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  1. As i have the new iPhone now for a couple of days, I started to wonder if there's some kind of light version of TC for mobiles? And if so, where do I find it?
  2. monster_beetle

    Tamiyaclub For Iphone?

    Yes, I can also load the full version. But it isn't that fast, like you just stated. For example there is a website called and they have a special iPhone (works also with other mobiles) version that has the full functionallity, but is way faster.
  3. monster_beetle

    Tamiyaclub For Iphone?

    P.s. I have found the lo-fi version button. But in that mode i cannot reply to topics etc.
  4. monster_beetle

    Where Have All The Rear Skid Plates Gone?

    If you are interested I can probably design an aluminum one for you. Only thing is that it will take some time for it to be made because the bender at the factory that makes my products just quit his job.
  5. monster_beetle

    Films Featuring Rc

    I just scored the mudbusters DVD. There's a lot Tamiya in that ;-)
  6. monster_beetle

    F104 Build

    The front uprights are attached to a pin, on that pin there is a very small spring. That's all the front suspension the car gets, you can also see it if you look at the pic from the manual that is posted.
  7. monster_beetle

    Kyosho Optima Series - What Are They Now Worth?

    The seller told me he has the original motor still laying around.
  8. monster_beetle

    Kyosho Optima Series - What Are They Now Worth?

    I think this topic is exactly what I am looking for! I am in the oppurtunity to trade a new build TLT or buy an Turbo Optima Mid SE. It is the one on the pics, what do you think this is worth?
  9. monster_beetle

    58100 Top Force Vs. Reissue Top Force

    Only different stamp I found is the one on the bodyset. That says Top Force 2009
  10. monster_beetle

    58441 Rough Rider "Buggy Champ" Re-release

    Well, you gotta note that most LHS's are not that much into Tamiya as we are. I know much much more about Tamiya than my LHS does, so that says nothing
  11. monster_beetle

    '94 Castrol Celica 92200

    I don't think the DI body comes with it. As it will get in conflict with the interior (that is what I expect).
  12. monster_beetle

    58441 Rough Rider "Buggy Champ" Re-release

    just drop them an email. They are really great
  13. At first welcome aboard matey! At second, what a *******in' great thread and Tundra you have there! Now off to watch the video's
  14. monster_beetle

    Can Am Lola Body - Unpainted

    You've got mail
  15. monster_beetle

    New Comp - Before And After - Winner Announced

    Oh yeah, I just entered. Although I say it myself I found this a brilliant before and after story
  16. monster_beetle

    '94 Castrol Celica 92200

    Hmm, just spoke to Vin87 at MSN. And he told me I am wrong with the round headlight model. I am right that that is the model released in '94 by toyota, BUT... it made it's entrance in the rally scene in '95. In which it was immediately disqualified because of a wrong turbo. Also has updated their description, saying that the driver of the original car was Didier Auriol. Which points us at the celica with the pop-up headlights.
  17. monster_beetle

    '94 Castrol Celica 92200

    Nope, 94 is with the double round headlights.
  18. monster_beetle

    58441 Rough Rider "Buggy Champ" Re-release

    Well, I expect so. It does also have the the waterproof electronics box
  19. monster_beetle

    58441 Rough Rider "Buggy Champ" Re-release

    Ok, this is *******in' great. Finally I can finish my scorcher with some new parts. Build A BNIB RR myself and run it. If it comes with the metal parts as back in the days it is just the way this buggy was meant to be. How cool is that However the link says kit requires PS paint. While the text in this thread says it comes with an ABS hardshell. I hope it will come with the ABS shell, as it is way nicer. But I am afraid many of the modern people think ABS is not the way to go as it can break more easily. Only looks uglier... Well I think they will do it the same as with the Brat, ABS an Lexan. Hmm we will see.
  20. monster_beetle

    Comical Drver Names

    On my Durga I have a decal with my own Tamiya driver name It's "Jammin' Jules"
  21. monster_beetle

    58441 Rough Rider "Buggy Champ" Re-release

    This is pretty cool news. And for that money I can't leave it not to get one. Should be awesome, and finally some new gear and motorcovers for my SS Just way too cool to be true. I still can;t believe it is. I see a SS (and with that MB) rere coming closer also Hmm, if it comes with a diff. Maybe gotta sell my thorp diff, gotta think about it...
  22. Looking through the Shizuoko Hobby show RC model releases list you will find some interesting models like a '73 bronco (which is really cool). And a BLACK PORSCHE 934 57788 XB Xanavi NISMO GT-R R35 (TT-01E chassis) 57790 XB ORC Amemiya SCG-7 (TT-01E chassis) 57791 XB Mercedes AMG DTM C-Class 2008 Orginalteile (TT-01E) 57792 XB Toyota Aristo (TT-01E Drift) 58431 F104 PRO Chassis Kit w/Body 58433 Mercedes AMG DTM C-Class 2008 Orginalteile (TT-01E chassis) 58435 Cusco Dunlop Subaru Impreza (TA05-IFS chassis) 58436 `73 Ford Bronco (CR-01 chassis) 58437 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X (TT01-E chassis) 58438 Mini Cooper Racing (chassis type unknown, but M05 suspected) 58443 M05 PRO Chassis Kit 840?? Black Porsche 934 (chassis and scale unknown)
  23. monster_beetle

    Shizuoka New Releases (black Porsche 934!)

    While looking at the link of tamiya japan. It looks like the m-05 will come with the classic mini body
  24. you aren't allowed to see it if you live outside Australia Someone who can put it on youtube or so?
  25. monster_beetle

    Shizuoka New Releases (black Porsche 934!)

    Hmm, looks good. But I really miss light buckets, I wonder why they don't add them to such a body. Also the fiat 500 doesn't have them, a real pity.