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  1. Yeah I seemed to have more broken cars than usual when you attended!
  2. Looks like I have to work saturday and sunday next weekend, the way things are I can't afford to turn work away. It's a shame I was looking forward to tyring out my new XC
  3. I reckon the Warren in Ashford would be good. Might be some leaf **** everywhere but thats not stopped us in the past. Best thing about there is that the local mountain bike bellends seem to chop and change it quite regular so it's always different. Anyway I got a few decent runners now so looking forward to trying them out.
  4. Exactly, it's 20 years old and after seeing how much a friend of mine paid for his and the sheer disapointment after he spent ages building it I would like to warn any newbie off it. Yes it's a nice truck as an extravagance, perhaps something to have for very occasional use after your collection has built up a bit, but as a main model in a small collection it's appeal is very limited. There is so much more bang for your buck out there and thats what I think this guy is after. (For the record I love the Clod, probably the ultimate shelfer)
  5. Steer well clear of the Clod. Probably one of Tamiya's best looking trucks but also probably one of the worst performing. Barley any steering and despite 2 motors the massive weight of it really makes it sluggish. There are only 4 good things to come from the Cold, Axles, wheels and tyres and the body is quite nice. Seperate they are the basis for an excellent crawler but together just don't work. I agree, the Twin Det is an excellent jack of all trades and has plenty of scope for modification. Not too bad out of the box either.
  6. Cheers Terry, nice to hear from you again!
  7. Whats the other sized pinion a Blitzer will take? The reason I ask is because I am installing a Brushless Novak GTB 5.5 in mine, I have the 13t pinion as the manual shows but due to there being 6 mounting holes evenly spaced around the face of the brushless motor rather than 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom like a brushed motor I cant get it to mesh on either of the settings that are on the gear casing. I'm guessing it's a larger pinion as mines not even touching the spur. Thanks in advance ;-)
  8. Luckily I'm only 40 mins away, took the kids to the little playpark there so it was all good in the end. They got some fresh air either way ;-)
  9. No one turned up apart from me. I woke up like most to miserable weather so hung out my departure time hoping for better weather. It never came so at about 11.30 I left with the kids in tow having charged about 12 stickpacks ready. Got there just after 12 to find.......nobody lol. Defo the quietest bash for me.
  10. Sorry chaps (and chapess's), I won't be there for this one. My kitchen was done over the weekend which means I have to lay a new floor. Not ideal sunday fun but if I can get done early enough I might pop down on my bike to say hello. Here's hoping it's dry for ya!
  11. Dan does have his cars still but is just not interested in them. Since I last replied the other day I have had irrational cravings for an XC so I will be tapping him up about that ASAP. For anyone who is going to the Warren who has not been already check out my action pics to see what its like and also make sure you bring with you some sort of trials vehicle as thats what the Warren suits best. Can you send me an email 1 or 2 weeks in advance of the event as theres so much going on here at the moment I will no doubt forget, Cheers Chris!
  12. Sorry I was'nt there for the last one. Having a new kitchen fitted and just plain forgot. Will do my utmost to get my bits sorted for the next one. As for exploring the Warren for better bits for running on I think after my son Jake and I pretty much covered most of it when we last rode it on our bikes you would all be better off sticking to what you know, ie: the area near the carpark and the carpark itself. There are some decent bits to run but nothing better than what you have already seen and the areas we have used are the best mixture of trials stuff, gravelly rally stuff and the nice short grass area which suits the larger scale stuff (as long as frequency etiquette is adhered to) and you will still be close to your 1/1 cars. Just my 2p's worth.
  13. I would love to some day go to Kidd, the pictures after the event always look great especially the LB/Pumpkin races! I was at the 1st Kent Bash in about a year yesterday and it was cool too. Doubt I would be too welcome at Kidd though, no one likes a whinger ;-) It may seem like I am whinging to some but I am just a strong minded person who likes to put their opinion across as everyone has the right to do. It's only ever going to seem like whinging if you disagree to it, I could easily say the others are whinging lol
  14. I like the way you put your point across Wireless, seems a little less hostile than the rest. I do see the mods point of RC based avs, my point was just that as every av is to be personally looked at and approved it would be easy to weed out any unsuitable ones. At the end of the day like others have said there are much more important things than going on about it, thats how it is so I will accept it. A few have said if you don't like it clear off, but after being part of TC for over 2 years it's not just as easy as that. Perhaps I should get along to the next Kidd bash and see what makes all the attendees so loyal and have exactly the same opinion. I see that to a point as you as mates stick together but after the way people have reacted to my comments it's not likely that people will be so forthcoming about putting their opinons forward for fear of the backlash.
