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  1. monster_beetle

    2011 (1995) Ford F150 Baja

    Hmm, that is not any different from the original... Strange thing that they call it a TA-02T then actually.
  2. monster_beetle

    True top speed (GPS / accurate measurement)

    Durga 3S LiPo 7700kV Mamba Max 117 km/h Measured with a Garmin Etrex
  3. monster_beetle

    *** Dissatisfied with Tamiya petition ***

    I just got a quick look at this thread, but how will this work for guide books actually? Also there are still pretty some websites having the manuals uploaded actually...
  4. monster_beetle

    2011 (1995) Ford F150 Baja

    Have you already been able to find out in what way this TA-02T differs from a regular TA-02 F-150. Is is wider or...?
  5. monster_beetle

    How To Paint A Sand Scorcher Right?

    Yes, that is the way to do. The lightest colors always go first on a hardshell (Y)
  6. monster_beetle

    Blackfoot Re-re ?

    A Monster beetle would me more logical IMO, as they already have the SS body so the body is also already being made... Let's hope for it
  7. monster_beetle

    Wild Willy 2 Hop-ups

    For the Wild Willy I am making aluminum grilles that fit the WWI and WWII, which can have pretty some abuse. I can take a pic of mine installed on my WWII for you today if you want to.
  8. monster_beetle

    Jerobee - Vintage Rc Car!

    Never heard of that cars, or seen any of them. I like it pretty much
  9. monster_beetle

    Monster Beetle/ Blackfoot Aluminum G1 Part Coming Soon

    Well, your choice to anodize them, personally I like the look of raw metal I am working with Dutch machinists, when I know a good one in the UK with a good price who can also do CNC'ing I might be interested in contacting that guys
  10. monster_beetle

    Website just gone live with a completely redesigned lay-out. Hope you all like it I thought it was a good time to redesign it, as my aluminum Monster Beetle/Blackfoot G1 part will get it's release this week.
  11. monster_beetle

    Monster Beetle/ Blackfoot Aluminum G1 Part Coming Soon

    Great news, this week the G1 parts will arrive. They will be €10,- ex. shipping costs.
  12. monster_beetle

    Kyosho Blizzard Ep In The Uk

    Thanks for the heads up Andy I bet they where missed too much
  13. monster_beetle

    Monster Beetle/ Blackfoot Aluminum G1 Part Coming Soon

    Well, it looks like I found a new guy who is able to make them. Guesstimate will be around €10,- per part.
  14. monster_beetle

    Kyosho Blizzard Ep In The Uk

    I have been looking for them also lately. But they are discontinued... Hard to find indeed...
  15. monster_beetle

    Illegal Copying Of My Parts

    Are not only Tamiya repros, also his own parts.