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  1. I have a craftrobo, it is pretty easy to use you can import most file types and covert them to outline for cutting. I found making a dxf file in coreldraw and using that to cut from gave better results then the robo design software but it does take a lot longer to cut that way. over all i think they are good value
  2. I have the manual scans, if you pm me your email address i will send them to you. Stewart
  3. Very interesting car indeed, larbut has the guide book here . have a good weekend
  4. Hi mark, I have some, if you PM me an email address i can send them to you. Stewart
  5. Look's like a thunder tiger challenger missing it cage and some there bits, Look here . I could be wrong but if it is they are big cars. Stewart
  6. Sorry mate see edit above the bag is about £8-9 still allot cheaper
  7. All you need is the L parts and 8 850 bearings, this is how i did mine the other parts parts used were standard monster racer parts. this works out load's cheaper then getting the set. Edit just checked the manuals and you need a bushing bag too as the bushings are 2mm longer. The egress bushing bag is the cheapest i could see that had the parts in, The strange thing is i don't remember getting one myself but a quick look and i can see the one's on my runner are not the same as the ones on my shelfer.
  8. The ball raced steering set is an easy one you just need Egress / Avante 2001 L Parts, there are a few on ebay at the moment. Motor and pinion choice is a different kettle of fish probably better answered by others on the forum, i find my 14 turn kyosho motor great but to get the gearing right i brought a load of different pinions and a couple of spur gears and just changed them about until i got a combo that worked. I also found adding a V2 end bell to my motor made a nice improvement to performance. At the end of the day there is a massive choice of motors and ESC's out there and as always the more you spend the better the kit is going to be. The way forward for more speed/power is a new motor but the gearing is just as important as you new motor will not last long if over geared you will also have poor acceleration. My opinion on ESC's is to get the best you can afford I use a no limit LRP ESC. Stewart
  9. No problem mate , if i hadn't of read this very tread and asked kontemax some questions i would have chucked out my hi-lux, I'm so glad i didn't now. Cant wait to hear how it goes down the BMX track, out of interest what body shells are you using for running? Frewer still make a king cab shell that looks good, Kamtec are also looking into making one but that might be some time away yet as he needs to make a mould and stuff first, but hopefully there will be a supply of repro body's in UK soon. I have ordered some stuff to fix my hi-lux so that should look nice again for a bit , but i still need to get a shell that can be abused as the price's for original one's are getting silly now allot more then the £20 i payed for the one on there a few years back. I think my problem with the shocks is mainly down to the fact they are the original CVA's the truck came with from new and just need replacing, i should have some nice alloy ones on the way so they my be hear in the morning. As i said they make great runners the only car i have that come's close to it on fun value is my RC10B3 but that's not as versatile or a Tamiya. Stewart
  10. Wow that looks great, love the paint work. You have made some of the coolest cars i have seen, you should get a show room to put them in so they can all be seen in one place. Keep up the good work
  11. I built a TTC tranny about 2 months ago to put in another King cab i am building i must say they seem quite good and they fit straight in the KC unlike the LW2 tranny, i am sure the TTC will make your KC great. Thanks for the comment on my Hilux i brought it about 4 years ago for £25 off ebay, it was a bit off a wreck with a busted chassis. I should think i have replaced most of the truck over the years but it is great fun, It's not as pretty now though as i took it to a skate park last week and broke the name/number plates and my C/F battery holders also lost part off the big decal off the roof, but it was fun. I think Monster racers make great runners the main trouble i have is keeping oil in the shocks, i am not sure how to solve this as i used new O ring's and bladders in mine but still after a few big jumps all the oil has squirted out the tops of all 4 shocks. Good luck with your King cab's
  12. Hi, I also had allot of diff problems with my Hilux, from what i have read the plastic ball holder's are prone to melting and are better replaced with thrust washers from the astute diff. In the end i solved all my problems by getting a LETHAL WEAPON 2 tranny with slipper clutch, i have been using this set up for about 2 years now with no trouble at all. There are some members using the TTC tranny and they seem very happy with it, i think the only problems with the TTC was the pinion choice is limited but that might be better now. Kontemax has come up with a solution for pinion choice problems on the TTC tranny by adapting the spur gear, if you look though his showroom he has it shown in there, his showroom also has some nice info on the king cab and the time and effort he spent trying to make his the ultimate racing monster. If you are interested in the Lethal weapon tranny mine is in my showroom Here Also if you like i can give you the email address of ware i got it from and you could see if he still has some more but they are not that cheap I think i payed about $110 mine. Kontemax's super astute spur gear mod here Cheers Stewart
  13. You could try mattnj from here, I cant comment on his work as i have never used his service. As for using bead blasters there are very easy to use, When i worked in engine reconditioning it was the first job they let you do as you can't really go wrong. Stewart
  14. I also have 4 kid and a wife, but for a job i remove asbestos, i also survey properties for asbestos materials.It's not as bad as it sound's and keeps me out of trouble.
  15. If you like i could probably make one in white vinyl for you, just need an image and the size you need it. cant promise any thing but happy to give it a go. Stewart
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