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  1. Ran the car the other day. Car ran fine but the transmission was louder than i'd expect, i'm going to open it back up and see how the counter gear and diff gear look.
  2. Yep that'd work. Alternatively if you don't own a Shot (we pity you:-) you can buy the parts for one diff off MIP but i haven't been able to source the outdrive bearings. Two messages requesting sales information later and i'm still awaiting a reply. I'll let you know if i have any success. For now there are 6 photos spread over the thread. From the top the first two show the bored out diff housing with the holesaw supplied by MIP in one pick. The next two show the diff and counter gear from the frog whilst the last two show the assembly back together and the diff housed in the newly bored out case. There is a link https://youtu.be/pFyIeyGSFNo to the MIP Hotshot diff bore out here. The principal with the Wild One is identical only you will need to come from both sides of each housing as they are thicker than the Hotshots.
  3. I've spent a lot of time on this. From stock you're going to have to live with it. Otherwise Snappy1 is all over it really. Once you even up your arm movement from the servo the only way i've found to increase travel is to replace uprights/knuckle arms and introduce universal shafts. The result is on a par with 2wd but you need to dial back your steering servo before your shafts start rubbing on your uprights. Kyosho have a 68mm universal shaft that fits in the standard Tamiya and Dirt Burner outdrives the part no is LA231. If you combine these with RC Damper knuckle arms for the Top Force/Mantra Ray you will see far better travel from your steering arms and your car should handle more like a car and less like a Sherman tank!
  4. I'll have to run it first mate before i get too carried away. From there its pretty easy to show the process. The biggest problem if it works will be getting only half the Supershot diff package off MIP:-)
  5. Ok. Let me know what you all think about this. I have Supershot, Frog and Wild One renos on the go and have recently purchased diffs for both the Supershot and the Frog. It struck me as i thought about swinging both these diffs into their respective uses that no had one ever bothered with the Wild One in this regard so i experimented. I had to bore out the Wild One gearbox to take the new outdrive bearings and as i had the tool from the Supershot diff set i did this. (The hole saw will not go all the way on one one side, you'll need to flip it and start the original procedure from the outside.) I tried the Frog diff first with a standard Wild One counter gear but the gearbox spacing was wrong so then i tried the Supershot and it worked but there was rub from the pinion side of the counter gear. My solution was to swing in a 49 tooth Frog counter gear and it was as smooth as pie. I haven't run this yet but it will allow the use of the Frog universal shafts too. So provided i haven't sent you all up a certain creek without a certain paddle i'm hoping this may solve diff problems with this model. Apologies, i never mentioned the diffs were MIP.
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