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  1. I recently started a new site that some of you might be interested in contributing to. It's a user-generated R/C setup database. You submit the setups of your running models such as the electronics, tires, shocks, gearing, etc... and it's all displayed in a highly configurable and searchable table format. You can even include a picture of your model that the setup is for! Even though it's affiliated with RC10Talk, all makes, models, and years are welcomed. Please only submit setups that work well, as the site is a means to help others take some of the frustration and guesswork out of things. A few entries have already been made by users so you can get a feel for what we're going for. An account is necessary to access the submission form. After creating one, it then has to be manually approved before use. Doing it this way was the only 100% guaranteed method to prevent spambots. I try to approve accounts as quickly as possible, but sometimes it may take a while. Link: RCGEARING.com
  2. I built a brushless pumpkin that went 30mph! [:0]
  3. quote:Originally posted by SjoerdThe Super Champ driver is Al Ernat, and he is actually quite famous too. [] http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=10626&id=34 On another note, can anyone think of a nice slogan to put on my Blazing Star? Something seems to be missing on that buggy... [] id="quote">id="quote">Wow [xx(] I never knew that! Talk about being in the right spot at the right time! I added that name too.
  4. quote:Originally posted by pauljmukLowgear - isnt the driver for the Baja Champ "Fabulous Frey"? id="quote">id="quote">Im not sure? Though I added it []
  5. Great Ideas. With such a good response im sure some stuff will be made [8D] I think you mean camber? If aluminum a-arms are made yes they will have adjustable camber un-like the stock ones so that the tires contact the road better. []
  6. Hey, thanks! [8D] believe it or not it actually took my a couple hours to do. []
  7. http://www.monstermadness.net/tamiya.html [8D]
  8. I cant believe no one has said the midnight pumpkin drivers name yet... E.T. Everett The side decals say "Midnight Pumpkin for Cindy"
  9. great ideas so far keep 'em coming I will pass them all on to rc4wd [8D]
  10. Here we have a awesome Pede with the following hop-ups: Full King Pin Conversion! RPM Front Bearing Carriers RPM Rear Bearing Carriers RPM FrontCamber Links RPM Rear Camber Links RPM Front Spring Cups RPM Rear Spring Cups RPM Front Bumper RPM ESC Mount Plate RPM Gear Cover MIP Shiny CVD Kit Robinson Racing Hardened Sun Gears Traxxas Aluminum 30T Idler Gear Traxxas Fiberglass Tie Bar Full Ball Bearings Pro-Line Masher 2000's http://i6.ebayimg.com/02/i/01/4c/02/d2_3.JPG Just needs a motor and esc to run. Looking for 180 shipped and Id rather not ship out of the U.S. if I can help it. [] I take pay-pal [8D]
  11. I got an e-mail from Hua owner of www.rc4wd.com and he said any thing we want for the pumpkin and lunchbox he could/would do! All we have to do is come up with what we want for it and if we generate enough interest he is willing to put some custom parts out on the market! So please make your voices heard that you want to see some parts made, and what those parts you want to see are! This is some of the best news pumpkin/lunchbox owners could have! []
  12. [urlwww.monstermadness.net[/url] the best r/c monster truck bbs on the net!!! webmaster/admin of www.monstermadness.net
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