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  1. I just scored the mudbusters DVD. There's a lot Tamiya in that ;-)
  2. The front uprights are attached to a pin, on that pin there is a very small spring. That's all the front suspension the car gets, you can also see it if you look at the pic from the manual that is posted.
  3. The seller told me he has the original motor still laying around.
  4. I think this topic is exactly what I am looking for! I am in the oppurtunity to trade a new build TLT or buy an Turbo Optima Mid SE. It is the one on the pics, what do you think this is worth?
  5. Only different stamp I found is the one on the bodyset. That says Top Force 2009
  6. I hope to have the prototype laying here within 2 weeks. If it's allright I will be ready to sell them. They will be made out of 2mm aluminum, eventually I will offer the option of plain aluminum, red anodizing or black anodizing. However the anodizing options are not completely sure yet. I will update this thread off course when there is more news to tell about this part. If you are interested in the part just put it here, and eventually contact me through my website. That way I will keep you updated with things like the price etc. At the contact form click pre-orders as subject, off course you don't have to buy the part as there isn't even a price yet But that way I can manage it easily in my e-mail client. More info here: http://shop.tamiyaresource.com/MB/60001.html
  7. Well, you gotta note that most LHS's are not that much into Tamiya as we are. I know much much more about Tamiya than my LHS does, so that says nothing
  8. I don't think the DI body comes with it. As it will get in conflict with the interior (that is what I expect).
  9. At first welcome aboard matey! At second, what a *******in' great thread and Tundra you have there! Now off to watch the video's
  10. Oh yeah, I just entered. http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...83&id=13706 Although I say it myself I found this a brilliant before and after story
  11. Hmm, just spoke to Vin87 at MSN. And he told me I am wrong with the round headlight model. I am right that that is the model released in '94 by toyota, BUT... it made it's entrance in the rally scene in '95. In which it was immediately disqualified because of a wrong turbo. Also tamiyausa.com has updated their description, saying that the driver of the original car was Didier Auriol. Which points us at the celica with the pop-up headlights.
  12. Nope, 94 is with the double round headlights.
  13. Well, Tamiya keeps surprising us. This time wih 92200 a '94 celica rally in castrol trim And yes it comes with a 2 driver cockpit http://www.tamiyausa.com/product/item.php?product-id=92200 But what the 92.... serial number says is a guess for me. Not limited, but why 92...
  14. Well, I expect so. It does also have the the waterproof electronics box
  15. Ok, this is *******in' great. Finally I can finish my scorcher with some new parts. Build A BNIB RR myself and run it. If it comes with the metal parts as back in the days it is just the way this buggy was meant to be. How cool is that However the link says kit requires PS paint. While the text in this thread says it comes with an ABS hardshell. I hope it will come with the ABS shell, as it is way nicer. But I am afraid many of the modern people think ABS is not the way to go as it can break more easily. Only looks uglier... Well I think they will do it the same as with the Brat, ABS an Lexan. Hmm we will see.
  16. On my Durga I have a decal with my own Tamiya driver name It's "Jammin' Jules"
  17. This is pretty cool news. And for that money I can't leave it not to get one. Should be awesome, and finally some new gear and motorcovers for my SS Just way too cool to be true. I still can;t believe it is. I see a SS (and with that MB) rere coming closer also Hmm, if it comes with a diff. Maybe gotta sell my thorp diff, gotta think about it...
  18. While looking at the link of tamiya japan. It looks like the m-05 will come with the classic mini body
  19. you aren't allowed to see it if you live outside Australia Someone who can put it on youtube or so?
  20. Hmm, looks good. But I really miss light buckets, I wonder why they don't add them to such a body. Also the fiat 500 doesn't have them, a real pity.
  21. Yes, that was me I totally missed out this post for some reason However it will work out good now
  22. At RC4WD you have a much greater alternative: http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=937 $80,- or: http://rc4wdstore.com/product_info.php?cPa...products_id=936 $90,-
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