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  1. Will get photos done for you tonight and send across. Reserved for you.
  2. Brand new Mini Monte Carlo Rally bodyset with the correct wheels. £50 with free postage in the UK and RoW at cost.
  3. Brand new Lancia bodyset with clear windows, all glass parts. £40 Not available in UK - bought form German a while ago. Free postage in the UK. RoW at cost.
  4. Brand new never used Lancia kit for sale. RRP in the UK is £179. Looking for £150 including free postage in the UK. RoW at cost
  5. A lovely brand new, still boxed, set of MST's awesome Portal Axles. https://www.bigsquidrc.com/mst-scale-crawling-mpa-portal-axle-set/ There are two identical axles kits and you can make a front or rear with each kit. £110 the pair. Free postage in the UK, cost to RoW.
  6. I have a brand new, now discontinued set of the Yota axles designed for the Bruiser / Mounty. https://www.rc4wdforum.com/forum/rc4wd-support-media-events/discontinued-products/86280-yota-1-9-straight-axle-bruiseruptor-edition The rear axle is the same actual width as the front but the mounting points for the springs line up with the wide rear. This means you can use any normal hex wheels on your Bruiser / Mounty AND reduce the rear tread to bring it in line with the front. £135 for the pair, free postage in the UK, RoW at cost.
  7. Ended up sticking big balloons on my GF01 so have the black wheels and tires still new in bag. Just the wheels and tires! Picture for reference only. £25 with free postage.
  8. Forgot all about these... still for sale if anybody is interested in portals or jacking up their crawlers. £100 with free postage in the UK.
  9. As the title says, I have a couple of these Ta02S Lancia kits, never opened or touched. £179 RRP in the UK I think I only want one so am selling the other - yours for £160 including free postage in the UK. Please get in touch if interested.
  10. Awesome thanks for all the replies. I am happy to spend a decent amount on the motor and ESC - it is for my Bruiser. I sometimes drive slowly almost like a crawler but also have a golf course I like to drive on where you can really shift. As such I have a Sport Tuned in it right now. Are there any particular combos anybody would recommend. I am guessing c3500KV will give me Sport-tuned punch. I am off to research brushless and in particular the difference between sensorless an sensored. If there is a duffers guide out there do let me know.
  11. So I absolutely hate the whiny noise that my ESCs make. It goes straight through me like nails down a blackboard. When I am driving fast it seems OK, drowned out by the motor and I also typically end up further away. But when I drive more slowly they make awful whiney noises. At the moment I am brushed only with HPI / Modelsport / Tamiya ESCs. Just interested to know what is out there that may be a lot more pleasant on a gentle Summer day pottering around.
  12. Hi Jenny Thanks for all the replies! Very useful. Going to get some of those leafs myself for a project. I want to keep the Bruiser chassis but give it more of a Vintage Hilux stance so straighter springs may work for me. Worth a go anyway. BTW feel free to use any images I ever put up in my showroom!! Looking forward to the next instalment.
  13. Wow Jenny that photo takes me back. I loved that truck... so annoyed I sold it. I am playing around with my Bruiser / Mounty and have a Loops rear bed ready to go too. I am going in a slightly different direction to you (keeping it more Bruisery) but some of the spring / wheel / damper choices you are exploring have piqued my interest and I have a few questions if that is OK. Those springs look interesting. I have mulled over using shorter springs myself to lower the overall stance. I am happy to lose articulation but would like to increase suppleness if that makes sense. What is your overall feeling on these leafs? I have the standard re-re Bruiser leafs and some RC4WD soft TF2 ones but like the look of these a lot. Getting my head around this there are 2 questions. If I am right, I believe the Tamiya 3-speeds have 76mm width leaf-to-leaf up front. So combining a RC4WD Bruiseruptor axle in the rear with these track axles may well work on a normal Tamiya chassis. Would you agree? And if you do, what are your thoughts re gearing? Are the Tamiya truck axles similarly geared to the RC4WD Yotas? And if not, will the difference affect handling? Loving those 50mm shocks / dampers! Are you using the springs in them too as well as the leafs, or are you just using them as dampers? If damper are they oil filled? For one moment I forgot you were using hex and thought you may have hit on an amazing way to use Bruiser hubs with the 3 bolts. I don't suppose you have one to hand to see if they line up? Cannot wait for the next instalment!
  14. Hi Evan just seen this. We obviously have the same taste in cars! I have the loops parts on their way to me right now and have the same plan in mind for my Mountain Rider. Really interesting to see how you have managed the radio box protruding up into the body. I was mulling over putting a flatbed over the top to reproduce the original Hilux vibe but I rather like your elegant solution.
  15. Really enjoyable build. Great work. Looking forward to seeing some action shots!
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