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  1. Need help please! My ex got my and my son a tamiya F360 modena Static kit for xmas for us to make. However she did not check for the instructions in the box and there were none in there! My son is anxious to start doing this, but alas we cant! Has anyone got a set, or a pdf of these please? Cheers Stu
  2. ive got a 1986 honda CB350.not a bad little bike!
  3. After finally getting my Dark Impact going fast I managed to catch a car wheel and snap off the bottom gearbox mount where the wishbones mount! Not once but twice. (Once on each side) I Did have a spare but i put it on and snapped it lol! Thanks ~It comes with the damper stay
  4. Its an old motor, but its one of the best I have had! The power seems to be imense, and what ever car I stick it in, seems to go really well and be mega punchy off the line!
  5. Got myself a new armature, brushes and springs posted for £22. A COMPANY called DMS racing had them. My motor is now like new!
  6. unfortunatly that site is no good anymore! Spoke to horizion!
  7. I will do in future. Ive glued it for the mo. Had the GH since they were relesed and this is the 1st thing thats broke on it! Best off roader ive ever had!
  8. Was but then saw the £15 tag with postage!
  9. My Trinity Speed Gems 2 Jade motor is finally Dead! I went to skim today but its all the way down now and cant be done! It almost caught on fire when I put it back together. I cannot seem to track another down anywhere! Can anyone tell me if.. A) Can get a Speed Gems Motor Get a replacment armature c) Recomend and quad turn motors as I cant find any! ITs for my GH and It flew with the 15 turn quad in there
  10. All thats on the df02 is alloy shocks and alloy stering block. rest is std. I use Vapotex 3700 cells and a 15 quad motor in that one, Oh I do have the alloy motor heat sink.
  11. Just weighed it in @ 1.7kg fully loaded. the gravel hound is 1.8kilos fully loaded so the DI is 100g lighter!
  12. the 17t is a mtroniks 17 triple. ill check the weight and spur later.
  13. I always do that for my cars. Heres a video of it. Dark Impact Video
  14. Ill take a vid tom and post it up! I have stripped and rebuilt the car a few times now. I wonder if the ESC could be reducing the power to the motor? It may have got wet ages ago i cant remember if that is the one that got hit by a wave on the beach/ lol
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