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  1. Ok! I´ve tried to buy the MFA-motor on ebay, but the seller wont ship it to Sweden. Do You know if I can get it some where else?
  2. How does the motor in this kit compare to the technigold?
  3. I´ve used the BZ in just about all my models including the Sand Scorcher. No problems what so ever until the motor in my SS sucked in to much dust and finaly died after several years of bashing. I can really recommend this motor for the SS as it makes it a blast to drive. I must confess I´ve never checked the temperature of the motor though.
  4. Hi guys Does anyone know if the steering knuckles would fit my 1985 Optima?
  5. I really hope they will sell a painted body as well...
  6. A Monster Beetle based on some other chassis then the ORV will save me some money as I wont be buying it.
  7. Hi guys I´m trying to assemble a couple of Scorpions. I´m really an srb kind of guy, but I really enjoy working on these classics. I was a bit confused when some of my parts were different from the others and one of the gearboxes had a differential installed. I now know that one of the buggies is the Turbo-version. Unfortunately the body and radiobox is missing. I´ve ordered a Turbo Scorpion-body from Kamtec (And got a Scorpion-body for free!) but it dont feel right to use a yellow radiobox for it so I went for a black one instead. I´ve learned that there´s quite a few versions of the Scorpion and have also heared that one Turboversion did in fact have a black radiobox. I can´t find any pics of it though. Is this info correct? Did the TS have a black box at some time? Cheers!
  8. Hi guys! What kind of grease do You use in Your gearboxes besides Tamiya original grease? I find that the Tamiya original grease has very small tubes and doesn´t last that long. What kind of grease can be used instead? What kind of grease should be avoided with the plastic gears in mind? Thanks, Mattias
  9. Don´t think there will be any spares for the Fighting Buggy. If so the bay would be filled by now. Perhaps this re-release will be a modern classic?
  10. Got my Fighting Buggy! Very well packed and Swift shipping from Germany to Sweden.
  11. Does anyone know this seller...? http://www.modellbau-seidel.de/ Fairly good price...
  12. Hi guys Does anyone know if the re-re tires fit vintage rims? My rims are ok but the tires are rotten dry..
  13. Haven´t decided just yet. Might go for the Kyosho Beetle instead. But I really want a couple of Fighting Buggy body-kits, but they are no were to be found! Wasn´t ebay loaded with spares for the Buggy Champ just after release?
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