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  1. I owned many Tamiya cars the only one I really hate and regret during my teen years was the Hot Shot it was expensive saved my pocket money to get it. It was really cool looking and Tamiya’s 1st 4wd buggy. But everything wear out so fast in short time. It’s very difficult to clean, ( radio box very cramped) the mechanical speed controller arc very fast and will lose power. Dog bone either come apart or wear out in no time. Then a friend got the Boomerang and I can see Tamiya has made tons improvements over the Hotshot. Hotshot ended up in trash can and got myself BigWig and 2nd hand Porsche 956. I’m surprised so many people here love the Hotshot. Oh there is one other Tamiya I regret, my first Tamiya , 2nd hand Tryrrel P34 6 wheeler, got ripped off by a kid at the same middle school I went. Didn’t get to drive at all. It needed extremely flat surface to run and constantly doing donuts due to lack of traction.
  2. JYCM3


    I recently bought Traxxas TRX-6, my first non Tamiya RC vehicle over 20 years. I had Kyosho before that. Never would I have thought I’m buying a Traxxas as back in the days we all joked about how crappy they are. One of my friend even demonstrated by stomping his truck body only once and the lexan body was in pieces. Even when the Trx4 came out, I thought it was cool and Tamiya should have made it. I haven’t thought much about it. Now with trx6 I just can’t believe how great they are and the smart engineering. Tons of factory options (expensive!) as it shares the same Trx4 chassis. Even more hopup/scale parts from various aftermarket companies. Some cool parts are only available in Asia. Feels like the Kyosho SuperTen GP craze back in the day, millions of high quality And wild aftermarket parts. With the Trx6 I already got carried away got tons of scale parts and hop up parts that I could easily buy 4 more Trx6 rtr’s for the amount I spend. I’m thinking I want another trx6 truck just for runner. I was wondering why there are only 2-3 Trx6’s in the TC show room. sadly I came across some post about how Traxxas going after unrelated companies just because they had similar sounding name as their rc vehicles especially the word. “Max” very upsetting companies get greedy Like that, unlike Tamiya , which I have the pleasure meeting Mr Tamiya at a hobby show ages ago. After speaking to him seems bringing joy to children is his priority. world has changed, rc cars are getting more complex. Many things can be produced cheaply such as Bruiser clone comes to mind.
  3. Aluminum axles and portal housing for TRX-6 . From overseas AliExpress and Asiatees
  4. Got some exotic jewels in a box, Bruiser detailed side door panels and misc parts and tools.
  5. Just amazing, take my money and let me have go on your track !! my 6x6 beast is bored with our tiny backyard or city streets just like all the 1:1 G63 here in California never get to see dirt.
  6. Mirrors done, removes the bumper spot lights and lowered the front bull bar as the 1:1 I seen sits much lower than Tamiya suggested. Also toying with 2.2” wheels/tires from my Hilux HL to see how it looks on the Tundra. I think I’ll get a new set and custom fender flares to go with it.
  7. Been a long time since I did anything to my highlift. When I took it off the shelf the mirrors fell off due to age. I decided to order more scale mirrors for the Tundra. Never like the original kit ones, too big. I even had modify and shorten the driver side mirrow as it's longer than the passenger side. Below is back is the Tamiya mirrors and the front set is the new better looking mirrors I going to replace he old ones.
  8. LOL, many decades ago a hobby shop owner who I meet up at his storage facility, pulled couple boxes of old discontinued Tamiya parts he couldn't sell at his store. I ended up bought 10 pairs NIB of SS tires which was highly sought after at the time, and 2 Technigold motors and some other WW1 parts. I was student at the time so I didn't have much cash around. Otherwise would have brought all the Tamiya Motors he had. If I remembered correct, about 10 Technipower , 6 Techingold, 1 Technituned, and few Black motors... If I had known.... sigh.. For me the most unique is brushed Tamiya motor and most expensive The TRF Acto ,beautiful endbell and unique ribbed can housing.
  9. I switched the RC4WD lower bumpers to different one that has a winch, two reasons: 1) the RC4WD rear steel bed is really heavy there's not enough weight on front axel. 2) the new bumper is exact replica of the one used in 1:1 Brabus G500 4x4 Squared Adventure below: new lower bumper with winch not as clean look as the one above but adds more weight to the front .
  10. I like the stock 540 Mabuchi motors the 540 Johnson don’t seems to have as good quality as the Mabuchi’s
  11. I believe the fastest is Super modified 11T motor at 3.8k rpm (no load) and the most expensive was TRF Acto-Power at a whopping 8,000 yen back in 1993
  12. There’s a old website somewhere that someone put all the specs and pictures of Tamiya motors. Sorry I don’t have that link but search it up. That’s how I found info about my Acto-TRF motor.
  13. I was always skeptical but recently, I had to pull the trigger getting a crawler part that no one has except on AliExpress. Definitely a lot cheaper depending what you’re getting. For example RC4WD wheels costing $130 here and over there it costs about 1/2 the price on AliExpress. Of course they don’t advertise it as RC4WD branded wheels, Just some generic brand. You just need to do some digging. Took a 2.5 weeks to get to USA. I think I would buy again. Same as eBay you got to check seller’s ratings. Like Chris said Injora is great.
  14. It’s hinged and opens up which you can access the body clips.. pretty cool design.
  15. Can’t decide which hood scoop to use on my G63 AMG it’s now more of Brabus tuned than AMG. #1 RC4WD scoop. I like this minimal look #2 Jeep hood scoop. Decent size scoop but definitely not accurate Brabus. #3 Scale Brabus scoop just like the real truck, the only thing is it’s not 100% accurate. It too thick compare to real one so it look a bit over the top on the model. #4 mouse scoop .. lol please ignore please let me know which I should go for? #4 will not count. I got full Brabus treatment on the truck, bush guard, snorkels, and many more I still need to add. thank you
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