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  1. Thought it was time I took a few photos of my Hotshots, one vintage, one rere
  2. I'm doing a full restore, I've got a rere and vintage one
  3. Those front drive shafts are a nightmare, I still need a pair for my vintage hotshot
  4. Some progress! I still have some minor bits needed to complete it, ,and a new body after Xmas I think. It's just those front drive shafts that I'm annoyed about A few phone photos, I will take some decent ones over the weekend. Old and new
  5. Don't worry, I sat for 2 weeks waiting for my vintage upright set to arrive, but I forgot to order the screw bag too so now I'm sitting waiting for that
  6. A hotshot with mk1 bumper went for about £100 on eBay a couple of weeks ago
  7. Iquite fancy a Boomerang myself, check out my hotshot restoration for over use of grease, it makes yours look very clean!
  8. Finally the vintage upright parts arrive, it almost seems a shame to open it! But as I want it to be correct and not rere ball joints with hex then it's got to be done More pics coming up, just need to find some front drive shafts still after missing out on the last set to come up for sale
  9. It's awesome fun! Nothing I've come across so far has been faster, but was equalled by a Lamborghini gallardo spyder off a roundabout in 3rd/4th till ran out of road. Out braked by a 911 turbo, but a brake upgrade next year will sort that the RS4 set up is coming close to its limit when pushed hard Side view
  10. The blue you're thinking of is Nogaro blue, also known as RS blue when first used on the RS2. Mine is a '99 B5 facelift
  11. Sorted out the electrics, although its not going to be a runner I plugged in a battery and was pleased that everything worked perfectly. Its not had any power for about 10 years. I was'nt expecting it to run as it was all covered in grease and dirt, the tub was as dirty inside as the photos show on the outside! Chassis all cleaned up inside Making progress.... pretty much on hold now until parts arrive apart from fitting the wheels, bumper and battery holders I think its going to have to have a new body and repro stickers to complete everything
  12. It's going to be a shelf queen, so need it to be neat. I think clear model cement is probable the best, don't want to risk getting white residue from superglue
  13. At some point in my vintage hotshot restoration I've to o sort the aerial mount which was snapped off by the previous owner Any ideas of how best to do it? Obviously being an original chassis different from the rere I don't want to make it worse or ruin it!
  14. The mini isn't mine to sell! I've not had an RS2, but have had 2 S2's, and my S4 has an RS4 engine
  15. Now in the process of rounding up parts to sort the incorrect front upright and suspension bits. Already sourced an original ball joint bag so they are correct and not rere hex ones. Original pressed parts bag arrived today mainly for the suspension bits but also the added bonus of a new roof to replace the bent one and screw guard plate which was also missing. Interesting to note it is silver, the rere one is black. I've never seen that mentioned in the differences between vintage and rere
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