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  1. quattrokid

    ESC or restore MSC?

    There is a good cond orig speed controller on ebay few days left, probably best way to go.
  2. quattrokid

    Sand Scorcher Speed Control

    can you repeat in english ?????????
  3. quattrokid

    Brake Fluid Paint Removal

    I think i may have some of that mr muscle lurking in the dark cupboard under the sink!! I just knew if i kept it long ehough ,a use would become apparent for it.......... cheers
  4. quattrokid

    SRB Coilover Shocks

    not insane(yet!) ,i bought them. came today in fact, have still to have a close look at them!. cheers
  5. Heres my current ride, hence my username!
  6. quattrokid

    SRB Differential....

    Was your dads mate selling it on ebay?? i notice the seller ended the listing early?!!![] pity its not a differential eh.?
  7. quattrokid

    Avante help please

    Thanks very much for the help guys. I will strip it down tonight and let you know if the diagnosis is correct. thanks .
  8. quattrokid

    Avante help please

    I have got my rough avante running, but when i accelerate quickly in forward or reverse, it seems like a clutch slipping!! I know theres no clutch, so what could it be ?/ I am not very familiar with the avante or what can go wrong. Diff or something?? Any pointers gladly taken. Cheers
  9. quattrokid

    Hop Ups for the audi quattro

    Funnily enough, i spent this afternoon building the chassis from this very box!!
  10. quattrokid

    Hop Ups for the audi quattro

    hi marcus, sorry i didnt reply sooner, but was going to say same as Dj. cheers
  11. As above, top money paid for right items. cheers.
  12. quattrokid

    Strange Countach bumper...

    It looks the same as the beige color bumper on 1 of my countachs, the type you get (got!) as spare parts from Tamiya .
  13. quattrokid

    esc's and 540 motors.

    Oh the irony!! cheers,
  14. quattrokid

    esc's and 540 motors.

    AAha....I see, thanks.
  15. I am building a "fast" countach, using possibly a Technigold motor, with a tamiya esc. The brake function works with the T/gold motor but not it seems with the original mabuchi 540 motor., Is this as it should be or am i doing something wrong?? Stupidly tried the chassis with the gold motor today along my light colored hall carpet, ,only to find you can lay 2 strips of black marks at the merest shove of the accelerator!, What a mess... cheers