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  1. Alright, I'm half way there then. I already have the 25T pinion. Thanks Snappy!!
  2. Threads been quiet for awhile. What has everyone been up to with their cars? I just finished mine today, ran it and it just doesn't have the top speed that I want. I am running a 17.5 on 2S and managed to fit a 22 pinion but it still isn't enough. Is this car basically maxed out, or do I have other options?
  3. There is one listed now NIB for $248
  4. am I asking too much for this? I assumed it was a rare piece.
  5. Selling more of my vintage Tamiya vehicles so if you are a collector like me keep a look out because I will be posting more cars from my collection shortly. This is a rolling chassis, the ESC and motor are not included. Comes with the manual and the box. $130 paid by Paypal shipped takes it anywhere in the US or I am willing to trade for an HPI cup racer.
  6. That vid takes it waaaaaaaaaaaaay back
  7. This topic was covered long ago, copy paste...........http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51769
  8. I have way too many of these trucks so I decided to get rid of these two. They are both rollers, the electronics pictured are not included but I do have the mechanical speed controls that came with them. The purple truck is in excellent shape and has never been run offroad, the blue one has been ran in dirt and has a little more wear on it the tires and wheels are brand new never used.The purple truck also has a steering knuckle on the passenger side from a different vehicle but it still functions. There are some extra random parts and I have a manual. The diffs will need to be locked on both of these to run. Back in the day these diffs would wear out fast and to remedy this the diffs had to be locked and then they would last forever. At age 13 I didn't know about any of that and they have sat ever since. $138 SHIPPED TAKES BOTH TRUCKS IN THE USA ONLY, NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING
  9. I am building a JTCC FF kit and am having trouble getting the tire decals to stick. I tried cleaning the sidewalls of the tires and I even used CA glue and the decals just will not stick. anyone have a solution to this? Thanks!!
  10. True but it's worth it when you know the value is just going to increase anyway over time
  11. I'm glad I finally got mine. I have wanted one since the original release years ago. I had a gut feeling that the end was near for this one. Time to stock up on bodies!!!
  12. I have never seen Acoms radio equipment sold or used in the United States. Did Acoms gear ever come with Tamiya kits? I seem to find allot of Acoms systems with vehicles that are for sale over in the UK but never here in the US. Is it safe to assume that Acoms were used there and Futaba here in the US?
  13. dwayne

    Marui Big Bear

    I think midnight pumpkin wheels and tires may work,could be wrong. Just a guess
  14. I just got one of these buggies and was wondering if anyone knows what year it was released. Thanks!!
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