  15. QUOTE(bangstick @ Feb 24 2008, 06:10 PM) I thought the word 'Club' meant its run for the good of all the members? Yay, no non-RC avatars then If all the members were against them
  16. Brownie points for you then lol! I am not whinging as you put it, I am airing my opinions on a forum which I am fully entitled to do. You completely missed my point, If it's just as easy for me to put a picture of my car in the avatar it must be just as easy for someone have a sheep in theirs. Its not hurting anyone, thats my point. Why not remove the forum altogether and only have a section where people can all say how great everything is and censor out any points someone might have? I thought the word 'Club' meant its run for the good of all the members?
  17. Yeah thats true but it was subtle, If its offensive remove it? If you want to be anal about it you could censor my username also ***** based. There are a few usernames which are close to the mark, how about Sunktothenuts? How far does this censorship go? Is the avatar issue really about keeping it clean or making a mark/point? We all know that its overkill not to let a stuffed sheep picture stay. Unfortunately like in most things there is no solidarity and people just accept silly rules for the sake of rules as they are worried about being given one of the famous "black marks". I think me saying this is Chris being stubborn may have been barking up the wrong tree, I was told today its actually you running TC now. Is this true?
  18. Lol, yeah I'm back but sort of wish I wasn't. I don't see any arguement for my avatar to be rejected? To be honest it is just an avatar on a website and no great shakes but there is always something new everytime I log in to TC? This just smacks of Chris saying its his trainset and we play with it HIS way or not at all. Like I said before if every avatar is being personally approved why not let people have what they want? If theres anything obviously unsuitable for a family site then reject that. Has there ever been an occasion when a mod had an opinion of they're own or have they always just followed suit no matter what? Lets hope Chris doesn't decide all the avatars have to have the 2 Tamiya stars on them otherwise you would have to come up with convincing reasons why thats the way forward lol! Topic closed as it's now continued in the previous Avatar discussion; http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38133
  19. Lol Good luck with that Floyd, from my experience Chris is as stubborn as an old mountain goat, I have never seen him budge an inch to even to most reasonable request lol. How can you possibly argue that by letting someone have a picture of a toy sheep that automatically allows people to post pictures of naked women, surley you have gone slightly mad no? Its simple to me, if there is gash in picture, don't approve it. If there's some soft toy in it, who is this going to offend??? You say its not black and white, I disagree, but hey stubborness is terminal?
  20. Just logged into the forum for the first time in ages to be informed that my avatar picture has been rejected. Did it contain hardcore porn with full penetration shots visible? Did it contain racism with scenes of executions? Did it contain swearwords or even blasphemy? No, it contained a picture of me on my motorbike with my knee down? The reason given was it didn't contain any RC related material? How anal are these guys (cue the brown nosers coming to their rescue!) Obviously I am into RC as I pay 15 to be here but that doesn't mean it has to be in my avatar, there is life outside TC and we have other interests that others might find interesting. ITS JUST AN AVATAR!! This so called club is unrecognisable as the TC i joined a few years ago, and not for the better I might add.
  21. I should be there with a couple of runners for a while at least, hoping to get there about mid morning to noon.
  22. I only got the DF03 as a bit of fun, the transmission noise it makes just sounds cheap! I have checked the pinion isn't too tight so i don't know whats wrong. Perhaps it just needs some runtime to bed the gears in and it will quieten down, maybe? Perhaps its just like my old blitzer beetle and is meant to sound that way? As much as i like my Tamiya's i know that other brands are far more competetive and a fair bit cheaper compared to what you have to spend on Tamiya's to make them anything like as good as something like a losi or yokomo buggy.
  23. Anyone into indoor offroad racing? Not sure if this is common but i started racing this week in a village hall in Faversham in Kent http://www.forcc.co.uk/ Its a great club, people are friendly and its nice and relaxed, none of that touring car secrecy where they set their cars up all covered up so nobody can copy them? Its on a polished floor and they use Schumacher 8x10 spikes so its really drifty. I don't think they say you HAVE to use those but they seem to think thats what works best. Everone seems to use 4wd buggies but it says on the site you can use whatever buggy you want. Its quite tight and technical so i think 4wd is the way forward. I am using a Tenth Technology XLS which is great but might try my new Avante MK2 to keep the Tamiya spirit alive in the depths of Kent.
  24. Yes mate, tried the password reset a few times now. I put my email addy in then paste the new password from the email it sends you, click log in, the addy and password dissapear as though somethings going to happen then nothing? I can get to my showroom now but can't see the un-added comments people have made as i am not logged in. Oh well, perhaps its time for a new hobby eh? Lol!
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