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  1. thanks, I was really after an exact length though from eyelet to eyelet
  2. Hi Could someone with a supershot please measure their front & rear dampers in mm from eyelet to eyelet for me please thanks Jak
  3. I love my Big Wig, but it looks much much better without all the yellow plastic everywhere IMO.
  4. Respond to what? this topic has been done to death, so why start it again? It's as simple as everything else you can purchase in life, don't like it?, don't buy it. Just stay in your basement wrapped up snug in your Tamiya pyjamas ( at least they havn't been re released yet ) & pretend that Mr Tamiya didn't re release anything. & don't use the internet............
  5. I love how people start contentious topics then, just walk away......................
  6. thanks for the replies so can I just put the bear hawk gear set inside the blitzer gearbox case to sort out the gearing with smaller wheels?
  7. G'day I really want a bear hawk, but am over restoring old cars, would it beasy enough to buy a brand new Stadium blitzer & convert it to a bear hawk, obviously wheels, body mounts & body need to be changed, but anything else? It looks like it might be quite easy? but then if it was everyone would be doing it? regards Jak
  8. Anyway - flogging a horse that has been done to death on the Australian forums over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. My head hurts Darryn, I need a Bagz Banger...........
  9. Heres some vids of mine & my sons 13T brushless Sand Scorchers. it makes them much more fun to drive, but to be honest I think the 17T would be more than enough! Although having your sand scorcher do wheel stands on the sand is pretty cool! Enjoy Jak
  10. I would normally never say this about anything Tamiya does, but I think my bling bling HotShot was a little bit better effort. The Gold wheels & gold body do look good though Jak
  11. Thanks guys I too asked Jason for a Boomer shell but he didnt' reply. he's normally pretty good & I've purchased lots of things off him over the years for excellent prices. regards Jak
  12. G'day guys, I have been searching everywhere for a Boomerang body & wing, I would have thought that the re release would have meant plenty of supply? Can anyone help in pointing me in the right direction? regards Jak
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