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  1. Rest in peace Thomas.:(

  2. Happy Birthday, and God bless you!

    1. mongoose1983


      Yes! Happy Birthday Thomas. Hope you have a fantastic day over there in Sverige :)

    2. Badboy



      I never thought I was going to see my 47th birthday in december



  3. Anybody who ordered from rc-champ? I got very interested in the "regular" size 6cell stick LiFe batterie http://www.rc-champ.co.jp/net-car/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=66325 How do I make it readable? Can't find any button saying jap/eng Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  4. I found Orion LiFe Batteries for a lot less money! As I been buying Tamiya TEU-105BK with was made for that batterie so I want to use them as mush as possible! As my Nimh batteries always seems to discharge automatically … ? I've been in contact with Horizon/Orion about their batteries and If it's the way I want it to be I'll be happy as duracel-bunny! Badboy
  5. Hi all! What's up with their Batteries? I haven't seen them on ebay or Tamiyausadotcom. It's says "out of stock" but for how long I think I saw the LF1600mA more than three mounts ago on ebay all of a sudden… GONE! And I seems not be able to find them anywhere… Stop/out of production? Anyone who knows anything? Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  6. I've been building my Hilux 58028 for about 3-4 years and finally got it running! Still needs original axles so I'm using Rc4wd Brusier edition axles and leafs for flex. Otherwise I'll say E-bay is where you find the parts, you may find parts at recyle RC or something like it... http://www.rc-recycler.com Good luck Badboy
  7. The music in Tamiya Hilux promo! Specially when it start to run down the dunes!
  8. Super thanks… I need to re-re think... The prices are ridiculous! Badboy
  9. Ohhh… Thanks… I Though the sherman where listed as 48207... Hmmm… I search and nothing shows up… Do you have a link to ebay where you find them? Cheers Badboy
  10. Hi! Been looking for Tamiya mini tanks 1/35 but can't seems to find them anywhere... I would prefer the Sherman… Anyone knows anything about it? Cheers Badboy
  11. Just got my second RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Mojave II! See if I start du build it today... Badboy
  12. Hi! Looking for a Blazing Blazer body in ok to good condition. Prefer nothing broken of but scratch etc no problems. Would like a complete with roof wing, roll cage and body. As I've been fighting my cancer for over a year I'm not made out of money so... But I need one bad! Cheers Badboy
  13. I got the Hilux and Sand Blaster JR and love 'em! My Blazer tires are as good as new and they stays on the shelf... Badboy
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