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  1. GrasshopperkidNL

    link to

    Hey chris, Do you have a 88 x 31 button to place on a members site? Because not everyone uses the big banner. Or the showroom button. Thanks,[^]
  2. GrasshopperkidNL


    aww, forget it, it's down for THE night, right... Nick
  3. GrasshopperkidNL


    we'll do chris. I use the ikonboard forums. But that's cgi, does your server supports cgi? I don't want to advertise, but we can contact eachother on my forums for a night.....or chat Nick
  4. GrasshopperkidNL

    MSN messenger id....

    I think alot of people use MSN messenger, at least in my country, and it would be an idea to put your msn id's by your member details, but not as your email, but as a button to add a contact online, or send a request to add people. Is a online indicator a idea too?You can get them for free somewhere, you can put it in your details too, because it's html. id='Arial'> Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  5. GrasshopperkidNL

    Site wallpapers

    i mean, at the download section of this site. e.g. wallpaper, and user made wallpapers. Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  6. GrasshopperkidNL

    Site wallpapers

    Hey, What about site wallpapers. Members could make their own ones and send them. Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  7. GrasshopperkidNL

    Whats ure Real Car?

    quote:If you ever have a problem with it, let me know. I'm a former technician and I have all the service bulletins and tech info for>id=quote>Thanks! Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  8. GrasshopperkidNL

    Whats ure Real Car?

    4th Gen. Honda Civic Hatchback. It's my mom's car Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  9. GrasshopperkidNL

    The Smell of Parts in the Mail.

    Got some parts today....smell like......nothing... Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid
  10. GrasshopperkidNL

    The Smell of Parts in the Mail.

    I get Blitzer parts tomorrow, I wonder how they will smell... I tell you guys later nick Nick a.k.a. Grasshopperkid