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  1. bengod

    Your vehicles on display..

    Some from Portugal
  2. bengod

    Porsche 936 body?

    ... more 6 body's from stella
  3. bengod

    Porsche 936 body?

    thank you I bought one from stella.
  4. bengod

    Porsche 936 body?

    I found this 84303 1/12 Porsche 936 Turbo "Martini" Body Parts Set. Is a re re of a 58006 body?
  5. bengod

    Thanks You To Stellamodels

    Big thank you from Portugal. As always all very well packaged and super fast shipping. Thank you
  6. bengod

    From Portugal

    Hi Stella I by from you a fantastic Mini Cooper Racing. Your shipping service is fantastic, 5 days, you don't forget, i leave in Portugal. GREAT SERVICE. I have one question, have you in stock a J tree parts of Mini Monte Carlo? Many Thanks Bento