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  1. If you remove its brushes and strike the rotor-shaft from front-bell side by the hammer, you can remove its end-bell easily. It is not a joke. And after replace your rotor and assembled them, please strike again both tubs of can and fix end-bell carefully. Please try, it is very easy!!
  2. Because they have to keep a lot of stock of spire spike for their "XB"'s spare parts, I think you don't have to worry about your rear tires. This picture is sure?? Plasma edge means another Gravel hound? ...Wow
  3. Everything is going well?

    How about your preparations for "Real M"?

  4. Thank you, guys. DT02MS which I saw there had no radio as display-model. I noticed its springs are different from this official photo. and cylinder is more blacker? Umm ????
  5. Thank you for reply.

    I look forward to the day.

  6. Useshii desu ne!

    I wanna go to university again!!

    Burisuban wa samui? ima wa

    "winter" desu ne?

    Did you watch already our lottery vid?

    Hayaku kite ne!!

  7. Excellent work! very beautiful banger. Anyone who own the car has negative mood about "Rust" usually, but your work is really interesting. It's really realistic and your work is showing us Tamiya RC car is truly wonderful scale model. Thank you
  8. Rai nen 8 gatsu nihon ni wa kaitte iku.

    ima wa shigoto o saga****eru.

    Osaka ni wa modotte iku.

  9. GOOD DAY!!


    Nihon ni wa

    Itsu modotte kuruno?

  10. I think Tamiya will release "DB01 Aluminum Damper Set" soon, even if it is same as 501's because Tamiya is very earnest and straight company. 501's shock seems welcomed for other makes user too. my friend Hirano drove Cyclone D4 at IFMAR Worlds. He is using 501 shocks for his Cyclone and says HB's shock is "no good". So, HB's shocks were set on his Cyclone during only coloring-contest.
  11. I'm sorry, I have no idea. There is no French 3rd-party's information in Japan. I saw Mr.Hupo who was the fastest 501X driver in IFMAR Worlds, but I could not talk to anyone of TRF except their coordinator because Saturday their paddock seemed really dark, and some of them looked nervous. Of course, everybody had understood well the cause of their bad mood and could not approach them that day, me too. at the time, in team Novak's pit, they were enjoying music or Youtube or was playing with his Godzillas. I will visit to Novak at first if I change my job.
  12. Yes, also I think DF-02 is not bad chassis even if many parts are too flexible. Because its drivability is gentle enough for beginners too. Durga has very sophisticated features from DF-02 but I think its outline is not so different from DF-02 at each stock conditions. By the way, I paid 18,000 yen ( = $150 ) for my DF-03. Umm, where am I?
  13. Hello all. Thank you but sure this Frog is not mine, it's an other person's work as Bakaguyjean-san said. Suddenly I saw this frog's cool pics at rc shop and of course soon I got that magazine. I was really shocked by this surprise attack !! because when I was stopping my Hotshot project for Tamiya Grand-prix All Japan Championships. In fact, my charge-editor of RC-world asked me that they want to show my hotshot on their September issue. but it was postponed to October issue for my circumstances. I had to handle many schedules, so I had to make my Hotshot in only 2 weeks. so I was working until 3 a.m. every day. and my Hotshot's detail contained my greeting to the man who built the Frog 4WD, because I felt that our spirits are similar. After a while, I had contact to the man = Mr. PMMC. and we praised each other. now, we are friends. I wish he join the Tamiyaclub, too. Thank you!
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