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  1. Yup it's confirmed. On Mokei Kagaku FB page
  2. the exact numbers of re-re models sold will only be known by tamiya. what sells like hotcakes in one market may not be so for another. the japanese have an interesting fascination for cutesy, cartoony items. they also enjoy things that aren't seen in the rest of the world. take tokyo disneyland for example. hordes of japanese will go, all dressed up to the nines in disney apparel and paraphernalia. and they do this multiple times a year. you don't see that anywhere else in the world. given the likely demand in the domestic market for manga related items like the fire dragon, there should be a similar release down the road--either the thunder dragon(more likely) or the fire dragon again
  3. Release means I will buy..and it will be years later when they get fixed. I haven't even visited my LHS in months. Need to drop by to pick up a few re-re kits.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/tqracingmodel/ HK---Kwong Wa Street. Hongkongers seem to be quite into rc. evenings, shops tend to have a number of customers.
  5. Boomerangs are already in HK shops physically.
  6. i think the fox cost a little more than the boomer. more worthwhile to keep the fox. i will probably never have a fox. 4wd more my thing
  7. The 1988 version belongs on the shelf. The 2011 version is better for running, but still pretty terrible. Very sloppy steering still---needs a gyro to cure it. In terms of manufacturing, I suppose the materials were rather exquisite for the time. In terms of engineering, the car isn't anywhere as intricate as the 3-speed trucks. "Extravagant" would be my take on it. As a bashing buggy, it's junk. But people still like it, including myself!
  8. Actually, the novafox has never ever run out of stock in Japan since release. Every year when I visit, super rajikon has stock. They still have stock currently
  9. very nice time lapse build. everything laid out nicely and neatly. and a proper table! now i know why i take so long to build stuff. mine comes out, i build 1 step, it goes back into the box, and i build another step some days/weeks/months later.
  10. wait. its been 30 years. what's another month?
  11. gyro is what we use in the tail of helicopters to keep it straight. you need just the most basic rate gyros, which cost no more than 10usd to keep the car perfectly straight. with a gyro, there's no more need to bother with bump steer damping, or torque steer you get with txt-1/txt-2. if you ever had a clod buster and hated its bump steer, a gyro would solve that
  12. dont bother with bump steer eliminators. just use a gyro. absolutely awesome
  13. If you hop on a flight and lug one back, your cost would be comfortably under usd300. As late as 2014, Japanese shops still had the Avante. And you could shop kyosho as well. Kyosho in Japan is the cheapest al all times of the year, whether the yen goes up or down!
  14. When I last checked Japan post, shipping for surface for 10kg parcel is around 8000 yen economy air and 5000 yen surface to Singapore. Since NZ isn't that far from SG by air, I'd say the pricing for the kit(volume 4kg) would be around there
  15. Looks like the best so far. Better years to come I'm sure. And more re-re-res. Thundershot for one. And first re-re of Top Force Evo, Dyna Storm, etc. I'd like a Thunder Dragon too!
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