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  1. Thanks, another must know Tamiya acronym like ORV and SRB (not 100% on what those mean either)
  2. IIt needs wheels like this...too bad they're discontinued.
  3. Yes! I'm getting one strictly for looks! Although it's probably the most advanced, production, solid axle RC buggy ever made (although that's not saying much!) I have a couple of Mad Fighters that I loan to my friends' kids and they always come back in one piece! Also, is this the first time this chassis didn't come with the friction shocks?
  4. If Hirobo can go from Helicopters and re issue their classic RC cars, then it isn't a stretch for Marui to go from Airsoft products to re issueing their RC cars! I'll leave a spot for the Marui Ninja and Samurai on my shelf. Unfortunately, Ayk is long gone...I always wanted a Radiant.
  5. I've been at it for about as long as you. A few years back I bought a 3d printer, & a CNC and started making custom parts for my cars. Now that added an extra dimension to my RC hobby!
  6. You'll need the Blackfoot/Monster Beetle counter gear. You'll need the pinion gear too unless you have an aftermarket adjustable motor mount.
  7. Nice! But I think it needs a giant ice cream cone sculpture on top!
  8. No doubt this will make a lot of Escort fans very happy! I personally would like to see a Porsche 959 especially since the motor and drive train layout match the car.
  9. I hope he can fix it too. I have this on my SRB and I love the way Paul's parts update the rear suspension but still look vintage.
  10. I'm not sure what this type of off road suspension is called but it's used in a lot of competition buggies (pic from Rc Car Action) The C-hub is integrated into the steering knuckle giving the suspension arm more clearance. This example is from an XV-01 rally car. I'm thinking that something similar could be fitted to my CC01 although I don't have any experience with this type of suspension (maybe a future project)
  11. I feel like I missed out on the CC01 rear axle kit! SupraChrgd82 is right. Getting a kit like that would make it the highlight of your collection.
  12. Rc Channel and Radshape made my car undriveable I bought the beautiful RC Channel suspension kit for my re re Sand Scorcher and after installation I was hesitant to run it. The final nail in the coffin was the Radshape chassis I ordered for it. They accidentally sent the polished version.....
  13. I think the lexan might be too "slippery" for the paint to adhere to; sanding the area would help but may not be possible if it's a really thin area. Have you tried a "Sharpie" brand marker? They come in different thicknesses and colors.
  14. The 3d printed bodies have yet to be driven..My friend, Lightfoot and some other F1 enthusiasts in Southern California using the vacuum formed Vf-1 body organized a race at the Tamiya track; This was a few years back and possibly the highwater mark of my RC career.
  15. Once you get set up with things like CNC machines, lathes and 3d printers your hobby evolves from driving RC cars to making RC cars...not that I'm complaining. It's just what happened to me. The silver porsche will never be finished because I keep coming up with better ways to 3d print it. The Red Lotus is a vacuum formed body expertly finished by a customer, Big Al.
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