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  1. long waited springs finally available now.
  2. Yep each has their own quirks on what they collect. Whatever makes you happy that’s all what matters. I saw web a guy who painted bunch of really nice 1/7 R34 GTR body which lead me to Arrma 1/7 infraction forums and realize he has at least 10+ infractions in his garage each with different cool aftermarket bodies that he custom painted them.. very expensive as each rtr brushless kit is ~$650 and aftermarket bodies run between $90-120 each. I love big scale and realistic bodies of cars I like but fortunately I don’t have that kind of disposable income. Which computer market in downward spiral, I’m forced to thin out my collection.
  3. You can always lock the gear in place if using the 4pm but won’t be as fun. If you getting the MFC-02 unit, you definitely need 4 channel stick radio with mechanical trims.
  4. I tried to google BBX buggy and the images pulls up was BoomerBuggy X 😂 looks like a minion on wheels lol. Anyway, can’t wait to see what it is.
  5. Can’t wait, hopefully it’s the GR sport version (last picture) looks better with the heritage Toyota grill and lower bumper not as low for better clearance.
  6. Decided to paint the Kyosho 1/8 Ferrari 458 Italia body set if it look nice then I might get the Inferno GT3 chassis kit and convert it to electric (brushless) That will be my next project.
  7. Willy iine, that looks amazing what Tamiya blue did you use? Or is it Faskolor?
  8. @Busdriver can’t wait to see your build! I think mine is over due as well. Was going to do TRX6 scale build/mods last year but due to lack of interests I felt here and some Traxxas negativity going on, I put it off on posting. But hey, I’m a 80% Tamiya and 20% Kyosho guy and never care for Traxxas until till the Merc G63 AMG 6x6 came out, which is one of my favorite trucks. Traxxas did a good job making it scale accurate so I had to get it even it’s a Traxxas. To my surprise. It’s very well made, high quality and tons of fun and not mention tons of aftermarket parts available to customize to my liking. I ended up getting two TRX6 😁
  9. My most expensive single purchase was Tamiya Tiger 1 full option tank that I had to order from Japan when it was first released. As for non Tamiya purchase that will be Traxxas TRX6 Mercedes G63 6 x6 which I dropped about $4,000 in upgrades and scale parts. What was I thinking!! wish I didn’t do that as I ended needing to buy a 2nd truck as a runner. I’m not rich, I had to sell some of my kits and save up many many months to pay for that. Do I regret it, no, I had tons to fun customizing the truck scale accurate like the 1:1 Brabus version. Would I have done it differently if I was given a chance to do it again. Yes, but I would put on cheaper less accurate parts and save tons of money so I can buy other toys I collect..Transformers, Star Wars etc.. which are cranking out quality and expensive toys for adult collectors. Just go to Haslab see the stuff they’re crowd funding now and in the past!
  10. The latest German main battle tank in 40 years , the KF-51 Panther with it;s massive 130mm canon. You know Tamiya will coming out with this 1/16 R/C thank soon or later... I hope.. I wish LOL.
  11. It was back in 1987 so I don’t remember doing forward I only remembered it will do in reverse. when I first drove it, I was going forward then I had to brake hard so i hit full reverse and it popped a reverse wheelie and scratch up the front bumper on a brand new truck.
  12. Clod will do reverse willie with stock motors. i had the same issue with my 6x6 from another brand after adding thousands of $$$ scale parts I don’t want to drive it so I ended up buying 2nd truck to play with. Or just buy another body or lexan one for runner like mentioned above. Oh and also new front chrome bumper as those get scratched easily.
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