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  1. Hmm, that is not any different from the original... Strange thing that they call it a TA-02T then actually.
  2. Durga 3S LiPo 7700kV Mamba Max 117 km/h Measured with a Garmin Etrex
  3. I just got a quick look at this thread, but how will this work for guide books actually? Also there are still pretty some websites having the manuals uploaded actually...
  4. Have you already been able to find out in what way this TA-02T differs from a regular TA-02 F-150. Is is wider or...?
  5. Yes, that is the way to do. The lightest colors always go first on a hardshell (Y)
  6. A Monster beetle would me more logical IMO, as they already have the SS body so the body is also already being made... Let's hope for it
  7. For the Wild Willy I am making aluminum grilles that fit the WWI and WWII, which can have pretty some abuse. I can take a pic of mine installed on my WWII for you today if you want to. http://tamiyaresource.com/WW1/35001.html
  8. Never heard of that cars, or seen any of them. I like it pretty much
  9. Well, your choice to anodize them, personally I like the look of raw metal I am working with Dutch machinists, when I know a good one in the UK with a good price who can also do CNC'ing I might be interested in contacting that guys
  10. Website just gone live with a completely redesigned lay-out. Hope you all like it I thought it was a good time to redesign it, as my aluminum Monster Beetle/Blackfoot G1 part will get it's release this week.
  11. Great news, this week the G1 parts will arrive. They will be €10,- ex. shipping costs.
  12. Thanks for the heads up Andy I bet they where missed too much
  13. Well, it looks like I found a new guy who is able to make them. Guesstimate will be around €10,- per part.
  14. I have been looking for them also lately. But they are discontinued... Hard to find indeed...
  15. Are not only Tamiya repros, also his own parts.
  16. Well, long time passed. Still no update The lasercutter is not doing bending anymore. I tried to contact several other companies to doe the cutting, but all of them didn't reply. Really really ****...
  17. CAPS LOCK ALWAYS MAKES PEOPLE GET A LOT OF ATTENTION, but in a negative way. On the internet it is synonym for shouting
  18. Hmm, that's pretty cool. Have to get that on mine too I think P.s. Some other cool apps in a completely other category that you have to try are real reacing and flight control...
  19. Just made a wallpaper of my ride. Size is a bit reduces, but I got him in high-res ;-)
  20. Yes, I can also load the full version. But it isn't that fast, like you just stated. For example there is a website called www.iphoneclub.nl and they have a special iPhone (works also with other mobiles) version that has the full functionallity, but is way faster.
  21. P.s. I have found the lo-fi version button. But in that mode i cannot reply to topics etc.
  22. As i have the new iPhone now for a couple of days, I started to wonder if there's some kind of light version of TC for mobiles? And if so, where do I find it?
  23. If you are interested I can probably design an aluminum one for you. Only thing is that it will take some time for it to be made because the bender at the factory that makes my products just quit his job.
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