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  1. Anybody who ordered from rc-champ? I got very interested in the "regular" size 6cell stick LiFe batterie http://www.rc-champ.co.jp/net-car/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=66325 How do I make it readable? Can't find any button saying jap/eng Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  2. I found Orion LiFe Batteries for a lot less money! As I been buying Tamiya TEU-105BK with was made for that batterie so I want to use them as mush as possible! As my Nimh batteries always seems to discharge automatically … ? I've been in contact with Horizon/Orion about their batteries and If it's the way I want it to be I'll be happy as duracel-bunny! Badboy
  3. Hi all! What's up with their Batteries? I haven't seen them on ebay or Tamiyausadotcom. It's says "out of stock" but for how long I think I saw the LF1600mA more than three mounts ago on ebay all of a sudden… GONE! And I seems not be able to find them anywhere… Stop/out of production? Anyone who knows anything? Cheers Badboy #****cancer
  4. I've been building my Hilux 58028 for about 3-4 years and finally got it running! Still needs original axles so I'm using Rc4wd Brusier edition axles and leafs for flex. Otherwise I'll say E-bay is where you find the parts, you may find parts at recyle RC or something like it... http://www.rc-recycler.com Good luck Badboy
  5. The music in Tamiya Hilux promo! Specially when it start to run down the dunes!
  6. Super thanks… I need to re-re think... The prices are ridiculous! Badboy
  7. Ohhh… Thanks… I Though the sherman where listed as 48207... Hmmm… I search and nothing shows up… Do you have a link to ebay where you find them? Cheers Badboy
  8. Hi! Been looking for Tamiya mini tanks 1/35 but can't seems to find them anywhere... I would prefer the Sherman… Anyone knows anything about it? Cheers Badboy
  9. Just got my second RC4WD Trail Finder 2 Mojave II! See if I start du build it today... Badboy
  10. Hi! Looking for a Blazing Blazer body in ok to good condition. Prefer nothing broken of but scratch etc no problems. Would like a complete with roof wing, roll cage and body. As I've been fighting my cancer for over a year I'm not made out of money so... But I need one bad! Cheers Badboy
  11. I got the Hilux and Sand Blaster JR and love 'em! My Blazer tires are as good as new and they stays on the shelf... Badboy
  12. NEW RULES!!! All metsl frame chassie 3-speeds are now allowed in! Tamiya Toyota Hilux #58028 Tamiya Blazing Blazer #58029 Tamiya Bruiser #58048 Tamiya Mountaineer #58111 Tamiya re-re Bruiser #58519 Tamiya Mountain Rider #84386 So let's see them! Merry Christmas! Badboy
  13. My santa brought me an another RC4WD Trail Finder 2! Badboy
  14. Do you find: Tamiya Vintage Hilux/Blazer Group at all? Badboy
  15. Anyone who tried to apply but not working? Do you get to the group? If not try: Tamiya Vintage Hilux/Blazer Group
  16. Hi folks! I just started a FB group for fans of the two first 3-speed 4x4 trucks Tamiya Hilux 58028 and Blazing Blazer 58029. https://www.facebook.com/groups/390556591279959/390563007945984/?notif_t=like&notif_id=1482409022058774 Owners of a Hilux or Blazer are more than welcome. No Bruiser, Moutaineer, re-re Bruiser or Mountain Rider allowed. If you are scrapping for parts and start a project welcome. Projects, NIB, build threads, action or trix and tips are welcome. So please do me the honor and become a member as I just love them both and love to see pictures of them. Cheers Thomas Badboy Tillberg (if you somehow can't apply for membership send me a PM)
  17. Hahaha! Clod Buster looks so small compare to the Bruiser... Badboy
  18. Hi all! I want to wish each and everybody here at TC a very merry christmas! With that I want YOU to post a picture of you Tamiya christams tree! Rock on brothers and sisters!
  19. Matman. Thanks for your support, I've heard about Bee venom but I think it's to late as it start to spread, so I don't think anything but cell treatment would work. I hope that the treatment is on the go next week or so. Rock on brotha! Dojo Dave! Thank you for your support. When it comes to diet my wife used to with nutrition food store (ekolocig etc) and she's stuffed me with good healthy food without sugar or other cancer feeding kind of food. No chips, coke, candy, buns, cakes, pizza, mc Donalds etc... No thou… The tumor has grown so much it stops everything that tries to pass the belly to my intestines, so I CAN't eat and as my Dr said probably never again... The first that hit me was (sadly enough) that I will NEVER get that last Calzone Pizza with les ham and extra cheese and (as we have here in sweden) pizza salad and a coke that I've been dreaming about… Rock on Bro´ Thanks all for your love and support. Stay strong, I won't give in, never ever!!! Badboy
  20. Hi folks! I'm back or still around! It's been a tough comeback after my visit to Sicily (sept 14:th) as I got a nasty bacteria e-coli with more or less nearly killed me after spending 55 days at the hospital I'm finally home and can now relax and spend quality time with my wife. As it comes to my wife we just got married 12-01-16. I'm totally drained on stamina and strength but I'm up and running. The life has made a 180 degree turn to the wors, my cancer lump has started to spread and grow on tissue around it… Witch of course fasten the race to the end... I want to thank all for their love and support. Cheers Badboy
  21. Thanks all for your love and support! As for now I can't grab it… It's to unreal… Yes I'm angry with how the hospital din't take my symptoms seriously 2-3 months back but nothing anybody can do about it now… I'm gonna stay positive all the way! And go for it... See ya somewere! Badboy
  22. Hi all! Don't know how to put this so... My fight with cancer is still going on… It has spread and it's not removable I don't know if I'll make it to christmas or a year... Thanks all for help and ideas though the years! Love y'all! Badboy
  23. Is there any upgrades for the rear sway arms? My frog got a broken shock mount on the sway arm... Badboy
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