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  1. Hi, Please send me a PM with how much you want for it. Thanks
  2. No-one????? Complete used body would be ok too.
  3. Hi, I'm looking for the mirrors and the little light's from the H-parts tree to make my Hummer body complete. If someone have them lying around somewhere and doesn't use them, I'm happy to buy/trade them. Mathias
  4. Hi, I'm interested in the buggy in the second picture. Can you tell me your price and where you're from. Regards Max
  5. I do the same as Mike30. I use nitro fuel to strip the paint of my bodies. Works great. They are like new after the clean with nitro and a wash with soap. Saw it on a tread on TC and thought i give it a try on an old body.
  6. Got the same problem here in the Netherlands. When i need some parts for my Tamiya's they look funny at me and then want to sell me a savage or something like that. I'm not interested in those cars. Just need some parts that cost a couple of euro's and they want to sell you a car for a couple of hundred euro's. And i agree with supergreg. The older guys from the shop know what you're talking about when you ask something about a SS or the M-01 chassis (my cars) And can give you some tips and tricks. About 2 weeks ago in went there and needed some small parts for my M-02 Beetle and the old guy jumped between the parts and found also an alloy steering set NIP(got it for 20 euro) and universal shafts NIP (for 12euro) Because he thought it was great that the car was still running. The young ones ignore you or only want to make money without to much questions. Seems to be the problem everywhere.
  7. Would like to see a Ford RS 200 made with a great rallychassis. Would be nice to see them go in the dirt. Cheers
  8. Looking for some parts for my blitzer beetle. The parts that i need the most are the front and back shock mounts. Killed those 2 with the last jump. If you have those lying around please let me know.Other chassis parts are welcome too. Mathias.
  9. Found 2 numbers; racing spoke wheel (one pair): 53232 racind spoke wheel wide (one pair): 53233 hope these help.
  10. Hi, Look on Ebay.de. There is a new bodyshell forsale. You can find it when you search for "carson audi quattro. Costs are 38 euro. but don't know the postage costs. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, Yes the first one is the body itself. the second nr that the decal/ stickerset : art.nr 69132 the last one the art.nr 69217 are the window masks for painting. hope that's what you wanted to know. Regards Mathias
  12. Hallo, Just bought a chassis and some parts from ebay. But now i'm missing the body. Does someone have a body up for sale? Please let me know. doesn't have to be new. Thanks
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