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  1. After checking the manual online, most of the questioned parts are glue together. The bumper bar is held by double side tape. the front fascia by metal plate with 2 screws . All these should be minor and easy fix . Like Tamiyabigstuff said, if price is right go for it. Here’s the Manual
  2. Also notice the 2nd picture shows the metal bumper bar bend downwards while the first picture looks fine. Could be it’s not properly tightened
  3. Looking through show room saw OCD’s Tamiya 1:8 Wild Crusher Z (TGM-02 ) #43505 never seen or heard that before and I googled to find more info and there is one nib on sale at Eb*y now. is that Tamiya answer to Kyosho’s monster touring car racer? LOL. quite interesting but not my cup of tea.
  4. Original Bruiser/Mountaineer the tranny is longer and all metal except the spur gear. It uses giant 750 sized motor
  5. I got a NIB Blazing Blazer for my wife... and it was a good trade! j/k 😉
  6. One of the cleanest workbench I’ve seen, look like a science lab about to dissect that beetle LOL
  7. Careful many knock off products out there. There’s complete RC light kits at Aliexpress that has very similar look to it , large blue and red decal with two white stars. Description says Tamiya light kit blah blah but it’s just generic unbranded wannabe. I believe someone here bought it in this thread a month or two ago.
  8. Mudfun, how about these? simple and effectivetive you can get it here various types, color.. maybe you find them in UK https://www.amainhobbies.com/tire-storage-cars-trucks/c1337
  9. Taking my Axe 550R2 3300kv system out of the TRX6 and replacing it with Fusion 1800kv all in one (540 motor with build in ESC all inside of 550 can) as with the scale Interior there is not enough space. Now I have everything in place now. Axe 550R2 +ESC top, bottom Fusion all in one now Arny can have his Mercedes interior back
  10. Nice, I have them on my GTR https://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=89245&id=405
  11. I just bought my first lipo earlier this week. 3s lipo intended for my crawler but I tried it out with my TT01 with 27T motor and 19T. Definitely much faster than my 6 cell NIMh pack. Feels Like twice as fast it’s but too powerful. New tires don’t last and I feel in long run it will not be economical as I’m sure things will wear out twice as fast and not to mention if you crash...
  12. I agree , being Tamiya die hard and been saving for a while for something big to come out, for me it’s perhaps new 3spd platform but nothing. with that money saved, I pulled the trigger on Traxxas TRX-6 having a blast adding scale stuff and absolute blast to drive with the HW Axe 550 brushless. Now I’m planning to get another TRX-6 just for bashing around. Before that I guess we just have to wait few more hours and see https://www.tamiyausa.com/blog/tamiya-special-early-2021-new-product-presentation/
  13. Installed rock lights and started installing HW axe 550R2
  14. Mechhanic AH we are getting older so times flies much faster than we’re kids lol Hoffman, I totally I agree with you, if not carefully you can drop a fortune in hop up and after market parts. I spend 5x the value of my Traxxas TRX-6 on scale and hop ups. Regrets no, but only one problem. Too nice to run and expensive if you crash however minor so now I”m considering getting another TRX-6 as runner with only few carefully chosen necessary hop ups 😁
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