One gearbox ends up like this (both axles, perfect): The other ends up like this (both axles): Any suggestions other than an extra shim or two?
  12. I have a spare new chassis already, I just hate to throw out the old one. I like your idea! I’m going to go mess with it.
  13. Is there a good way to fix this? Suggestions? I know Crawford makes a chassis brace but I think I would have to use their brace on the outside and use the inner Tamiya brace. But then I would run into issue of the threads on the ball connector not being enough to grip through the metal. http://crawfordperformanceengineering.com/product_info.php?cPath=5_115&products_id=703
  14. It looks good. I remember building one when I worked at a hobby shop for a customer. I thought it was a really time consuming build and hated every minute of it even though I had owned a Nitro Brute. Talk about half a summer wasted in high humidity and heat trying to get that nitro running and tuned. Ended up buying parts and turning it into electric and selling it. One of my buddies bought the USA-1 and he loved the thing. It was a great time running the Clodbuster vs the USA-1. I recall those tires being a bit bigger than the Clods. Those Mega Motors were really good from what I recall. Didn't they make a nitro version of the USA-1?
  15. Restore. I have sold three Clods at least and have regretted it every time until about two years later. I just snagged an old clod off eBay for 86 bucks. I’m having one of my kids go through it and put in bearings and an esc. Ordered a new body for it. (Saving the Chevy body for a winter restoration).
  16. Funny you mention "crude, badly proportioned and undetailed". I was looking for runner bodies for my second clod last week and went to Parma's site. That clod body front grill is just awful.
  17. I'm shocked you found an email. I checked all over their web site. I also tried to sign up on their site, wouldn't let me. Kept saying anything I had in a field was over the limit of 10 characters. So I finally said screw it and them. No worries on the sizes. I just ordered all of three different sizes online. I figure with all of them, I'll use them in some other project eventually.
  18. Still working on stripping a Mad Bull body with at least 4 layers of paint on it. Blue, lime green, black, and silver. Over cleaner barely took anything off after being in a plastic bag for two days. Brake fluid stripped most of it down to this blue paint, but the blue paint won't come off! Put a full bearing kit in the Mad Bull over the weekend. I was rather surprised to find that the ESC that came with it worked fine as well as the steering servo.
  19. XR311 parts came today, a few Clod parts, a Mad Bull part, and a Junfac Tundra link kit. I finally decided to buy the XR311 parts. i lucked out, almost all of the body parts I was able to order from TamiyaUSA. The rest came from Tony's Tamiya parts (great place to order from).
  20. I haven't found any manual on the site or any for that matter. I'm going to start saving pics that I find so when i eventually build mine, I'll have something to look at. How is the build going? I just purchased the Junfac Tundra kit from Amazon for cheap but it appears to be missing only these parts below. Would you be able to give me a measurement on them? I know they are M3, but that is all I know. Junfac has 7x2.5mm, 7.5x10mm, and 7x5mm.
  21. I hope they do a Kumamon one.
  22. Would have never bought a Mad Bull, but a 30 dollar ebay find seemed reasonable. Just needs new paint, bearings and one battery stay (A parts tree) which is discontinued AND is insanely overpriced on ebay. I'll rig something up I guess .
  23. Clodbuster delivered today, a surprising eBay deal. Broken chassis and a missing battery holder. Surprisingly, the body is in really good shape (rollbar isn't). It's been rolled, but I suspect someone had one big wreck with a broken chassis and put it up for good (I hope). It still has the original manual speed control. I'll have to dig in before ordering spare parts and bearings.
  24. I generally enjoy using ebay. There have been a couple times in the last year where I misread a description and hit the "buy it now". After seeing I made a mistake, I immediately contacted the seller. Both times they refunded me and re-listed. I would have kept what I bought had they said no, but I always feel like it can't hurt to ask. I do love finding good deals on rc stuff. I've been lucky to have found an old Rough Rider and Ranger XLT fairly cheap. One bad purchase was with an Xbox keypad last Christmas, some knob shipped it me (listed as new) in a box 3 times its size, no packing, the keypad was out of the unsealed box and the shipping box had a hole in the side. Thankfully it was an easy return through ebay. Since I have no real hobby stores around me, I am glad it's available, especially when looking for vintage or new Tamiya parts. (Yeah, TamiyaUSA, you irritate me when you list a part as discontinued when you are still selling the kit)
  25. Took out my HPI Baja brushless for the first time. I can’t believe people think 6s is slow. The thing doesn’t pull wheelies but it is freaking fast. Afterward realized I puffed one of the 3s Lipo packs so bigly that I’ll have to get rid of it. The pack is about 2 years old so I got enough fun out of it.
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