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  1. your all forgeting a classic which used a rc monster truck a t maxx i think ............ALVIN and the chipmunks..
  2. hi any one got a tlo1 servo saver mine bosted (wondered why i kept hitting the kerb ) any hellp would be great ta
  3. mmmm well i do know he dyes his hair? seriously though hes a nice bloke and does loads for the community.
  4. yer had them and they were pants after reading here ive started buying used race cells of ebay from racers they lookafter there stuff and buy exspensive stuff got some 2600 sanyos hey take 3000 and last forever with loads of punch
  5. thanks for that it makes sense as for the wide bit as i understand it only by working with import pajeros in the past uk shoguns dont come with the plastic arches as standad but the import models do.
  6. why is the pajero called a metaltop?
  7. I know that some of you jeep builders out there dont need a reason to build another jeep but heres one anyway. Some of you may of heard of a uk band "THE ALARM" the garage were i work we look after the leadsingers mike peters cars he owns two jeeps one new cherokee type thing but he's goot a much loved wrangler safari in black with cream and green interior. not that amazing but if your a fan of either jeep or the alarm may beits something to copy ill post a pick if i canworkout how to do it. ta for reading rich.
  8. hi just a nother view on the clash 15t had one in afalcon then in a blazing star have to agree there not great it was fast but had no torqe and caught fire replaced it with a hpi 20t in the falcon which is now faster and has enough torque for sand but in my opinion look on ebay for a stock rebuildable 27turn i got one of aguy who races on carpet and there all going to brushless this thing is great it walks all over the 15 and 20turn cheapes and there going for about a tennner! on the bay and these racers realy look after there motors. hope this ads a spanner into the already confusing world of cheap motors rich
  9. realy nice baja ive built one using the kamtec shell and a falcon chassis for me the best thing with the falcon is u get the motor and gearbox hanging out back with acage around it and it fits great in the baja cut out engine lid which you dont get with the frogs. hope you get on ok with the project.
  10. hi im after a grass hopper gear box if any ones got one im building one for my 6 year old dylan(seeing as he distroyed my falcon today thought ill build him the indestructable ghopper)if any ones got the 380 motor and mtg plate im interested also , cheers rich
  11. just to throw a spanner in the works i got some cheap batterys of evil bay surposed to be 33oomah but had no markings on them which diidnt last long when i cut the cover of the cells inside were only 1600 hope its not the case for you but it might be worth checkin.
  12. hi do you have a paypal account as i m interested in the alloy mnt cheers
  13. hi how much were you thinking for the alloy mount ?i have made an alloy one today at work but havent tryed it yet but you can never have to many
  14. hi any one got any motor mounts for the blazing star/manta ray ta 01 chasis i seem to have a habit of breakin mine and cant aford the alloy up grade one on ebay any help would b great.
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