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  1. Use X20A for PC bottles ONLY IF YOU HAVE TO... definitely not water. PC feels like some kind of latex acrylic, it's made for handbrushing - it's pretty thick "one shot" paint. Do not dilute for airbrushing, that is not what it's designed for. What levels have your bottles ullaged to? Even from new they weren't filled to the top, factory filled them to barely to the label/shoulder afaik. These glass bottles seal well, mine have never evaporated. One thing to watch for is they can go bad, they curdle to stringy scum floating on top of whey. I suspect bacteria or yeast. Definitely don't add unsterilised solvents & take precautions to avoid cross contamination if you're hoping to keep those bottles longterm.
  2. Tuned armature has the thinnest wire I think, most turns. Power is quite similar to Gold in thickness & turns. Don't mix them together at once & label them with a texta.
  3. nowhere close, think we used to call mica blue "Telefonica Blue" vs metallic blue "WRX blue" there's no PS equivalent for TS50 last time I rattled one of those
  4. you Brits probably took most of the forex hit after Brexit, whereas downunder AUD dumped this month from 69c to 52c now ~60c. a week in I'm already getting revised price lists from import/distributors... geez everything's going UP big time ignoring the reality that there's an extra million or three joining the unemployment queue... yeah won't be much discretionary dollar left. China has restarted production... but now discovering there's no demand to buy their goods.
  5. Umm, yeah about that. The idiots in charge have also decreed to parole much of the prison inmates... "Safer to let them out" etc etc... SAFER FOR WHO?!!
  6. ... who Charles has been snogging not Camilla?
  7. Nah not me, had a neighbour who does... spooky seeng those little eyes staring out. Worse are the ones with the binoculars or the solar powered spotlights i go hoard aldi only for their 20V powertool packs Samsung 18650 inside them! Einhell!!
  8. Technituned is pretty soft, don't expect too much... even when brandnew barely as grunty as a SportTuned IMHO probably originally intended for 1/12 pan cars like the Porsche 956 Racing Master mk6. BiTD Comms were sold as sparepart bubblepacked on cardstrip. Technipower Comms a lot rarer to be found these days than Technituned Comms.
  9. That's downright annoying! Those meerkats come in a family of 5 different poses, each store only gets 3 models & how do you choose which 2? Then you go to the next Aldi and they've got a different 3 again... oh.
  10. yes best not to remove TechniGod/Power/Tuned endbell until you've got the tools or it'll be hard putting it back together without wrecking the brushes/comm.
  11. Don't feel bad, join the club $400pa rego at my end of the island, been paying for 15yrs & I don't ever get chance to ride the thing. But to get RWC would cost $200 minimum in test fees, $50 in days Unreg permit + time & queuing at VicRoads $200 in new plate & application fees... meh. One of my to-dos for eventual lockdown is to go clean it up, see if it still starts then get real.
  12. Corner of my eye spotted somewhere online this wk somebody's crowing he's just received a 959 he scored for $150 posted. Full set with radio, body unpainted, chassis looks mint & tyres mounted - looks like uncompleted assembly. Grrr...
  13. If you want to try "drift" just buy a set of Drift tyres for your TT02. Look for HPI T-Drifts or the 1001 similar copies available, that'll be good enough for AWD style rally sliding. RWD drifter is pretty specialised niche, they won't run on most surfaces (you gotta retune for each surface) and IMHO more trouble than they're worth unless you've got a likeminded community around to support your interest. Otherwise it'll be run once then left lying around collecting dust.
  14. Lots of idiots in charge everywhere matey. Don't get me started. DM has started limits 3 wine bottles, 1L spirits, 1 slab - pick 2. Popped out to Woolies yesterday, we needed bread. All the usual shelves empty n surprise, add to that ORANGE JUICE fridges all empty! Wow weird... everybody now guzzling OJ to starve off flu? Or delivery truck got hijacked. Who knows, don't really care.
  15. And I now hear Prince Charles is down with it... he's been hobnobbing with Mr Monaco huh... zombies are coming peoples!
  16. You broke it? Check your manual rear if you want identical replacement part. But that particular fitment doesn't need to be exact identical afaik, just needs to fit intended geometry. Aftermarket is fine if it fits, Kimborough makes good servosavers. 3Racing also make servosavers that look/work pretty close to TRF hi-torque unit...
