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  1. Hi I am looking for the re-released Mclaren MP4/6 which was released as number 84193. Please get in touch if you bought one but are never going to get around to building it!
  2. Hi all random question. I have built some amazing bookshelves in my living room and have clearance from my wife to put a model or two into them. As a massive fan of Senna and a lover of the Marlboro Mclaren liveried MP4 cars, I am rather tempted to get one of Tamiya's RC versions, ideally the limited edition F104 version. I was wondering if there are any rubber tires out there to replace hte foams with. This will be a proper shelf queen so I want it to look as good as possible. Any ideas?
  3. Are you replacing the wheels on a vintage Hilux 3-speed? If so I am interested to know whether you have swapped out the axles or modified the originals? On another note, if you want genuine Goodyear tires for RC4WD rims, they do a large range... https://store.rc4wd.com/Goodyear_c_772.html
  4. Something like Shoe-Goo will sort you out. It is basically a flexible glue that can work on plastic and metal. https://www.amazon.co.uk/slp/shoe-goo/yaw55o8k6gyn36b
  5. My bad... just looked again and it is a chrome Monster Beetle shell
  6. There is a chrome blitzer shell for sale on ebay right now... you could maybe buy that and keep your NIB one just in case.
  7. Hi Rob, that certainly does! I am guessing that like the Wild Willy Jeep body, the posts will be out a little bit and it may be hard to use the nerf bars, but a little creativity should solve the problem.
  8. I wanted to know if anybody has mixed and matched a GF01 with the Comical bodies? My daughter and son both have GF01s bit love the look of the new comical bodies. Personally I find the GF01 to be a far superior chassis to my old Wild Willy 2 and the 4WD seems to give it a lot more balance and is more fun in the woods where we run them In an ideal world I would like to fit the wheels and tires onto my GF01 and get the bodies. 1st question is regarding the front wheels with the comical cars... can you fit hex's to them so they are 4WD or are they bearing only? 2ndly is has anybody tried to fit any of these bodies on a GF01? Any help much appreciated.
  9. That is a very nice paint job you have there. Can you tell me what paint you used?
  10. Could not agree more. My 8 year old boy wanted one so badly and I tried to convince him he wanted a Wild One or FAV instead... very pleased he held strong and I capitulated. So much fun and the perfect first car for anybody (or 100th car for a 48 year old man!).
  11. 1) Build the chassis for the completed Mountain Rider bodyshell - have all the extra parts I am planning on using so really looking forward to this. I chose to do it in reverse order (body first) because far too many projects of mine end up with completed chassis and unpainted body!) 2) as per above, paint my WW2 body for my GF01 3) as per above, paint and decal Lancia 037 Vintage body for completed ORV chassis 4) as per above, paint and decal a Scorcher body that I have reshaped for my completed SRB chassis 5) as per above paint drivers for Mountain Rider, Scorcher and Lancia. I bought one of Rob's awesome painted Wild Willy's to cheat! 6) probably sell the Dickie Unimog I bought to stick on a CC01 chassis although the release of the CC02 has got me reconsidering 7) work out why my son's GF01 dump truck won't steer and mend it for him 8) fit FPV camera and equipment to my Eflite PT17 plane Blimey
  12. 100% agree! My 1:1 car is a 1989 BMW E30 manual with no electrics to go wrong and it never lets me down. It sounds great and drives beautifully too. Low profile tires, electric this and that, complex stereos all leave me cold. Like you I have tried all of the new tech and found that for my simple needs it is far too complex and I just want to strap in a battery and go. The only allowance I have made for more modern times is switching to Life rather than Nimh which is no harder at all to charge and packs a much longer punch. My kids think I am a dinosaur but I think they are so digitally focused they miss the simple joy of analogue.
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