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  1. HI Actually its a CRP nerf wing, I really like it cause I run lipos and it protects the tap. I saw a couple on ebay if you wanna look for one, think I scored this one for $8
  2. Here is my choice, 2.2 rims and proline dirt hawgs, really nice tires.
  3. the parma kit does help alot, theirs a guy on ebay selling them. I notice tho they sure stick down far and fear they will break the knuckle cause of it, time will tell I guess.
  4. Have to go read up on it. thats insane, I have a mamba in my stampede and its crazy fast but a handful to drive, doubt I could see it going near that.
  5. Wow thats a sweet looking ride. Tires look good to Bet it hauls with that mamba!
  6. What I figured, just wanted to make sure the tires will fit ok. I will report back once I get everything, takes awhile to get stuff from hong kong usually. Thanks guys!
  7. What a headache! Ok so going to just get the white ones but one last thing for the ones using the anaconda tires, are you using the front tires with the front rims or rears all around? Thanks alot for everyones help
  8. Ok thanks. Sorry to be a pain but I just want to make sure what I buy will work first, will the tires on traxxas rims work? Their 12mm hex but wondering about the distance to the rims hex. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXSHA9&P=K
  9. Out of curiosity will these fit on stock rims? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...=LXRLN9&P=7
  10. Wow! Great info thanks alot. Funny, I actually put the anaconda wheel/tirecombo in my wishlist. I like those hexes better, cheaper! The ones I listed came off the hotshot box as required if you use the pinspike tires and wheels. Thanks guys for the great info, off to search for some rims now. Now if theirs any cvds out there that would be awesome or maybe tamiya will make some soon? Got any other sources for the rims? Ebay has barely anything. Or will pretty much any 2.2 rims work? Imex has some nice rim choices.
  11. Hi That looks pretty good! These are the hexes you all are talking about? http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti00...AMC3569&P=K Another item I have been hoping might turn up is cvds, is their anything out there? Thanks
  12. Thanks guys! I found the hexes at tower you were talking about. Now would I want a 2.2 rim? seems kinda big or a sedan type of size? I run my oval tires on the street and dirt where I play and havent seen to much wear yet but I want a nice set of street rubber, tires and rims are rather costly for cars anymore so rather keep the dirt rubber for that.
  13. Hi I have a hotshot and would like some street tires but not sure if their is any available? Thanks
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