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  1. I feel your dilemma. I have had a couple and sold them soon after building them. I think the issue is the box art Funco buggy is so good looking but in reality when built it is a bit clunky from most angles.
  2. As the title says, I really need a set of the short wheelbase version rear arm stays. Please get in touch if you can help! Happy to pay for postage from anywhere in the world.
  3. Please check out my trade here if you want a bargain M06 with £100+ of hop ups!
  4. The old PS jars have not been around for years. I can recommend Proline Lexan paint for airbrushes… you can apply with a brush. Available from all the usual online stores.
  5. Really looking forward to the M chassis comparisons. I am building a rally spec M06 chassis to go under my Alfa and have managed to squeeze the long aluminium CC02 / XV01 shocks onto the chassis with very soft springs which seem to work very well. Keen to see your RA set up.
  6. Still the coolest little chassis I ever had the pleasure to build.
  7. The body is new from a kit. The M06 chassis it came with sits under my Alfa and I am probably never going to use this. the previous owner trimmed the body but kept 5mm-100mm away from the edges so it is perfect for you to trim the final part. Decals, both detail sprues, wheels and rally tires are all new and immaculate. Looking for £75 PayPal or £65 cash or PayPal gift Also selling an M08
  8. Having a quick sale of some stuff I am not going to get around to building. NIB M08 with NIB Tamiya Carbon Damper Mounts and the M07 stabiliser set that is compatible. Looking for £200 PayPal or £180 cash or PayPal gift. Also have a new Alpine body set with all decals and spruces and the correct wheels with matching rally tires.
  9. Please do! I remember the original Hilux videos playing in my LHS back in the day and still love a Hilux video! I did a similar mod to my Hilux… I used hi-lift tires and kept the original wheels but stretched RC4WD tires over the rims. Why did I sell that truck!? Following your thread I am now seriously considering finding another one and restoring it as a runner. Maybe in blue too!
  10. Another lovely Hilux. I am regretting selling mine now! Do you ever video them running?
  11. Looking forward to this one! I do enjoy your build logs and it is great to go old school. Nothing like a full box of unopened blisters packs. TS 43 Racing Green with TS 7 Racing White would make a sweet combination.
  12. I have 2 sets of these lying around that I won’t be using… Looking for £15 for each set (front and rear). if you buy the XV01 I have listed and I have not yet sold both of these sets, I’ll throw a set in for free.
  13. I managed to find a Long Damper Spec chassis which I am going to build and also have 3 of these amazing bodies now (!!!) so think it is time to slim down my XV01 and Lancia stash. Lightly run (silvercan only) chassis with too many hop-ups to mention, comes with servo and esc. brand new body only ever sat on a shelf. Brand new rally tires too. More photos here… https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=123481&x=0 Looking for £200 or open to trading for M06 Alfa or Alpine or M06 parts. Also very interested in the M05 Golf. Located just off junction 6 on the M25. Please get in touch if interested.
  14. I love that video and it has certainly encouraged me to push the boundaries of converting my standard M06 into far more of a rally cars. I have some GF01 aluminium shocks on the way to me for another project but I think I may try to fit them to my M06 now. I have also been mulling over trying out a gyro and this could be the perfect opportunity
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