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  1. Rest in peace Thomas.:(

  2. Happy Birthday, and God bless you!

    1. mongoose1983


      Yes! Happy Birthday Thomas. Hope you have a fantastic day over there in Sverige :)

    2. Badboy



      I never thought I was going to see my 47th birthday in december



  3. Badboy

    Tamiya LiFe Batteries?

    Anybody who ordered from rc-champ? I got very interested in the "regular" size 6cell stick LiFe batterie How do I make it readable? Can't find any button saying jap/eng Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  4. Badboy

    Tamiya LiFe Batteries?

    Thanks all for info! Badboy
  5. Badboy

    Tamiya LiFe Batteries?

    I found Orion LiFe Batteries for a lot less money! As I been buying Tamiya TEU-105BK with was made for that batterie so I want to use them as mush as possible! As my Nimh batteries always seems to discharge automatically … ? I've been in contact with Horizon/Orion about their batteries and If it's the way I want it to be I'll be happy as duracel-bunny! Badboy
  6. Hi all! What's up with their Batteries? I haven't seen them on ebay or Tamiyausadotcom. It's says "out of stock" but for how long I think I saw the LF1600mA more than three mounts ago on ebay all of a sudden… GONE! And I seems not be able to find them anywhere… Stop/out of production? Anyone who knows anything? Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  7. I've been building my Hilux 58028 for about 3-4 years and finally got it running! Still needs original axles so I'm using Rc4wd Brusier edition axles and leafs for flex. Otherwise I'll say E-bay is where you find the parts, you may find parts at recyle RC or something like it... Good luck Badboy
  8. The music in Tamiya Hilux promo! Specially when it start to run down the dunes!
  9. Super thanks… I need to re-re think... The prices are ridiculous! Badboy
  10. Ohhh… Thanks… I Though the sherman where listed as 48207... Hmmm… I search and nothing shows up… Do you have a link to ebay where you find them? Cheers Badboy
  11. Hi! Been looking for Tamiya mini tanks 1/35 but can't seems to find them anywhere... I would prefer the Sherman… Anyone knows anything about it? Cheers Badboy
  12. Badboy

    So, What Have You Done Today?

    Just got my second RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Mojave II! See if I start du build it today... Badboy
  13. Hi! Looking for a Blazing Blazer body in ok to good condition. Prefer nothing broken of but scratch etc no problems. Would like a complete with roof wing, roll cage and body. As I've been fighting my cancer for over a year I'm not made out of money so... But I need one bad! Cheers Badboy
  14. I got the Hilux and Sand Blaster JR and love 'em! My Blazer tires are as good as new and they stays on the shelf... Badboy