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  1. Use X20A for PC bottles ONLY IF YOU HAVE TO... definitely not water. PC feels like some kind of latex acrylic, it's made for handbrushing - it's pretty thick "one shot" paint. Do not dilute for airbrushing, that is not what it's designed for. What levels have your bottles ullaged to? Even from new they weren't filled to the top, factory filled them to barely to the label/shoulder afaik. These glass bottles seal well, mine have never evaporated. One thing to watch for is they can go bad, they curdle to stringy scum floating on top of whey. I suspect bacteria or yeast. Definitely don't add unsterilised solvents & take precautions to avoid cross contamination if you're hoping to keep those bottles longterm.
  2. Tuned armature has the thinnest wire I think, most turns. Power is quite similar to Gold in thickness & turns. Don't mix them together at once & label them with a texta.
  3. nowhere close, think we used to call mica blue "Telefonica Blue" vs metallic blue "WRX blue" there's no PS equivalent for TS50 last time I rattled one of those
  4. you Brits probably took most of the forex hit after Brexit, whereas downunder AUD dumped this month from 69c to 52c now ~60c. a week in I'm already getting revised price lists from import/distributors... geez everything's going UP big time ignoring the reality that there's an extra million or three joining the unemployment queue... yeah won't be much discretionary dollar left. China has restarted production... but now discovering there's no demand to buy their goods.
  5. Umm, yeah about that. The idiots in charge have also decreed to parole much of the prison inmates... "Safer to let them out" etc etc... SAFER FOR WHO?!!
  6. ... who Charles has been snogging not Camilla?
  7. Nah not me, had a neighbour who does... spooky seeng those little eyes staring out. Worse are the ones with the binoculars or the solar powered spotlights i go hoard aldi only for their 20V powertool packs Samsung 18650 inside them! Einhell!!
  8. Technituned is pretty soft, don't expect too much... even when brandnew barely as grunty as a SportTuned IMHO probably originally intended for 1/12 pan cars like the Porsche 956 Racing Master mk6. BiTD Comms were sold as sparepart bubblepacked on cardstrip. Technipower Comms a lot rarer to be found these days than Technituned Comms.
  9. That's downright annoying! Those meerkats come in a family of 5 different poses, each store only gets 3 models & how do you choose which 2? Then you go to the next Aldi and they've got a different 3 again... oh.
  10. yes best not to remove TechniGod/Power/Tuned endbell until you've got the tools or it'll be hard putting it back together without wrecking the brushes/comm.
  11. Don't feel bad, join the club $400pa rego at my end of the island, been paying for 15yrs & I don't ever get chance to ride the thing. But to get RWC would cost $200 minimum in test fees, $50 in days Unreg permit + time & queuing at VicRoads $200 in new plate & application fees... meh. One of my to-dos for eventual lockdown is to go clean it up, see if it still starts then get real.
  12. Corner of my eye spotted somewhere online this wk somebody's crowing he's just received a 959 he scored for $150 posted. Full set with radio, body unpainted, chassis looks mint & tyres mounted - looks like uncompleted assembly. Grrr...
  13. If you want to try "drift" just buy a set of Drift tyres for your TT02. Look for HPI T-Drifts or the 1001 similar copies available, that'll be good enough for AWD style rally sliding. RWD drifter is pretty specialised niche, they won't run on most surfaces (you gotta retune for each surface) and IMHO more trouble than they're worth unless you've got a likeminded community around to support your interest. Otherwise it'll be run once then left lying around collecting dust.
  14. Lots of idiots in charge everywhere matey. Don't get me started. DM has started limits 3 wine bottles, 1L spirits, 1 slab - pick 2. Popped out to Woolies yesterday, we needed bread. All the usual shelves empty n surprise, add to that ORANGE JUICE fridges all empty! Wow weird... everybody now guzzling OJ to starve off flu? Or delivery truck got hijacked. Who knows, don't really care.
  15. And I now hear Prince Charles is down with it... he's been hobnobbing with Mr Monaco huh... zombies are coming peoples!
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