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  1. Although that 10BL120 Looks as clumsy as an Elephant compared to the 240S ESC..... Cheers Sandy
  2. Yes crazy but in the UK we have had to get used to crazy prices which after some time become almost normal 😂 Edit, i see you are in the UK ....
  3. There are still plenty of the Le Mans 240s ESC units available in the UK, if anyone is really desperate !!....
  4. I also was contacted by "Easy Lion" regarding a wanted post . Didnt go anywhere as i asked his/her location.....USA so no use for me . Might have been different had they stated they were in the UK ...... QK.
  5. quattrokid

    Kyosho Fantom

    Yeah, theres conflicting advice about this . QK.
  6. quattrokid

    Kyosho Fantom

    @lowspot What "grease" did you use on the one way bearing? If any ? Cheers QK.
  7. As title, i am looking for a Quattro 58036 as per title . Consider anything but complete car or better preferred. Cheers Qk,
  8. quattrokid

    Kyosho Fantom

    It is things like this sort of oddball chain drive that appealed to me, hence i am now many many ££££'s invested in this car plus as many hop ups i could find. Going too start building it very soon. QK.
  9. That might make sense mate as it was the tble04s that i tried with an oldish bec acoms Receiver. I tried it with the esc connected to a brushed motor but until i put a proper battery feed on to the battery plug on the bec receiver it would not work. The actual goal of this was to change the tble04s to brushless mode.....
  10. I have a Hobbywing 1060 in "stock" and a new TamiyaTBLE-04S just arrived for a modern project, and today thought i would try them out in one of my old cars. But i did not realise that there is no battery lead/plug from these modern ESC units to power up the older style BEC receiver. Do any of you guys use this combination and if so how do you power up the old school BEC receivers ?? Cheers QC,.
  11. quattrokid

    Kyosho Fantom

    Looks fantastic, and prompted me to buy one today, my 1st ever new RC car. Steep learning curve coming my way....Cant wait.
  12. Nobody has failed you, you just will not spend enough money..
  13. They were still trying to sell me parts yesterday though ???
  14. Interesting question and not one that i can answer but will be very keen to hear other replies.!!
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