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  1. Interesting dilema. I have had the total reverse, I think with almost identical wheels. I always needed a thicker spacer to get the wheels to stick out further. This was especially true on the ORV chassis.
  2. Interesting point re the Optima. I have always fancied the Javelin and I too love a complex build. Am I right in thinking therefore that the Javelin not only looks amazing (IMHO) but it a great build?
  3. Apart from the step-back body posts, did you need to make any other alterations to the chassis or body to get it to sit like that? It looks perfectly poised.
  4. Could not agree more. I have been in touch with HWPeter who I believe is alos RA1028 and he has sold out with no plan to re-run. I would love them. The look you have for the GF01 is exactly what I want. Have you modded that battery compartment of the GF01 to get the body to sit lower? Keep up the awesome work.
  5. As Kev says, the tires (especially the rears) and the wheels are rare and absurdly expensive. The bumper is also very hard to find. Other than that the ORV chassis and many parts for the body are readily available. You can even get a re-re body and carve larger arches out easily if the body is beyond repair.
  6. The prototype rocks. A masterpiece of engineering driven by truly great rivers in the toughest race you can imagine. The chassis of the model is pure elegance, central gold motor, absurdly delicate but oh so pretty suspension, cool shocks, loads of bearings of all sizes and types, light and wickedly fast. The body is simply the greatest work of lexan out there in terms of manufacturing, precision, accuracy and the ability to crack when you breathe near it. The paintjob is a classic, and an absolute nightmare of masking and decaling. 1/12 is oddly beautiful. It is a gem of a model.
  7. With a Spirt Tuned brushed they roll over a lot less than the WR01. I am impressed by how stable it is. Brushless it up and I guess you will roll. I did turn down the steering rate on my son’s Spektrum handset and that may help. A more prgressive steer rather than yanking it right over probably helps a lot.
  8. 100% this. I have had most of the big wheel trucks and I bought my son this. It is so much fun, incredibly capable, looks awesome and we now have 3, one for him, one for his sister and one for me.
  9. Yes I am also really interested in knowing if there is any more development. BTW are those repro tires still available?
  10. Nice detail with the yellow headlights. Goes with the Jaeger Orange and gives it a nice Le Mans Baja vibe.
  11. Interesting info. How do you achieve the droop? Did you have to modify parts?
  12. If you are looking for 60-70mm shocks, I think you may find most 1/18 too small. For instance, the rather lovely 1/18 shocks by RC4WD for the Gelande are only 40mm... They do however do a great set of 60mm shocks (and 70 / 80mm too)
  13. Nothing has ever come close to being as challenging as the 959... all those curves on the inside of the most delicate lexan body... total nightmare. I stick to hardbodies nowadays. Even a complex paint job is easier when you can mask on the outside and sand down and respray any mistakes. Never again!
  14. Awesome thanks for the heads up. Suddenly want to head home and start building!
  15. That is a really interesting. It did not occur to me that that would be the result of doing that. Don't suppose you know whether such an option exists for the TA02... My Lancia 037 needs just that set up!
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