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  1. Are they UK based? Did you have any customs issues? And can you recall which courier they used?Thanks
  2. Nice idea! Keep us posted on how it works out and what solution you find. I considered using a GF01 to achieve 4wd… looks feasible.
  3. I have only just started looking for them on ebay so may give it a month or two. It is good to know they are there though. £45 is a lot but what always gets me is the postage and customs that I invariably get stung with from Shapeways. I’ll come back to you in a month or two if that is OK. As Willy iine says, this is a special car so I may have no option!!!
  4. Hi Andrew I have one that is built and run a few times then stored. I was going to use it as a base for a Wild Willy M38 conversion but that project is on hold. I am in the UK. PM me if interested.
  5. Keep us up to speed on here and I will order a set once you are happy. As a matter of interest, what is the metal?
  6. Hi Simen I am happy to be a guinea pig for a set. what metal option do you think can work… something strong and ideally silver?
  7. Sounds like it is time for a test drive simen! On another note, can you make your SWB stays available in Steel/Aluminium colour and not just bronze or black?
  8. I used to feel that you had to retain the full vintage feel and if you added new stuff then you were somehow ruining it. My 959 had the Tamiya CRP when I built it and my Hilux had original servos and the MSC and both ran with period Futaba radios… but frankly modern ESCs, Lipo’s (for length and consistency of run, not punch) and 2.4ghz just make the car so much more runnable and get-in-and-driveable, so nowadays I am a convert. I suppose it is the same with my 1:1 1988 BMW E30. I would not mess with the original paint, interior, BBS wheels, suspension etc, but I most definitely have a modern radio (Continental do one that looks old school) because I prefer to use Spotify on my phone (I don’t make mix tapes anymore!) and hands free calls. The truth is, it is a better experience every time I head out. The looks and the 80’s handling are what I want in both cars, but 2020’s electrics mean I get to enjoy the looks and handling in both more often and with less hassle.
  9. Just had tp come back to drool over your work again. The Yarris had literally zero interest to me… Until I looked at your work and then read this thread and watched the video in it. Do you have a shapeways shop? Do you intend to offer your design for sale? Have been reading about the 2022 Monte Carlo and have fallen for the Yarris completely!
  10. Thanks for the advice. Have PM’d several times. Will flag them to a mod. It would be possible for the mods to see if they have been “selling” items to other mugs like me. I normally have a good nose for these things but was too keen to buy and too rushed to think. Oh well. I have been a member here since 2002 and even though I have had a break or two from the scene, I find myself drawn back to this, the friendliest of forums, a real sanctuary in the hellhole that is the internet!
  11. Hmmm… that makes no sense to me! I thought the other differences between them were things like extra holes on the lid and some lugs on the axle… nothing that would change geometry. I also believe there were a load of hybrids released by Tamiya as they switched from SWB to LWB with people reporting NIB kits having some SWB style parts mixed in. Given the gearbox, axle and motor are all in a self contained unit, I cannot for the life of me work out why it would bind!? I have been mulling over the simensays SWB stays as an option. Still tempted to pull the trigger but am now concerned. Did you try it on only one of your 13 Willy’s!? Or on several?
  12. It has not been that long yet but my alarm bells are going off… lot’s of contact during the sale then radio silence even though I know they are logging on. Combine that with the fact they set the account up 5th Jan and are selling stuff by 10th with no other content in the forums and it all smells fishy to me!
  13. I recently posted a wanted ad and a TC member got in touch and we did a deal. I made 2 huge mistakes because I was rushed and not thinking straight. Firstly he/she is a new member with no showroom or reputation on the forums. and secondly and more stupidly I agreed to pay with paypal friends and family, so have no comeback via paypal. I should know better! The member in question has not replied to numerous messages although I see they have signed in here frequently. I don’t want other TCers to get scammed so how do I flag a possible scammer??
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