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  1. Love the 037 and looking forward to seeing more.
  2. RIP, one of the first wonderful members to welcome me to this site 2 decades ago.
  3. The box is in amazing condition with all of the inserts. The chassis has been built but never seen electrics or been run. The wheels and tires could have been made yesterday. The body is unpainted as is the driver figure. Manual in perfect condition. All parts unscratched and shiny. Any questions please ask. Not many of these left out there and in no hurry to sell so no offer please. I am happy to arrange collection / delivery around Surrey / Kent and I also travel into London frequently so happy to meet near Victoria or London Bridge. Postage available at cost including full insurance. More photos in my trade section but feel free to ask any questions... https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=124067&id=396
  4. I have been digging around and contacting custom carbon manufacturers through ebay and locally.... all to no avail. Instead I think I am going to go down the route discovered by Dr. Roberts https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=129718 and also shown in this video (although this is a bit different... Dr. Roberts works out a way to remove 3mm front and rear whereas RCKicks takes 5mm off the front and leaves the rear stock. It does look good!
  5. I feel your pain on all of the above! Back in the early 00's ebay was fun to use as a buyer and seller, the fees were reasonable, I built up RC funds in my PayPal account and it all worked well. You could even filter out "professional sellers" ie shops and just get the items being sold by other collectors like me. Now I only buy there when I absolutely have to. And the same goes for selling. In the UK at least I do not think there is a competitor and if you want to sell in a shortish time frame without the tire kickers, it's the only game in town. I am sure they are making more money overall but I can safely say that unless I am in a hurry to sell, using sites like this one, setting a fair price and being prepared to wait until the right buyer comes along is the only pleasant way to sell. If you need ££ quickly though, ebay is the only guaranteed way of offloading in a guaranteed reasonable time frame.
  6. I've sent them an email and will see what they say. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. That is unbelievably useful information! i really appreciate your input and it certainly gives me a lot of information to use when talking to potential suppliers on this side of the planet. I guess it really does not matter how far I am from the printer… it’s only a letter sized parcel and not a big box to post. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thorough reply.
  8. I have a couple of 934 shells and would prefer to replicate one or two of the 1979 930’s that raced at Le Mans and not the Jaeger or Vaillant versions. I have spent far too much time on Gran Turismo making liveries for my 930 Turbo and want to make a 1/10 version of these… I would like to find the best printer going who can create the decals and print them on the finest material for the thinnest and most comformable results. I can get my hands on some very high quality 1/18 scale decals for them to scale up. Any recommendations on who I should approach?
  9. Just got myself a Porsche and need this treatment… does anybody have an idea how to get one of these chassis? No longer around.
  10. Great to see I am not the only idiot taking on challenges like this! Very interested in the TA03RS conversion. That chassis has both the Lancia and 993 Porsche options and both of them are mid/rear engined in real life so it would be great to discover that actually they drive just fine RWD. I have heard that too, am sure I saw something to that end in The Builds section but cannot find it now. It sort of makes sense to my limited engineering knowledge.
  11. If they made a SWB version it would make an awesome platform for a new Lancia 037 Rally. Something compelling about those original cars
  12. I am one of those weird people who like my RC cars to replicate the real thing in terms of drivetrain and ideally motor position. I keep thinking about getting myself a TA02SW or even old school TA03 Porsche or Lancia. Has anybody removed the shaft / belt and just driven it as RWD and if so, is it any good or a complete handful? Also interested in the standard 257mm chassis from TA01 through TB03 through XV02... are any of them surprisingly good fun to drive RWD only? I have a lovely BMW M3 shell that is crying out for a front motor RWD set up!
  13. Brand new Lancia Delta body with all the decals etc NIB. Also included brand new wheels. And finally, some nice aftermarket white body post adaptors. More photos here... SOLD
  14. Next up is the Killerbody ALFA GTA body with decals, all the chrome bits and as a bonus, some gorgeous wheels that are no longer available. Fits on any 257mm chassis. More photos here... Looking for £65 or PX as above.
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