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  1. If no joy with Nitomor, I've got one available
  2. :lol: Oops. Whoever mentioned MR2 drifter, Ive got a TA04 SWB MR2 available As for original thread, I've got a nice Porsche shell (as illustrated by Jim) available
  3. HPI Saxo or Pug 106 will fit
  4. Ouch, from what i can tell, the piece is the mount from the FRP chassis set-going to be hard to find a replacement. I'll look at mine and see if i can see a better way to repair. What did it hit?!?!
  5. Post a pic if possible. I've still got my BITD club racer that was FF01 with FRP chassis (battered the 4wds for top end speed) so can compete for you.
  6. You are not alone. However, I do have a pair of TXT1 axles lying around.........
  7. Hahaha, that would help! £90
  8. As described, still sealed, surplus to requirements, I got a good deal so will sell for what I paid for it-pass on the good fortune. £90 £12.50 for UK delivery Cheque or PayPal gift
  9. Nice work. A golden era for BTCC. I've a BTCC Volvo saloon and estate from this era waiting to be done. You may have pushed the inspiration button.
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