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  1. Danbox


    I can't get past a weird search screen when I access TC with Tapatalk on my Kindle fire. It's very strange.
  2. Danbox

    Tamiyaclub USA Members

    Beaufort, SC here.
  3. Danbox

    Lunchbox appreciation thread

    I got my daughter to video some bashing. https://vimeo.com/116516381 Not too bad for a 7 year old with an iPhone.
  4. Danbox

    Lunchbox appreciation thread

    I bought a used LB (should have held onto my old one) for my daughters's 7th birthday. She likes my Traxxas Stampede better so I'm going to have brushless Lunchbox now!
  5. Danbox

    Hardcase Lipo

    I looked a little and couldn't find the adapter by itself. Does anyone know if the adapter is available separately? Thanks!
  6. Danbox

    Hardcase Lipo

    Who makes a plug like the one pictured? (Actually, one with a Traxxas connector) Any links? Thanks!
  7. Danbox

    Aluminum Parts For Your Oldies

    Lunchbox body mounts would be great.
  8. Danbox

    12mm Hex

    The Blackfoot Xtreme also uses hexes all around.
  9. If they weren't so expensive, I'd love to get one and put a VW shell on it.
  10. Danbox

    Standard Midnight Pumpkin Discontinued?

    Tower has/will have them. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...LXGN43&P=SM
  11. I too have told my wife that I want to bash with the UK Tamiya Club members when (if) we finally make a trip there.
  12. Danbox

    A Lot Of Non Tamiya Cars Lately

    Don't worry, I can't afford a 3-speed! (Or even a 1-speed right now, for that matter)
  13. The VW body makes the Sand Scorcher the coolest!
  14. Danbox

    A Lot Of Non Tamiya Cars Lately

    This site is great for not being snobby about other cars. I have to admit that I drive my Traxxas Stampede the most these days, but I'm itching to get another Tamiya. Which one should I get?.........
  15. Danbox


    You could try a high-turn crawler motor. (?) Lots of torque, with less speed.