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  1. Wow amazing story but I can’t imagine how it holds up without a blow torch or something and he still remembers to put on license plate in despite time like this.. kudos:-)
  2. Almost done with this 911GT2. need to add side mirrors, exhausts details and correct body mount as the 30th Anni Porsche 934 body mount does not fit the existing holes on the body ad it pushes the rally driver cockpit forward too much. I can't decide which wheels look best for this lively. Gold center spokes wheels or leave it sliver as it is.
  3. I just saw Tamiya blog listed #47394 Mountain Rider as future release. This can’t be right?? With the clones taking over would Tamiya able to sell Mountain Rider ? Or is it some surprise from Tamiya that we don’t know yet.
  4. I had many Tamiya cars in the late 80’s and 90’s. The worse would be Hotshot (early edition) The mechanical speed control will arc and need regular cleaning and repair. taking that under tray off and putting this back is tough really tight fit and pain. It also the worse Tamiya car I owned. Parts worn out or breaks so fast. I also own The Fox which I love as I never had to remove anything. I even sealed the tub with Tamiya slicon sealant to make it water proof. I ran it to the ground until it self destruct after many years of abuse rarely had to take it part.
  5. I have these Tamiya screw drivers they all work really well and very comfortable. For tighter situations the blue Tamiya TRF may not be as good as the grip is small. Nevertheless can’t go wrong with any of them.
  6. Wow can’t believe what i’m seeing almost exact replica of the Bruiser re. I seen fake buggys but knock off 3 spd truck..omg Tamiya is not only one facing this issue. Even the high end $299 Lego Technic Porsche GT3 RS has been clone by company called Lepin, there’s bunch of videos comparing them, You can’t tell the difference except for the inferior quality of the material. Now they about to clone the new Lego Bugatti Chiron that came out this week. These fake Bruiser will be same inferior metal pieces that probably will cut you due to rough finishes or rust easily who knows. I guess the worst is for scammer buying then and sell them as Tamiya ones like some mentioned in earlier posts. then those people, especially new to the hobby is going to write bad reviews about Tamiya and not knowing they actually bought it from some who pass it as Tamiya when its actually one of these fake ones..
  7. Just finished painting my 1/8 Kyosho Inferno GT2 body
  8. Came across this vintage Kyosho RC promo video. pretty cool https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KNjxw5wO7y4 Another one some older guy running his 35 year old Kyosho Lancia Stratos Integra has one these in his showroom if I remembered correctly. http://youtube.com/watch?v=-VxvpLrjuME
  9. Ahh very cool. I see possiblity of putting on a Mercedes G63 body and make it into monster G63 AMG 6x6.. could interesting with a powerful brushless motor.
  10. I wondered if they improved the plastic material of the front bumper. As the original ones was too hard and broke off easily.
  11. I had similar looking for some decals for my Tundra and two fellow members mail it to at no charge. What a great community here.
  12. It's the spacers that Dojo Dave mentioned earlier . It lift the body up so the wheels will not hit the side panels. I missed that step too before in the instructions.
  13. I got those mst wheels too a while ago also with various finishes. I still haven't finished painting the body been putting it off for few weeks now. Hopefully before Christmas ugh..
  14. Thanks on-trash cwb and madmick, but Honk kong is not an option for me oh well maybe in the future
  15. I got mine a full month later! (I ordered it in june.) Almost canceled as i was really nervous that they took my money and run off with it.
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