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  1. Some more details about it: ITEM 20004 Tamiya 1978 J.P.S LOTUS 78 1/20 GRAND PRIX COLLECTION
  2. Sorry there me being stupid, it's wrong name: Should be: TEAM LOTUS V.P.S Mk III
  3. Also has anyone even heard of the model: TAMIYA TEAMJORDAN V.P.S Mk III I can't find any reference to it!! Thanks Adam
  4. Hiya Guys, Just wondering if anyone know any prices on the following models, all in MINT condition - Boxed, Parts still sealed, stickers and manuel untouched. TAMIYA LOTUS HONDA 99T (Year 1987) TAMIYA Williams FW13B Renault (Year 1990) TAMIYA TEAMJORDAN V.P.S Mk III (Year 1978 - I think) Any help would be kind, Thanks Adam
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