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  1. Has any one seen one of these before? I had one as a lad and found one on ebay recently. Any more info would be great! It came standard with Belcon Radio. I had mine back in 1987
  2. Problem Solved thanks to our old friend INTEGRA FAN The nitro buggy is a Kyosho Stinger MK2 ( integrafan ) The plastic Kyosho is a Lazer 2000 ( integrafan ) The on road nitro is a Thunder Tiger TS4-n ( DCLXVI ) Thanks INTEGRA FAN and DCLXVI for your input and all the others that looked and helped. Frazer
  3. Hi, yer its definitely a kyosho, i forgot to say it has Kyosho across the bumper, but i have no idea what model it is. its all cheap plastic.
  4. Thanks for that mate, its a real help. just hoping on the other 2 now. Frazer
  5. Ok. its gona be an anti climax now all this fuss, I only had a little chuckkle. Do an international search and use some of these search words: "Tamiya" "Hopper" "Buggy" "Heat" "Sink"
  6. oops sorry, thanks for removing it. can i put the auction number for others to enjoy?
  7. Found this while on eBay, it made me laugh so i thought i would share it with you lot.
  8. Hi, I have 3 cars i would like you experts to identify for me. Two are Kyosho, one of which is a vintage nitro 4x4 and the other is an all plastic newer electric 4x4. The third i am not sure of the make but its a belt 4x4 nitro. I would like to know the names of them so that i can list them on ebay or here. Many thanks Guys, Frazer
  9. Hi and thanks for the info, after your post i was able to continue and find out all about it, thanks! What a car, i am going to enjoy restoring it and running it in the summer. The corvette body came with a bunch of cars i bought recently, it might be a PB mustang body but i dont know, its definatly 1/8 i think and was on the Mardave Marauder that was also in with it all, its on ebay now. This body is for sale if you like it, its in good order crack wize but its badly painted. I just tryed to up load more pictures of the stuff and the body for you but TC wont allow it.... says (Attachment space used 494.56k of 500k) never mind
  10. Hi, I collected this little beauty on Sunday and I have no idea who makes it. Its really interesting with cable operated brakes, differential, remote carb!!, side exhaust, pull start. it looks to be 1/12 scale but I cant find any markings to identify it, any body know? thanks guys.
  11. thanks shodog! I liked your tutorial, very inspiring, I will try the 3m tape, is this the stuff? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/3M-Fine-Line-Tape_W0...p3286.m14.l1318 what is the clear I need ts-13? or a different make of paint. BTW what is "flash off" ?
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