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  1. Falcon#5 ..could be a short lived fad like the F201. Nevertheless, this looks fantastic; imagine a full grid of these with realistic sounding electric motors! Sign me up! Not sure if anyone mentioned this but it looks like you can fit a TC body on this chassis too
  2. I think the versatile plastic will work when driven reasonably hard. I mean, the arms look pretty beefy to me.
  3. I'm sort of a fan of the TL01 LA suspension, so this is a VERY nice alternative. You could also fit these arms on an ff02, M03-M05 and MF-01x if you ever wanted to convert them from M chassis scale to regular 1/10 scale.
  4. I'll be surprised if this doesn't do well...it looks irresistible. Next up a Frog or Hornet body then a Hotshot body for the GF-01?
  5. The Boomerang without the cool Hotshot roll cage has a lower center of gravity and as WillyChang said, a better suspension and much easier access to the radio gear. Although the Hotshot's super cool longitudinal rear mono shock did suck performance wise, it was tried on at least one F1 car that did rather well. The re re Hotshot aluminum center shaft with it's dogbone ends is better than Boomerang wire center shaft...but that's about it.
  6. If I need to scan something flat . I'll also scan a ruler next to it so I can fix any dimensional errors incurred while scanning
  7. Try these HPI part numbers : 103395 . 103410 . . They are pricey but my set were leftover from an old Blitz ESE kit. If you look on Ebay, you can find the plastic versions as well.
  8. I recently picked up a FactoryWorks chassis Boomerang chassis for my Hotshot. It comes with an FRP version of the boomerang rear shock tower. I installed standard Super Hotshot front shock towers. I just happened to have a set of HPI Blitz dampers that fit fairly well. It's just mocked up for now; waiting for the MIP ball differentials before I do final assembly.
  9. They look to be in stock on the ebay shop but I've ordered from their website before and they subtract the VAT ( tax) for international orders.
  10. I see this comes with replacement dog bones too. Can anyone make out what's different with them? Looks to me one side is larger. I'm hoping if this set sells well, they'll see the need for CVD's too.
  11. I finally got the chance to come back to my frog conversion. I machined the side plates and redesigned the suspension holder to hold the bearing that supports the MIP differential. Next up is the battery cover/gearbox brace. I think the rear end might need some adjustments to get it to "feel" right. Hoping to take her out for a run sometime soon!
  12. I've tried 3racing Dt-02 shafts that are similar in length to the YR and they pushed against the drive cup when the arms were level. I have a re-re hotshot with the newer style uprights. I tried looking at other front uprights and found the Df-02 (or TT02b) units have the right offset (they will make your car's front about 2mm wider on each side). Unfortunately, you have to mill off 2mm from the mounting bosses on the top and bottom of the upright (see red arrow in attachment) to make them fit properly.
  13. The HPI vintage wheels are actually 1.9 inch wheels but the front of the vintage tire has extra rubber to cover up the front of the wheel and make it look like a higher profile tire.
  14. Those Fuch wheels look sublime! I wish a set were available to fit the HPI Vintage tires. so I can use them with a Tamiya Porsche 73 RSR body. The low profile wheel/tire combo that the kit comes with just doesn't look right to me.
  15. 3d printing has added another dimension to the hobby for me. Since I had kids, im not racing or even bashing as much as I used to. Now I have another outlet to get my RC fix. Most of my early stuff was decorative but Tamiyaclub members have inspired me to try more functional parts like suspension arms and a gearbox
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