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  1. Easy enough to make the 4ws kit. 2 sticks with 3mm holes 92mm apart. I designed and 3d printed pair, but could easily make out of any 2-3mm sheet material. sw-01-4wsbar.stl
  2. I just started building one up. I bought the bearing upgrade but I'm not sure it matters for the internal gears. The gears fit loosely on the shafts which are supported by the bushing/bearings on the ends, the bearings do not actually press into the gears like on larger models. It looks like the gears will spin on the shafts easier than the shaft will spin in the bearings. Should we use some thin ca to attach the shafts to the gear when using the bearing upgrade to prevent wear on the internal surfaces of the gear?
  3. Found one! This came Via Ebay Germany in Graupner packaging, part number 4892/25
  4. I have recently purchased and refurbished a vintage Kyosho Stinger 1/10 scale nitro 4wd. This was my first Rc model back in the late 80's. The standard kit has no Brakes! I recall an optional brake upgrade part that I had on mine back in the day, but cannot find any info on it. If anybody has a part number, or picture of the brake system for the mk1 stinger (not the mkII) I would really appreciate seeing them. Thanks, -Anthony
  5. The other option for wheels are either JPS, or more commonly Sees aluminum. I have a few sets of the Sees, they are great. Spin true, less wobble, and stronger than stock. They are a little heavier, but not by that much. They look great on the shelf too, especially with the matching knockoff nuts. Keep an eye out on ebay they pop up there regularly. These are the 3 styles I have currently. The middle ones are on a shelfer gold metallic LB.
  6. I've been working on mine, got the front shimmed up a little to get rid of the play around the c-hub. I've found that getting shocks working up front is a tricky thing. If they are soft enough to keep the font end from just bouncing over bumps then they compress too easily when turning at speed, and the inside rear wheel picks up as the outside front spring fully compresses. I think I am at about 35wt oil with stock or clodbuster springs, (stiff). I have found that Losi springs seem to fit well and are color coded for weight, so I will probably switch to those when I get ahold of some of the heavier versions
  7. did you wash the body really well with soap/warm water before re-priming? That reaction looks just like the paint usually does when stripping with the brake fluid/oven cleaner. Maybe some residual under there?
  8. That's a Dahms, right? I think it will be a bit tough to find. I'd love to have HPI re-release the vw bus body now that they have that new mini platform for the scale bodies. I had one years ago and it fit great.
  9. great to see some different installs with the same parts. I didn't even think to mount the shock on the c-carrier, or to lop the tabs off to mount the ball stud vertically, good stuff! Soon I will finish up th rear of the truck. I already did the 3rd rear shock thing, next up will be the rear supports. Thanks TA-Mark for the pics in your showroom that show the rear braces. Do you have the tops bolted to a long screw through the upper shock mount/u--bracket, or are they mounted separately from the shock? I hope to run this one in September at the Vintage Nationals race in CT. Ran it last year stock and got whooped by a bunch of blackfoot (blackfeet?) type trucks. This year I will be a little more race-prepped.
  10. This might be the rarest part of all for the GH/lb series. I've seen on various forums over the years several people mention having some sort of aftermarket diff, but never have I actually gotten any details, nor been able to see a picture of such a beast. If anyone has any information about such a part I would love to hear about it. Note that I understand that the stock diff is quite stout and doesn't really need to be replaced, I'm just looking to see if there is one out there. Thanks,
  11. I posted up my recent LB buildup on rc10talk, have a look: http://www.rc10talk.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=10223 here is a teaser pic: notice the full suspension compression and 0 toe-in, 0 camber you can't resist clicking now Mods, if such linking is frowned upon, let me know and I can stop being lazy and repost the entire thing here.
  12. Nice truck. I had one in the past, but have never seen one with the white wheels. I thought the white was just in the flyer and that they were supplied with yellow, now I have something else to start looking for.
  13. so where in western NY is this shop?
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