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  1. Wow never seen anything like it, that is very fast and sensitive servo! Very cool.
  2. Working on secret scale project. Just finished painting the seats, still need to paint the details. I’m still saving up for the actual vehicle as I have purchased all the scale stuff for the build and next thing you know I ended up spending 3x the amount of the price of the actual rc vehicle. That’s just the scale stuff only. Sigh 😔 I guess aluminum parts and electronics hope up plan will be up in the air.. too costly.
  3. Welcome, to the dark side, where you will face powerful forces makes you want more and more, conquer even more, next thing you know your collection has multiply 10x lol jokes aside, welcome, hope to see your showroom soon or ask for help as everyone here is great and helpful.
  4. I’m in the same boat, currently trying to reduce my collection to 1/3 as wife been complaining about space. Currently 3x 3spd truck and one of them a runner, 3x TT01 one runner and two other rolling chassis to display the bodies I like alternatively. The bulk of the stuff are misc parts from previous custom build projects. Tons of parts tree. Selling them on auction site is time consuming and pain if get a stupid buyer. Some stuff are just too heavy to ship and yet a waste to throw them away. It’s so much easier to collect than reduce LOL
  5. Fresh paint on the seats formy future project. Tried Rustoleum 2x coverage paint for the first time, very happy with the results. Dries semi gloss and no primer needed as it’s primer and paint in one. USD $3.99 for a big can, cheap! sorry for the bad cellphone picture
  6. What blue paint did you use? Looks stunning!
  7. Juhunio, Carmine. Tamiya did had Polycarb marker before but no longer available. Maybe still available in certain countries.
  8. I’m shrinking my collections and also to fund a scale project the went way overboard.. $$$ wise. Never know I got so many stuff been 4 weeks sorting, finding packaging , writing descriptions.. getting ready to put it out. Wish there’s a garage sale so I don’t need to deal with so much hassles lol
  9. Got tons of rc4wd scale parts, Interior pieces , shocks and skid plate for my next top secret project. Absolutely went overboard as they costs 2x as much as the vehicle with radio systems. Which I haven’t got it yet. Did some calculations if I want some bling bling aluminum parts it will cost another 3x the value of the vehicle+radio combo. Why are they so expensive..sigh
  10. Seems everything is slow, I ordered some parts from RC4WD which shows in stock. Placed my order. it finally shipped after 15days
  11. One thing is a must with nitro cars. Get box starter makes life so much easier than the pull start.
  12. Not Tamiya, I’m sorting my stuff to reduce them and saw I have some Tiger track pieces that how I know they’re not Tamiya.
  13. That’s a real bummer they can’t ship to USA , was looking forward to order some parts that they have in stock that eb*y don’t have.
  14. Nice one Griffbolt! but if I remembered correctly, it also needed a longer servo horn sleeve , a metal pin and some extra part to make it work with the rubber seal at least on the original Fox.
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