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  1. My rarest gems are my 2 x Toyota Hilux 58028. Followed by an original Bruiser and Mountaineer. Nothing else really compares to these two and I never get tired of looking at them. I'll sell every thing else before I let go of these babies.
  2. ''Tis a pity. I ordered a Bruiser and Mountain Rider for very reasonable money a couple of years back.
  3. Hello. Was wondering if there was anyone out there that had a nib bruiser (re release) that they wanted to trade. I've got a NIB Buggy Champ with alloy wheels and ball diff together with a NIB Kyosho Nitro Blizzard that are really surplus to requirements. They are sitting in my loft and really have not seen the light of day for a good couple of years (black bin liner so in really excellent condition). UK preferred as I'm not too keen on sending these overseas as the postage would be too expensive. Thanks Rizwan
  4. Hello. Looking for some of the shorter A leaf springs for my Tamiya Tundra if you have any. Currently converting an F350 to tundra. Regards Rizwan
  5. Greetings Tony. Many parts were ordered from your shop. A speedy recovery and hope our paths cross again. Best Regards Rizwan (EBay id: Hilux_hunter)
  6. I've got some Marklin HO digital trains. Porsche 911, Mercede SLR and Zetros vehicles for the rolling stock.
  7. Just received delivery of my Mountain Rider from a German eBay trader. Was £386 delivered to the door. Worth checking out the German traders as the prices are not too bad.
  8. I've got the Ducati. Incredible how simple yet effective they are. Really wanted to get the Repsol version but they are now silly expensive.
  9. I'd like a 6x6 Mercedes Zetros. Or a overland safari type truck. Lots of axles, lights and all wheel drive.
  10. ...also an RC quick-fix solution would be to get something small a indoor. I've got a couple of the RC helis and quite a few of the Losi Micro Crawlers and far too many Siku RC trucks.
  11. Greetings. I would build a scale truck. I decided I'd have a go at building a scale Scania. I've got a 3 speed 8x8 with F350 axles and MFU. It is a rolling chassis at the moment but needs work to complete. I have no doubt it will be my most used truck ever. The best thing is you can build it slowly and make it look how you want it to. This has a massive smile factor.
  12. Greetings Stellamodels. Can you email me a price for the 2012 Bruiser shipped to the UK please. Thanks Rizwan
  13. I hope they other 3 speeders are released. I already have 4 (Bruiser, Mountaineer, and 2 x Hiluxes). I did pay handsomely for them but I'm not that worried. I'll be buying a Bruiser and one each of the others as soon as they are released. I'll skip the brush - I think I'll survive without it. Regards Rizwan
  14. I learned the hard way when I paid for a the PS3 Gran Turismo Collectors Edition (the one with the car, keyring, book, etc.). The seller dissappeared and stopped answering emails. Paypal and Ebay told me to go away as I was outside the dispute period. I contacted my Visa card company and they opened a dispute and got the money bank in a couple of days. It was very painful and took a few months of emails (you'll need a trail to convince Visa that you have tried to settle the dispute) but I did get my money back. As people have already mentioned it's far better to wait until they are on the shelves. Also the chap could have easily waited until he had them in his hand. In short - I'd say 100% stay clear.
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