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  1. Still looking for the roof, in black or red. As for wheels, here is a set I sold here in 2012 and are the type I’m looking to buy … again! thanks
  2. Hi all, I’m looking for a JG Hotshot roof, ideally NIP otherwise excellent condition. Also looking for vintage alloy wheels. I’ve seen the Pargu repros on eBay which are great but looking for an OG set. Open to different styles. Thank you! photo courtesy of John Weston
  3. Selling this project that has been hanging around since 2012. Please see my trade section for photos. I made the alloy body panels ( details can be found in my showroom under Super champ roof, polished. NIP Parma rear shocks stripped and polished. NIP You-G Nerfs, stripped and polished. New CRP front shock mount with used shocks. Tires are perfect. Wheels are pargu or similar. Everything included is in the photos. Please ask any questions! $175 shipped USA. Thanks
  4. Please see pics and details in my trade room and ask any questions. https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?id=13490&cid=124031&t=132024100616 Thank you
  5. $2,000 USD Hi all, time to let this go. I bit the bullet and built this from NIB several years ago. It was a fantastic build experience and I don't regret it! It has never been run. I sold the OG roof as I always planned to install one of John's ( Lightning Rapids) alloy roofs. I owned the roof before I bought the NIB kit. It's in my showroom from 2013. I got as far as priming the body and body parts but never finished painting them. You can choose box art or other design to finish it. All period servos and battery are brand new. Radio was fully functional a few years ago but now I can't get it to power up. Maybe you can? During the build I damaged a hub cap, hence why I bought more. 4 new hub caps are included. While taking photos I also noticed a damaged screw tab on the rear right hub. If you were to run this you may want to buy a replacement but for the shelf it is no problem. Everything is complete and straight from the box, which is included as well as the manual. Wheels/tires have been stored separately and are perfect. Selling as is and untested as it has never been driven. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more photos. Price includes shipping in USA. Shipping overseas will be at cost less $80 ( probable cost to me of USA shipping). Listing here first, before Facebook groups then eBay, as I know it will go to a good home. See my trades for photos. Thank you all!
  6. Hi All, Selling my new built never run Mk1 Hotshot. I've tried to tale detailed pictures in my trade section but ask for any others you need. Complete with working Futuba TP-T3PG Transmitter with extra battery pack, FP-R104H 4ch RX, and 2 FP-S132H Servos. Transmitter is mint other than chip and crack around Magnum logo on wheel, as seen in pics. Also includes Futuba wall charger, MRC Quick Charger, 2 sets of Original Tamiya bearings ( 1 bearing missing as shown), spare parts bag and Rubber Bag set. Hotshot doesn't have a mark on the chassis. Wheels were sprayed silver and rubber bag has rotted. Missing aerial and spotlights. Ties seem perfect. Front stabilizer is a JG part. Everything works and being sold as is. Please ask any questions! $700 Insured Shipping is $30 USA and $60 ROW.
  7. Hi All, Before I list my NIB TRF801x on auction sites this weekend I'm checking if anyone here is interested. I bought 2 NIBs years ago, built one ( in my showroom that I have since converted to electric.... must update pics! ) and kept the other in case I needed parts. During the original build of I broke a part and dipped into the 2nd NIB, so it is not shrink wrapped. I have since replaced the part ( K part) with NIP K part and also replaced the G parts with NIP parts as they went missing. The kit is 100% complete and contains all that you need for a build. There is only 1 of these listed on ebay at $549. A couple of retailers have this in stock priced much higher. I am selling at $400 + shipping. Will ship WW but anticipate WW shipping to be pricey. I will ship at cost. I will add pics after work today but contact me if interested please. Thanks Paul
  8. Please let me know if you have any and willing to sell. They don't have to be NIP but suitable for a minty shelfer Thank you
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