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  1. Great work Chris @netsmithUK ...! Turned out really well I think. Thanks to all for the positive feedback - I hope that my incessant droning didn't put you all to sleep Zzz @Re-Bugged Birdbath got away lightly I think. I probably nailed the car into something on my second run though...!
  2. @netsmithUK It was really great to catch up on Saturday Chris - I calculate it's been at least 12 years since we last saw each other, yet we picked up like it had been 12 days...! It was a pleasure to have you visiting and allow me to get involved in your project. Good to hear that the day was as successful as you hoped. We did cover a ton of stuff, some things I realised later I missed out but if there are any additional things you need, then let me know. It was quite surprising how so much of our history correlated - I suspect that it'll become a bit of a theme as you speak with others. Thanks also for the links - I've already started a nosey into them. Surprised you hadn't already seen "Dirt" - Bizarre but brilliant. I'll get the videos we mentioned through to you as soon as I can, but let me know if you need anything else It goes without saying, if you're up this way again or passing then you're always welcome.
  3. Definitely dodgy for many reasons, many already given above: 1. RS500s were all produced in RHD. No exceptions. One car was converted to LHD but this is a known car in the club and the photo you show isn't it. 2. All RS500s were 'built' in 1987 (including prototypes). 3. Chassis number range is between 38600 to 39099. Anything else isn't an RS500. The car you show in the picture has a ton of things wrong with it. LHD, wrong wheels, wrong decals and looks like wrong lower boot spoiler as well. I am 100% sure it's not a genuine RS500. The key thing here is what defines genuine. Many people believe that if you take an RS Cosworth and add all RS500 parts then you have an RS500, but you don't. What you have is a replica. It might be better engineered than the real thing but it is nonetheless a replica. RS Cosworth value is approximately 40%-50% of the RS500 assuming like-for-like attributes (condition, mileage etc.) so the price is probably about right if it's half the expected cost. Hope this helps...! Rup
  4. No chap, I bought it in the UK back in 2005. At the point of me bringing it back from Switzerland to the UK in 2013, it was still the only genuine RS500 to have ever been homologated and given a Swiss grey card (like the UK log book / V5) so the only RS500 on Swiss registration plates. I did speak to a garage owner that claimed he also has an RS500 but when I looked at it, it was in fact a regular RS Cosworth with a few RS500 parts on it (and it was also left hand drive from new....!). As far as I know there are no other RS500s in Switzerland yet (or at least not homologated for road use) as a resident of Switzerland it is impossible to import one and make it road legal. Would be interested to know if there is another though as the RSOC / FRST club there would love to see it...! Sounds to me like not getting the RS500 was a good turn of fate for you and has turned into a fun business that came from a hobby which is always nice...!!!
  5. Thanks mate. I was scraping every bit of loose change I could find to fund it. Already had offers from Aus to take it back there including to the 30th Anniversary bash next year at Philip Island. I'd love to see it at Bathurst as that's the ultimate race for me. I'm obsessed by the place and can literally recite the commentary from the 87 race word for word...! Would be great but not got the necessary funds to ship it there and back - badword, after buying it I can hardly afford to fill it with fuel at the moment...!!! It will go out on track for sure. Needs a bit of TLC first.
  6. @Darat76 It's the real deal mate. Raced by Andy Rouse in 1988 win Kaliber colours then Peter Brock in 1989 and 1990 in the Mobil colours you see there. Thanks @Daveyb @Illogical Yes chap, it's the actual race car. Had my road car 12 years in March 2017. Still love it as much as the day I bought it but it doesn't go too far these days... Hi Simon. Hope you're well mate...! Yeah still slogging away. Some nice new toys you got there
  7. Amazed this topic is still going...! I've still got my road-going Sierra RS500 but she has now been joined by a very special sister. Also have a factory special TVR Cerbera 4.5 and a Boxster... Cheers
  8. That's exactly what I told myself when I was forking out for the overhaul...! It's only a few bucks a year...! It took me a long time to find this car and I don't plan on selling it anytime soon, so I didn't feel so bad (although my bank account went from hero to zero in 24h flat). There's not many RS500s left in this condition and the car is the only one in the country, as such, it's insured for $75'000, so on the face of it's it's not a bad investment...
  9. Last year I had the suspension on my 23 year old Sierra RS500 Cosworth overhauled by Eggenberger Motorsports here in Switzerland. Eggenberger ran the Ford Works RS500 'Texaco' cars in Gp.A and won the World Touring Car Championship with them, so they are no mugs when it comes to the RS500. Unfortunately, Swiss engineering costs and with a whole bunch of other small jobs in there as well my overhal cost around US$12'000. Should be good for many years to come though...
  10. Me, but I don't visit the TC forums much these days hence I just saw this and probably won't see a reply for another 6 months
  11. Thanks for the replies. RWO, I could be interested if it's the right money. What sort of ball park are we talking here...? In terms of it being looked fater, no need to worry about that. Have a look at www.concept30.co.uk for my Kyosho heli collection - the Kyosho vintage plane collection is now as big although doesn't have it's own website. The Tamiya is in very safe hands... Best ping me an email through TC if you can as I don't get chance to get onto the club much these days. Cheers, Roop
  12. I am a senior consultant for working in IT/Telecoms/High-Tech strategy for an outfit based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  13. Ha, don't worry about slow reply - I am as bad. Crazy busy at work...! Will catch up on email soon...! Have bought myself a new motor
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