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  1. Sounds good to me, but you think we could meet about 9? that would be a little more agreeable with my schedule. LMK, Dave
  2. Hello all, Had a great time last weekend, adam hope your truck is better now. Just checking to see if there is any interest for this weekend, I may have to work Saturday, but should be free Sunday morning. LMK Dave
  3. Just let me know when and where. Ofcourse will need directions to anyplace besides Thetford Forest. Dave
  4. Hello all, Skip that place you found looks promising, I am able to go either day this weekend, email or IM me if there is any interest. Dave
  5. Well I finally made it back into town. Would be able to bash this Sunday if anyone is interested. LMK Dave
  6. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come. I normally bring 2 to 3 batteries, and a set of extras for the Tx. I can bring more if you would like to borrow some, what style connection do you use Tamiya, Deans, powerpole, etc? I however wont be available for a few more weeks, but will let everyone know as soon as I am back in town, will have to do some work related stuff for about 3 day then get 2 weeks off.. can't wait. Hope to see you all soon and possibly entice somemore people to come out. Dave
  7. I know its been a while, but I should be home the end of the month. Hopefully someone will be up for a bash. Well guess I will see when I get back, I do know josh will be in vegas by then, adam will you still be around? hopefully, think I saw some new people interested too. Dave
  8. and another. sorry they are not bigger..they were taken with my phone.
  9. the only pics taken from the other day were adam's F350 right before it quit working. Wonder why?
  10. Had a blast in that mud hole, the hole trip was a great time. Till my esc started acting screwy. Truck has been bathed, just waiting for it to dry, so I can sort the electronics. Can't wait till the next time "We get lost in the Forest"..lol I am sure if more people wanted to come they would get hooked too, no fun putting them on the shelf. Hope to see some fellow TC members come and join in the fun soon.
  11. Yeah, wish one of us would have thought of the before/ after shots. Guess we were having to much fun driving. Hope you get the truck running again Adam. We need to do that again, soon.
  12. I have had good luck using sanwa/ acoms marked servo horns on my hitec servos, they come in 2 different sizes, the larger one fits with a little coaxing. Dave
  13. Let me know if you need a hand with the mini. adam1973 let me know if you still want to go Sat. Doesn't have to be as early, if that suits you better. Oh yeah josh I am going to days next week, what time do you race on Monday, might come check it out.
  14. Depends on the time, would have to be afternoon, cause have to register the baby by 1245. I can give you a call when I get done with that and see if you are still game.
  15. Sounds great, I am off Friday too. Because I worked last Sunday. I will be ready by 830.
  16. I am game for either, just name the time (hopefully not 7 am) and place. Wife already said it was ok, but will need a ride. Till I get another 1:1 car. Dave
  17. adam1973, Looks like I won't be able to meet up with minijosh either because I have to work tomm at 8. Hopefully I will be out by noon, and we could go to Mildenhall Woods, or Thetford Forest early afternoon if you would like. Let me know. Dave
  18. I was wondering if we were going or not, glad I got on here to find out. Anyone else that would like to come is more than welcome. Dave
  19. Hello, I just recently moved to Barton Mills area, and would like to meet up with everyone. However I am unfamiliar with the area. Most any weekend, Sat or Sun, is good for me. Will have to throw something together to run, unless someone knows where I can get some nitro around here. Dave
  20. Hello, I just recently moved to England, living in the Barton Mills area and am looking for some people/places to drive my cars. I read that you all sometimes meet in the Red Lodge area, I would be interested to know when and where. Thanks in advance, Dave
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