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  1. Nobody has failed you, you just will not spend enough money..
  2. They were still trying to sell me parts yesterday though ???
  3. Interesting question and not one that i can answer but will be very keen to hear other replies.!!
  4. One of my 58008 CS Countachs has the white bumper.......
  5. Ah, thanks, i have never bought from shapeways before. Looks like its time to try an order...... Q.K
  6. Another request , does anyone have a any new front bottom ball joint cups/sockets part # E12. Thanks, Quattrokid.
  7. Just to update this for future reference, these have been ordered and should fit the bill. https://www.rcbearings.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&search=620&product_id=446
  8. No sorry i think its not that one but if you look in the bearing pack here.. Its smaller than the ones you mentioned. https://tamiyabase.com/index.php?option=com_joodb&view=article&joobase=10&id=3209&Itemid=775
  9. I stripped my 959 rear gearbox today to fit my new center diff set, only to find that the counter bevel gear is missing its thrust bearing which is called SB2 (2mm) in the manual . Does anyone know what this bearing looks like or indeed where to get a replacement ?? The good news is that the car appears fully ball raced so not all bad news!! Thanks Quattrokid,.
  10. Hi, thanks for looking . Do you have all the other parts required ? Is it only the wishbone plates missing?
  11. Hi, can anyone confirm exactly how many ball race bearings and sizes needed to fully ball race my 959 ? I have meant to do it since 2005 but only now have got round to it. Also i see sets of bearing on ebay from Taiwan etc, has anyone bought any of these sets ? Thanks, Quattrokid.
  12. As title, after around 15 years i am finally back on the forum! And finally looking for a 5322 Stabilizer set for my 959. Of course none are on the usual auction sites just when i am looking ! Thanks .
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