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  1. Meakz1973

    RCH Rims with and skid plate

    Hi All, I’m looking for an RCH skid plate, ideally gold, but any color is great. Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, To finish a long term build I’m looking for a set of CRP or RCH ( same product diff manufacturers) shock tower extenders to mount 1/8 Kyosho shocks to nylon SRB shock towers. Also still looking for RCH 1.75” rim covers, preferably in gold. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!
  3. Hi All, It's been a while... I'm looking for a new or mint condition set of front RCH gold rims for SRB. Either 1.5" or 1.75" please... Thanks!
  4. Meakz1973

    Shodog’s Rough Rider Runner

    Always great to see this Rough Rider. The beach looks awesome too.
  5. Meakz1973

    Vintage SRB aftermarket parts ID

    Figured out the nerf bars are ARS. Still unsure on chassis. Any ideas?
  6. Hi All, I’m searching for the following parts in excellent to mint condition please. Novak NESC 1 ESC Novak Ner-2S receiver Kyosho Vanning Land Jump /Vanning shocks SRB servo mount- angled ramp style. Please let me know what you have for sale or trade!
  7. Meakz1973

    what is a wild willy M38 body kit worth

    For reference, an NIB Body set sold for $299USD on ebay last week. It was complete and unused. I'd say that was a good deal including all parts and decals. Note: it's now relisted due to non-payment...
  8. Meakz1973

    Vintage SRB aftermarket parts ID

    It’s certainly got some rare parts on it, but it’s the nerf bars and chassis plate I can’t place. Maybe they have been modified at home.
  9. One for the SRB hop up specialists. I have this buggy with a bunch of MIP parts/JG cage. I’m wondering if anyone here can ID the chassis and nerf bars. They are different than others I own or have seen. thanks!
  10. Meakz1973

    CR-01 Unimog

    Ha! Pretty sure that Jeep body used to be mine! Wish I hadn’t just spent a fortune buying a new one with all the body parts! Good luck with the sale!
  11. All sold other than Hopped up Hotshot. I’ve added NIP aftermarket parts and lowered price to $415 on TC.
  12. Meakz1973

    If you could only own 1?

    22 previous replies and nobody called out the Sand Scorcher?!? For me this is the most iconic car ever produced and will always be #1!
  13. Meakz1973

    3 SRB aftermarket rear cages

    Hi All, Having a clear out and putting up these 3 aftermarket SRB cages for sale or trade. Still after a JG, RCH or MIP full rear cage. Would trade 3 for 1 One of these cages is CRP, the other I believe to be Phil Greeno and last one is unknown. See showroom from more pics. Cheers Paul
  14. I wouldnt know that, but I bought it NIP. There are 3 twisters NIP on eBay right now and looking at photos I can see that at least 2 have soldered motor connectors.
  15. Hi All, I'm looking to trade this new Twisters black can motor. It was NIP and I took it out to photograph it and with intent to use it for a build. It never got installed at all. I am in desperate need of an RCH, JG or MIP rear alloy cage for my SRB 4x400 build. Let me know if you have one in excellent to mint condition to trade. If you feel it's worth more than the motor that is cool let's chat. Thanks! Paul