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  1. I have built the Mountain Rider and if you love building then you really have to get one. The most rewarding build ever IMHO, and I have built the 959, an Avante, restored an old 3 speed Hilux and built the King Tiger. For running I have gone for the Losi Baja Rey. Similar to the Outlaw but 4wd. The Outlaw Pro nearly won the money from my wallet but it looks incredibly squirrely and 2wd is not really practical for a fast truck like that. Check out the Losi. It is a work of art and looks great with the body off. It also looks stunning in the air!
  2. I for one love these conversions. I wish Tamiya still made a 1/8 range. Something much more satisfying than 1/10. Nitro never appealed to me so this is perfect. What shell will you be using?
  3. I don't know why, but I have recently begun to really like the look of the old HB. Only problem is I never liked the original chassis (my mate had one and I had a Sand Scorcher) so I got to thinking about mounting an HB body on a SRB chassis. Several questions spring to mind... 1) has anybody seen this done already and if so can you point me in the right direction 2) is the re re body the same as the original (apart from the horrible holes for the front shocks)? 3) would it be easy to fit original HB wheels and tires (if I can find them of course) to the SRB? Any other thoughts most welcome!
  4. Now that sounds like a fun chassis to design and fit under the RC4WD body 🤔
  5. Good luck with this! On the plus side, almost all of the ORV chassis parts are plentiful and reasonably cheap. With the re-re Frog and Brat to choose from, this also means that 80's ORV parts are cheap. The body looks in great condition so you are already onto a winner. The killer parts are the window for the body, the mount for the bumper and the wheels and tires. It looks like you have non stock wheels and tires on and personally I think they look rather good! I would love to know what make they are. Do you know? Tires are very hard to find and the wheels almost impossible. No other car used either so parts are thin as terrifyingly expensive when they do come up. The bumper mount is as rare, but I believe there is an option out there on shapeways. Worth a look anyway. The window piece is also very rare. You could buy a re-re one (but they are either much darker smoked than the original or transparent). They fit perfectly but for genuine 80's style you would need to dremmel out the drivers side window. Not sure why Tamiya did that, it weakens it and not sure how often they rallied with the windows down. No idea how to rotate pictures! Good luck and keep the photos coming.
  6. I seem to find myself wanting one of these. I have a GF01 chassis that needs a body.... does anybody know if this can fit on?
  7. Great project. Makes me want a Brat! Did those sand blaster tires fit easily onto the RC4WD wheels? And are they 1.9 wherls? The combo looks awesome.
  8. Nobody can compete with Truck Norris.
  9. Lovely I am beginning to see the appeal of the T version
  10. Shame on you , coming on here with your clear thinking and facts. We’re here for vicarious thrills and knowing other people are making just as bad decisions as we are!
  11. Got to love the XV01! It is avtually a gem of a car straight out of the box. I managed to avoid shinyblueitis for once but did go for the carbon reenforced parts. Re the bodys, you can chose almost any TT01 / TL01 / TT02 / TA02 / TA03 / TB01 body... both the Scooby (any vintage, 98 being my favourite but 2001 etc) and the Audi will drop straight on. I think the Scooby's have the easiest decals. Enjoy!
  12. 48 about to turn 49. How dd that happen?
  13. Best thing you can do for small plastic bits like handrails etc is drill holes all the way through the body and use copper or lead wire instead. If you plan on running it at all, the little plastic details will ping off immediately so always over engineer where you can. Some Tamiya tanks have parts made from plastic which is not like ABS. Normal plastic glues rely on melting the two pieces together, but they do not work on all plastics. Superglue will work but nothing is as strong as a hole all the way through!
  14. A while ago there were some excellent reproduction tires on ebay for the Wild Willy M38 and Blazing BLazer. I never bought some and regret it, so if you have an extra set you are not going to use then please do get in touch.
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