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  1. Great to see young'uns taking an interest in the classics! I've gotta say as well, you're typing, grammar and spelling is tremendous, inzdeat of dis shyat ppl use innit.
  2. I'm only 19, but my last SRB ( When i was just 17 ) had, Coilovers from CRP on the front CRP ( I THINK? ) Lower gearbox skid plate Tamiya oil filled rear Low Friction Dampers Twinset Chassis Lexan radio tray ( to save my original ) Jakes' Ball diff Metal centre gear hardened front axle shafts ball raced baja shell So yeah, it's not hard to see where they need improvements to make a good runner I knew it's a joke btw, just mentionin it's not JUST the Oldies that love their SRBs
  3. MikeT

    Nitro Rc

    badword, i don't want a 5b. Yes they're awesome, but not very practical to just pull out after work one day to run a quick tank through eh? Before i got out of the hobby a few years back, i bought a HPI Nitro RS42, that was a propper kit, 3 belt drivetrain, oil dampers, engine included, just add radio gear! I don't see anything like this now, if it's a Kit ( Save the ones mentioned above ) you need to add Engine, Tyres/Wheels and a Bodyshell! Why does nobody make em now, all the bits in the box where you can build it then bash it?!
  4. . (ANY PERSON LESS THAN 30 YRS OLD NEED NOT A APPLY). Was it only in the 80s people modified them eh?
  5. MikeT

    Nitro Rc

    Neither of which are very interesting to me unfortunately. Don't get me wrong, that 5b is immense, and i've seen a standard one of them being used as it should! Buy by the christ they're expensive eh?
  6. 3/4 of the fun with RC for me is building a kit! Does anyone still produce Nitro Kits? Can't seem to find any!!!
  7. Alistair, I guess if they're made from GRP or FRP then it would be difficult to attach them strong enough to withstand a rollover, but then again, you roll an original shell, i bet the arches wouldn't fair too well either.
  8. That seems a great idea to be honest! Front and rear wing kits..
  9. Being in the auto repair industry my self, i'm a panel beater by trade but i CAN paint. I would not use auto paints from a gun to paint a model, they apply FAR too much paint, and it's notably thicker than the Tamiya aerosols.
  10. Yeah, they're calling it the Sand Scorcher.
  11. Both our dubs have golf front ends too haha. Alot of the Dub forums are full of arrogance and competition tbh, I'm feelin a Clio RS200 next year some time
  12. Holy **** we're twins! You on e38 by anychance fella? Nice Schmidts
  13. Lets face it, the SRB Chassis is WAY outdated now, it will NOT perform at the track, and if you try to jump it moderately high, the front suspension WILL pop apart, i'm speaking from experience. Hilux,Mounty,Bruiser,Blazer,XLT,Rough Rider, Scorcher among others, are regarded highly in my opinion because of their scale likeness. Alistair, i see what your saying, but the Scorcher is hardly a cheap re-re tbh, it's one of ( if not the? ) most expensive yet. The price would be bumped up FURTHER if they had to tool a new mold to re-create the Sand Scorcher body, instead of giving us the Blitzer one. Personally i'm not too bothered about the body, i think it's great, cheaper replacement parts for everone that wants to use their models as they should be used! And anyway, should help hold the prices of the original up eh Mike.
  14. Cheers for that Rich, Whens the next nutters meet and i'll get down for a laugh! This is the 1:1 money pit What i paid for them wheels ( BBS RM 2 Piece Splitrims ) I could NEARLY have bought a BNIB Sand Scorcher! I needs to get back into this, been lookin at the pics from K2K7, and the NWNutters meets!
  15. Come on, who is knocking out the modelling perfection these days? Volksrods? Moosey? God i can't remember any more! Get some pics up!
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