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  1. WillyChang

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Original Bigwig ran an MSC with BEC so there's room in there for the second servo too. Everything needed to be tidied out if the way to close the chassis top plate.
  2. WillyChang

    Help With ReRe Egress equipment

    Is cool, is good! Means it's running efficiently & not wasting energy to heat. Have got similar ~3000kV combo from SpeedPassion in Avante & Egress, they barely get warm too. They go more than fast enough so haven't bothered trying to gear up. Fan on ESC sounds a bit loud... thinking of disconnecting it if it's not really needed
  3. WillyChang

    Schumacher upkeep

    I don't think Schumachers were any different to RCs of that era like Associated/Delta/PB, you just had to know "how to build them right" to get a decent reliable car. Associated & Delta instructions were just typewritten text 2-3 pages no pictures BiTD Carbs do go out of tune when clueless owners try fiddling with the screws, or move stuff and cause airleaks when gaskets aren't renewed, or... Carby expertise dying out too... both local Holley & Wilson/SU shops have closed down, dunno where to go for service anymore.
  4. WillyChang


    Probably just an expired certificate, modern browsers are so picky today... chrome downright refuses to serve me 80% of the pages I want nowadays. Have you cleared cookies & force reload?
  5. those LRP lipos look the goods... but EUR46!! nah this lot gunna go plainjane NiMH. They’re for rough bashing - and not by me driving either, trying to hook innocent children into the hobby Don’t want Lipo for risk of getting overdischarged, don’t need huge capacity either 2400-3000 is more than enough. They just gotta be good value cheap... I need many multiples
  6. WillyChang

    Wild Willy restoration pt3

    whee... you might’ve more GR3Es than me....! meh... GT2E is less complicated, no digital screen to muck up And you CAN bind multiple RXes to GT2E - I believe the RX is the one who stores the bind data not the TX. All bound RXes will operate simultaneously. it’s handy for either multiple cars or even multiple RXes in the same car if day you need double servo outputs eg CH1, one at each end of car. Instead of Y-adaptor at servo lead, run a power lead extension to 2nd RX. either way it’s too hard to troubleshoot radio problems without a known working setup to swap with. Commonest way to smoke an RX is to connect power wrong polarity or to its signal line. Wrong polarity usually blows the servos too. Those old Futabas are just AM standard, so if you can borrow another known working AM RX of any brand with servo/S etc it will respond to same signal to confirm TX is operational.
  7. WillyChang

    Backing Colour

    PS12 silver will be a 1 shot affair; however it’ll darken light colours you back it with compared to say PS1 white. PS48 Anodised Aluminium can be put behind translucent colours to give a “candy” effect; it’ll need backing with PS5 Black. Similar 1-shot result can be had with Bright Silver PS41 too, so that’s easier
  8. WillyChang

    Wild Willy restoration pt3

    what batteries...? Alkaline or rechargeables? It expects 7x alkalines or 8x rechargeables to avoid over voltage. you also need to power the receiver with another 4x AAs...? Or did you manage to reverse polarity the receiver = smoke if so... buy the Flysky. With these old transmitters, sometimes the Meter isn't for showing battery voltage - it's measuring the RF output strength instead it's showing what power of signal is getting transmitted, which is a product of frequency tuning, aerial length etc. Low battery power would show up as low output on meter too. A missing/bad TX xtal would show low or zero on signal power, as would if the RF stage has gone badly out of tune due to aged capacitors or water damaged coils etc.
  9. WillyChang

    It finally happened to me

    Those SuperGrippers are notorious for flat spotting & cracking when left standing for years. Your selfless task of removing the shocks back then likely helped preserve those tyres!!
  10. There's 2 types of 2400... nicad 2400 were leading edge & the sanyos were really good, but they weren't around long before NiMH ate their lunch nicads are great, you can charge them at high rates in 15mins NiMH 2400s otoh... usually they're runs from the factory or junk cells for use in cheap cordless tools. RC grade NiMH started at 3000/3300 when they first appeared. Anything less couldn't handle the high current: also IMHO NiMH can't take faster than 1C charging. Nickel cells were never cheap & they still aren't today. Lipo is cheaper lighter & higher volts. Like all decent things at HK they're constantly outta stock Dunno if they're trying to discontinue it? Saw the 3500s on another thread last night being discounted to $3 but couldn't find same deal. Thinking of buying some stick packs again. Only got square lipos, they won't fit into WR02 & co.
  11. WillyChang

    Then and Now

    meh no loss on the Maruis, it's better it "got away" back when they were $50ea or less i acquired a bunch of wrecks for CJ7 Wheelie & Big Bear... even by then all their plastics haven't aged gracefully - they're brittle & always the same part breaks. Accumulated perhaps 6-10 cars worth & still couldn't piece together 1 unbroken whole in the end got fedup & offloaded the lot.
  12. WillyChang

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    If you've already got the paint, give it a test if you don't have odd bodies to test on I use PET softdrink bottles. @Shodog also does a lot of paint experimenting, if you care to do a search on his portfolio.
  13. WillyChang

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    yeah the translucent yellow & orange are really hard to apply evenly in light coats. I avoid them these days as they aren't worth the trouble; I like the trans red & the 2 blues mainly. Why are you trying to tint yellow the pink/green flip anyway? At best case it might make the pink into orange and not do much to the green. At worse, might end up muddy or look like PS46 anyway
  14. WillyChang

    Slash 4x4 heat on 3s.

    Racing "on a budget" back in the 1990s meant going chasing after all the old superseded gear used by the fast guys at the club. I never got to buy any LRPs as there weren't any left working by season end whereas Novaks were still going strong. There were also many other ESCs from smaller local SEAsian companies but I avoided anything that wasn't advertised in RCCA. Novak Cyclone was my main target, over the years scored a whole range of wrecks. Most I could fixup back to proper operation; the ones that didn't good ole Charlie Suangka @ HQ took good care of me. Back then it was still worthwhile to pay airmail postage & changeover fee vs buying the latest $400 ESC. They made great stuff, sad they didn't get glory from pioneering the brushless era. Was an early adopter for SS5800 and that thing was gobsmackingly powerful. meh they're all stashed away in attics lived thru the 1990s wild chase for NOS Soviet era russki tubes, then the Chinese came in and repopped them all with varying levels of success/quality... haven't got the patience anymore. recently a Topping TP30 landed on my workbench. Haven't quite decided what it does it's got a USB hole do I guess it's also an outboard DAC, with a class T poweramp to run some speakers. But it's tiny package looks like a headphones amp. Plus I'll need a good source to input from... Hmm...
  15. WillyChang

    Tamiya PS paint combos?

    Yes you can. Translucent will change the colour of the flip. You can also back with colours other than black, it makes the flip or ano less vibrant. Gunmetal is a great colour to back with for something unique. Should take some time to experiment with the paints to see what effects you like. Paint thickness also changes the effect. With ano & flip I'd need at least half a can to cover a 1/10 touring car; but because it's nearly colourless it's safer to overpaint to avoid any bald spots. With lameflake usually 1/5-1/3rd can is more than enough. Once first time I did empty the whole can onto 1 shell... yeah it sure looks like a glitter bowling ball.