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  1. looking to purchase the first three vintage tamiya rc's. 58001, 58002, 58003 im a restorer, so they do not have to be perfect but the bodies need to be complete. im also looking for blazing blazer wings. Forrest
  2. So, I have a really good friend that is a fantastic artist that is looking for work. I shrugged this off at first but the thought hit me this morning. I could commission a list of Tamiya themed prints of the old mascots like the frog from the frog, the pig from the bruiser, the bunny from the 934 porsche, etc. what would you guys like to see:
  3. Picked these up in 2008 for a project but then the recesion hit. Forgot that I had them. Open to offers and trades
  4. I have a new tail gate. Ill have to look a grill though
  5. Hi Max. I was not trying to plug a sale. I was simply stating my experience making replacement parts over the past twenty years. In most cases the raw cost is higher than collectors are willing to pay. All the best to you with your projects.
  6. I have to say that making replacement parts for the rc industry is a tricky biz. I have had many parts manufactured over the years and it's almost impossible to have good quality part manufactured in small quantities for a price that rc collectors will pay for. On the flip side, I have made life long friends all over the globe by partering with them and making a parts run of specialty items. Email me if you get stuck.
  7. Thanks for your comments. I should have the ferarri any day now. I was hoping to have it for Christmas but the that did not happen. I did pick up a very nice John Player F1 Lotus thinking that it was a 58020 but realized that it is actually 58053. So, I think that I'll detail it out and put it back on the market since it is outside of my quest.
  8. I would make use of the space between the studs for recessed shelving
  9. 1/10, thanks for the heads up on the shelving measurements. I'm in the US and not the best at converting metric to US standard measurements. 350m is something like 1,100' ? thats a lot of shelving......;
  10. If I could chime in on this hijacked topic. I think that it would be a great idea to have decals made for our 1:1 vehicles, something 2" in size. I restored a 1:1 model T years ago and found it really cool to be traveling out of state or hundreds of miles from home and run into a fellow member that I would have not noticed otherwise, if not for the club decal.
  11. sooo, I have been away for a while and did not realize that Tamiya asked the club to remove the decals sheets. so, where does a fella go to obtain reproduction decals?
  12. thanks for the comments guys! Cplus, I'm a happily married man with an awesome wife and 5 great kids. The quest has begun with a Ferrari, kit 580011 It seems to be a fair price with an extra body to flip for dollars to apply toward the refinements.
  13. thanks for the replies. this will most likely take years. I suppose that I need to figure out how to display the cars in a manor that will keep the dust off.
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