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  1. Thanks! oh man, wish I knew about these earlier. I already stock up about $150 worth of wheels, months ago before the GT3 was released. I'll probably get these later, wish they're on ebay as I hate to create another online account.
  2. Got this beauty from local hobby shop here in CA, was surprised to see it in stock so soon especially here in US. Awsome price too, $118 and that's included HobbyWing ESC and Torque tuned motor. Haven't seen anything that price so well since over a decade ago when I got my TT01 AC Schnitzer M3 for $98 at a hobby shop. The hardest part now is deciding what color to paint and adding to challenge is some Tamiya PS color are in shortage. My local hobby shop told me some painted they have been waiting for 8 months already. Sorry for the crappy phone picture, waiting for new phone to come out in Sept/Oct.
  3. I have one too, but it's discontinued already.
  4. Got this in the mail couple days ago.
  5. Got MIP 2.5mm hex bit for my Tamiya racket tool. Very happy with the quality. It even comes with sticker and clear shrink tube for easy identification. I had to cut it a little as the hex went into the tool quite a bit.
  6. Kyosho Inferno GT3 with brushless conversion kit and misc parts I gathered for the conversion. Still need to get motor, ESC , servo and probably new radio system as my Futaba 3PJ is kinda old.
  7. Have you guys seen this? seems this website been taking picture from Tamiya showroom, members' youtube still photos, everwhere and sells them on their site. I was researching Tamiya Hilux 4x4 and looking at pictures and came across my Hilux picture that I have in my showroom for $41.88 What the...#@$K! is this legal? here the link https://www.kathernes.top/products.aspx?cname=tamiya+hilux+vintage&cid=67 In the past I have caught someone using my photos as their own on ebay since then I always put some markings on my photos.
  8. These are probably the best Tamiya screw drivers. They're really comfortable in the hand, better than the fancier TRF ones. I love the quality of these, the tips are hardened and magnetic, really helps.
  9. long waited springs finally available now.
  10. Yep each has their own quirks on what they collect. Whatever makes you happy that’s all what matters. I saw web a guy who painted bunch of really nice 1/7 R34 GTR body which lead me to Arrma 1/7 infraction forums and realize he has at least 10+ infractions in his garage each with different cool aftermarket bodies that he custom painted them.. very expensive as each rtr brushless kit is ~$650 and aftermarket bodies run between $90-120 each. I love big scale and realistic bodies of cars I like but fortunately I don’t have that kind of disposable income. Which computer market in downward spiral, I’m forced to thin out my collection.
  11. You can always lock the gear in place if using the 4pm but won’t be as fun. If you getting the MFC-02 unit, you definitely need 4 channel stick radio with mechanical trims.
  12. I tried to google BBX buggy and the images pulls up was BoomerBuggy X 😂 looks like a minion on wheels lol. Anyway, can’t wait to see what it is.
  13. Can’t wait, hopefully it’s the GR sport version (last picture) looks better with the heritage Toyota grill and lower bumper not as low for better clearance.
  14. Decided to paint the Kyosho 1/8 Ferrari 458 Italia body set if it look nice then I might get the Inferno GT3 chassis kit and convert it to electric (brushless) That will be my next project.
  15. Willy iine, that looks amazing what Tamiya blue did you use? Or is it Faskolor?
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