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  1. Wow Jenny that photo takes me back. I loved that truck... so annoyed I sold it. I am playing around with my Bruiser / Mounty and have a Loops rear bed ready to go too. I am going in a slightly different direction to you (keeping it more Bruisery) but some of the spring / wheel / damper choices you are exploring have piqued my interest and I have a few questions if that is OK. Those springs look interesting. I have mulled over using shorter springs myself to lower the overall stance. I am happy to lose articulation but would like to increase suppleness if that makes sense. What is your overall feeling on these leafs? I have the standard re-re Bruiser leafs and some RC4WD soft TF2 ones but like the look of these a lot. Getting my head around this there are 2 questions. If I am right, I believe the Tamiya 3-speeds have 76mm width leaf-to-leaf up front. So combining a RC4WD Bruiseruptor axle in the rear with these track axles may well work on a normal Tamiya chassis. Would you agree? And if you do, what are your thoughts re gearing? Are the Tamiya truck axles similarly geared to the RC4WD Yotas? And if not, will the difference affect handling? Loving those 50mm shocks / dampers! Are you using the springs in them too as well as the leafs, or are you just using them as dampers? If damper are they oil filled? For one moment I forgot you were using hex and thought you may have hit on an amazing way to use Bruiser hubs with the 3 bolts. I don't suppose you have one to hand to see if they line up? Cannot wait for the next instalment!
  2. Hi Evan just seen this. We obviously have the same taste in cars! I have the loops parts on their way to me right now and have the same plan in mind for my Mountain Rider. Really interesting to see how you have managed the radio box protruding up into the body. I was mulling over putting a flatbed over the top to reproduce the original Hilux vibe but I rather like your elegant solution.
  3. njmlondon

    Porsche 911 rally TT02

    Really enjoyable build. Great work. Looking forward to seeing some action shots!
  4. njmlondon

    Dakar Porsche 959 - Real Life Tyres

    Interesting... over on the new tiny Lunchbox forum there is this photo which seems to combine M size wheels with truck tires...
  5. njmlondon

    Converting LWB M38 to SWB

    Thanks for the info. And as to “why?”. It was in my first RC guide book back in the day and I spent many hours wrestling with SWB M38 vs Scorcher Debate. Went Scorcher, always sort of regretted it.
  6. njmlondon

    Dakar Porsche 959 - Real Life Tyres

    No there is nothing at all suitable. At least 12 years of searching has yielded nothing! Please let me know if I am wrong
  7. Decided I want a Wild Willy back in my life. Keen to find a really nice version, ideally a new built shelf queen but if it has only been run a few times I am OK with that too. Not in the mood for a restoration, bur would also consider a parts haul as long as it included a new motor set up. Please get in touch if you have something you want to sell.
  8. I believe the earlier short-wheelbase Wild Willy M38 had a different gearbox to the LWB version that came later, but am I right in thinking this has nothing to do with the wheelbase and therefore if you can get the correct short braces to hold the rear arms, you can simply convert an LWB into a SWB?
  9. njmlondon

    Tamiya 57409 - Lunch Box Mini (SW-01)

    Very cool! I wonder how a Wild Willy jeep body will look on it?
  10. njmlondon

    Vintage 58059 Porsche 959 - Wheels / Tyres

    Sorry cannot remember. I did it a long time ago, before the Avante re-re. Not sure if the new ones match the old ones either. You should be able to find both the original and re-re manuals which will give you part numbers.
  11. njmlondon

    Vintage 58059 Porsche 959 - Wheels / Tyres

    http://www.rcrallyraiders.com/ 4x 1/12th scale 7 spoke white wheels £45 + P&P to EU only We also produce 48x26mm 1/10th touring size seven spoke wheels with 10mm hex to fit Tamiyas' 58059. These wheels are only slightly larger diameter and the same width as the standard rims. This allows use of any standard 48mm diameter by 26mm wide 1/10th touring or rally tyres available from many manufacturers. 4x 48x26mm 7 spoke You can use the 1/10 wheels with Avante hex's on an original 959.white wheels to fit 10th scale tyres £50 + P&P to EU only
  12. njmlondon

    58669 M-08 Chassis Kit confirmed

    Very nice looking. Cannot be too hard to get a Lancia 037 on there if you can get the tread right. Always wanted the Alpine too and this chassis is perfect for it. I think I’ll have to get one of these.
  13. What wheel tire combo do you think he is using for that Lancia?
  14. njmlondon

    54864 Driver Figure

    My daughter will be delighted. I have been waiting for a Wild Wendy to ping up for sale but never see them. Looks like it will take a tiny bit of modifying to get the head onto the standard full Wild Willy body, but not a lot.
  15. Awesome photos thanks! Looks like the Hornet could be workeable.