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  1. I have just resurrected my golden eagle from it's 25 year old slumber and have 1 spare front tire and some hornet type rear tires that fit ok on the rear rims. I have a box full of parts if you need anything too.
  2. The rear wheels on DT02's are not as wide as DF03 rears mate and TRF501/201 rears are wider still. the best ones for the DT02 are DF03 rears. The front ones are a hassle too as TRF201 fronts are wide for all non tamiya tires but DT02 ones are slim, you will have to cut down the insdie wall of the tire OR remove the inside rims of the wheel. i only have 1 set of standard tamiya front wheels and they have tamiya tire on for a shelfer all the others are 201 and my 1 pair of alloy rims that are thin anyway.
  3. My holiday buggy is now built and ready for testing for this event. i don,t know how to put a picture up on here ?
  4. Well thanks to lee i'll be running a standard BLUE HB as he has loaned me a body and i'll be running a modified gator with my usual race stuff fitted. I will also love running the lunch box round as that is great fun
  5. Has anyone got a M03 body they can lend me for the TC meet ? i only need it saturday as i have and M03 and will get it running if i can fit the mardave beetle body or the HPI VW camper body to it as i have new beetle wheels and tires plus old runner ones i can use on the day but if not i'll need a top in any condition will do. I'm also getting the drift TA-02 and will run the RM-01 with the touring cars if they will let me as it's only got a 32t formual motor in it.
  6. Just a small note about 2WD buggies 9am and 6pm (dynastorms) i have a TRF201 and a super astute Can we have an older and newer one like first 100 from 4WD ?
  7. I have the RM01 and a TA-02 and TL-01 drift to run with any on raod type heat but all most all of mine are off road but if there will be a heat of it i'll bring them.
  8. Dazza you are leaving it a bit late ? i'm cleaning the lunchbox as i type, and i'm only bringing 7 to play with
  9. Well i'll be running anything i can get moving mate as per the norm for me. TRF501X, lunchbox, super astute, top force evo, dyna blaster, TXT-1, Maybe the dyna storm and the misses will run the tigger lunchbox and the terra tigger and maybe her HPI RS4 MT that will be tiggered in some way. Will be nice to have fun again like we used to do at kiddy
  10. I think the main difference is between the tamiya collectors and the tamiya runners. A collector has objects that he likes to display or own like a vase or statue, the fact that they are mad to move has nout to do with WHY they collect them. Rich people can afford to buy Super cars like the F40 and keep them in a garage and never run them because they are seen as an investment. It can be the same with a tamiya collector but on a lesser scale of price and room. Then there are the people that buy cars to use them for there designed purpose and enjoy using them or racing them. The 2 types of people can really never see eye to eye because they view the same object in different ways. I can see that people like buying cars and never building or running them, I myself have a NIB top force evolution and a few shelf queens that i love looking at but would not like to run because of the way it looks as a shelf queen. I have ran cars for 23 years now and get my enjoyment out of doing that but also from looking at my shelf queens. This site has many collectors and few runners but at the end of the day we all bought the same cars from tamiya we just enjoy them in our own ways. And now before i get a bit too deep in to this topic i need to rebuild the front of the dyna storm again for sundays race day
  11. Nice work fitting the WO shafts but how do they fit with the 501/DB01 rear hubs i wonder ? I'm using original shafts with an astute hex cut down so it will not bind up as astute hex's only go on one way. I run hot bodies D4 wheels at the rear and they fit perfectly. I may take the rear shafts out the 501 and try them in the dyna to see if they fit better.
  12. Well the first two rounds of kiddy went OK with the new set up and front end after we added as much weight to the front as we could but then my new better front end snapped. It snapped in 4 places but as this only means that front shock tower is a bit wobbly. I went on to get forth in the B final against lots of better and newer cars. I will now be talking to Nimrod racing about How they tested there car due to the fact for a product that had been race tested, I would like to know where they tested it as a jelly mould would seem to be a more appropriate surface, for what little impact it took to brake. I will not be buying another of these parts for my car as i think that i can get 2 tamiya ones for the price of there best one and another 2 for the price of there shipping so if i broke 1 per round i would still get more use for my money. To Singapore i have to say that when i went on the site and asked about the 501 slipper clutch shaft i got a nice reply but not in any language that even babel fish could translate. I am not saying that there parts are **** it's just i can't see them being a good replacement for the original ones if you race off road. I have been racing for 23 years and have been a national champion and so am not some amateur before i get any "you can't race" posts.
  13. Well my new front end is on and fits good (with a little file here and there) also I have fitted the TRF501X shocks on it for racing this Sunday as my new set ent got here from Dinball yet. I have got hot bodies D4 rear wheels and original gator front wheels to fit the racing tires on and the new Nimrod rear wing. I meant no offence to Singapore 959 saying I "race" my cars and did not mean to say that you didn't. It's just 90% of TC members do not race there cars. Will be giving the car a good thrashing on Sunday as i now have tires and wheels to get the power down and will post results and comments on the changes to the car.
  14. Well i have just ordered a new front mount and wing from these nimrod guys for My dyna runner which matt will be getting me the parts to sort out as soon as he is ready so i'll let you know what there like doing a real race. I know that's scary to most of you who run them on a field and call them runners But i do REAL racing and so can test it properly.
  15. If you hit the sided of kiddy with one then i'll bring a shovel to pick it up with plus i'll bring all those spares to keep you running it
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