  17. I've been sniffing around the auctions down here lately. Vendor expectations/reserves haven't lowered to meet dismal market at present, majority get passed in - unless it's some workute or a cabchas with custom body, those stil selling strongly. Not many hybrids around, pretty much limited to Toyota. Late model Prius haven't sold many, Prius V or C even less... can you live with their plasticky seats? Which only leaves whitegoods-on-wheels Camry... decent car, but they're fetching $3-4k (20%?) premium over petrol identical model at auction due to Uber driver demand - I don't know why they bother, it's only 5 vs 7L/100km difference). Lexus h don't come cheap. There's a few Outlanders 3-5yo popping up now; or there's a 6mth waiting ist for new RAV4 Hybrid. Your Volvo sounds like it's 20-30yrs old. Because younger lot barely survive 10! Your '09 Outback sounds like it's the 6, if it's chewing up its gearbox already (sure u got equal size tyres all 4 corners?). Petrol too... 'cos if it's diesel probably not have survived even 5yrs. And that's the crux of the matter, modern cars no longer properly built to last. They'll usually run for 3/5/7y fine however long the warranty is, then the subsequent run to 10y is what kills them fast. Maintenance schedules have been stretched too far out (to cheapen ownership cost during lease term), oils are too thin (to maximise new car fuel economy) so there's zero buffer nowadays to tolerate missed services... let alone stupid design faults like diesel oil dilution from aborted DPF purges. Or Jatco CVTs in anything bigger than 660cc Kei cars Plus these days anything "Sealed For Life"... well, it's life will be SHORT! No dipsticks to check level/condition, no easy way to fluid change... meh! Any machine always works better on fresh lubricants, but can you even buy the correct fluid aftermarket. Another curveball is Takata airbag issue, not everybody is recalling them to fix. Working class cars of say 10-15yrs, they just buy them back to crush. Saw a pic of huge pile of 1st gen Honda CRVs that supposedly Honda paid $500ea for, what a waste. Same with early Audi TTs so I read. So many units wastefully deleted from used car pool. As for what's worthwhile for cheap transport downunder... well nothing Commode worthwhile, definitely not an imported one. Really only leaves anything with a Barra motor... 5-10yo Falcon sedan probably safest bet for relatively easy fixing. Terrortorys have their own issues, plus diesel Landrover engine not as hardy as Barra petrol but yeah for a good cheap one gotta get in quick before they all fall into the hands of no-service run-into-ground cheapskate owners.
  18. Long time dormant I'm afraid Anthony. Yes it was great fun back then redrawing vintage decal sponsor logos, can't bear those modern fake brands unless you're Lightning McQueen. Besides copyright/trademark/licensing issues... don't think anybody has decent MLPFiM artwork in suitable digital format, especially if you're talking mugshots of the Mane6. IMHO you'll need to be a pretty decent artist first to doodle all that flowing hair properly otherwise it just looks plain awkward. If you were going to do it analog, there's always oldskool paper - printout & stick it under lexan before painting around it. A decent airbrush artiste might be able to offhand by eye straight onto lexan too, for something truly one-off. --- back to scheduled programming... Amazing Simpsons is still going; sad that Futurama has long ended. Tried showing Futurama to my kids... meh lukewarm reception. Now trying FRIENDS (yeah the previous Main Six ). Anything Marvel/DC etc most girls aren't interested. Don't even start with SW or ST. If I t ain't kool with their peers, daggy daddy can't sell it any better than Disney can. Ghibli always great but I fear the fine artistry & musical subtleties aren't yet fully appreciated by the juniors. Let them discover them naturally, don't spoil it by using it as a square babysitter. Pokemon & Pocket Monster reboot otoh, taking off like wildbushfire. Oh hey... new Sonic movie is pretty decent! Can't wait for Tails sequel.
  19. Vaguely remember if you change to TRF hi-torque servosaver you also need longer alloy arm with central hole like for M05/06... dunno been a long time since I wrenched on my GF01. You'll probably want a stronger servo to drive hi-torque servosaver, something with metal gears best. I use machinethread screws not selftapper to hold servohorns on. M3 size easy to swap, M2.6 less so - check which one yours needs.
  20. New or used matey? Usedees methink will be a buyer's market before too long, but you'll need to get them into your hands before they've spent too much time in no-$-to-maintain-property land. New cars (other than stock already landed) might get interesting with AUD dumping (from 67c down to 52c now 60c) which could add 20-30% to MY21 sticker prices. Dealers took fair while to clear 2019 plates (post bushfires), now the boats with 2020s are arriving and would be a glut piling up soon if nobody's buying.
  21. Try sticking it in the freezer for a spell. Cold makes superglue brittle, it might snap off cleanly. Reattach with ShoeGoo.
  22. High time you two tried My Litte Pony Friendship is Magic, start rom s1e1. There's Bronies amongst us...
  23. Pity you're too far away. All the world's remaining stock of HBX Baja King shells seem to have ended up downunder still got a bunch unused from back when, if you were nearer it would be easy. HBX arms are 1pc different to Tamiya 2pc screwed together.
  24. Pretty dark & dismal downunder Anywhere else in the world Europe US Asia etc was booming along fine before CV19 hit. But Australia's travel/tourism/hospitality etc already took a huge hit with the bushfires 4-6mths before Feb 2020, no time to recover before the contagion arrived. Economy pretty weakened by Xmas 2019, now everything is at total standstill - nobody even dares predict how bad it get.
  25. yeah neither lasts long on aluminium that's often handled I go to autoparts store and buy either engine enamel or epoxy paint (I think it's polyurethane, takes a while to cure). Limited colours but if you want to colour match you can paint TS on top of it afterwards.
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