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  1. The 'N' means NOT. Those are the ones I would like to keep for now. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi all, this has been a hard decision, but its time to let go of some cars to let others enjoy and care for them. I have been collecting for a long time and have been a long time member of this wonderful site. If you are interested in any, please message me. Some have changed, I will try to get updated pictures soon. Keep in mind that shipping oversees from the US may be costly. Thank you.
  3. I have an Ender 3pro. Basic but works good. Use the new Cura 5.xx. I have made several parts to different cars. Let me know how it works out, Good luck.
  4. Hi, I came up with this fix to the Pajero (044) front body mount. I designed a clip and 3D printed it. Fits nice and tight for display model or glued for a runner. What do you think? if anybody is interested let me know, I can print out more. Thanks.
  5. Hello all, I have been a few years since i have dedicated time for all my cars. since the passing of my son, i kinda put several things aside. but now i am back to finish restoring and collecting. the items i am looking for help with are: 1. the plastic guard under the cheetah. can one of you fellow cheetah owners trace the shape and email it to me? 2. porsche 959 repo decals. originals cost a little too much. 3. after market SS/RR radio box. i have seen some folks with these installed on thier cars. thank you very much.
  6. Hello, I have a Bullhead for sale or trade. All original except for hop-up aluminum reinforcement plate under chassis. Includes Futaba radio. I have pics. Will take serious offers, If interested let me know. Because of weight and size, would prefer U.S. offers but will ship overseas.
  7. Hi, yes I collect diecast also. 1/18 scale but I mostly stick to exotics. A small part of my collection is in my showroom. Those are the unboxed versions. I just can't seem to let them go.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm 36 in Feb. First cars Lambo(008) and Brat(038). Thanks to all for helping me relive those days...
  9. Hi All, I was wondering if anybody can help me with part numbers. I am looking for part numbers for the tail section and roll bar/mirrors for the re-release version of the P34 six wheeler. A scan of the page in the manual would be great. Thanx..
  10. Hello All, I was just looking through the different models and something caught my eye and wondered if anybody has any info on this. Looking at the Boxster, I saw there was one with a MB-A-Klasse body. Are these limited? Where were they sold? Is there a kit number for this (58197B)? Where can i get one? [].... Thanx...
  11. Hi everyone, For my shelf queens I use wood blocks carved out to fit the bottom, then router them around the edges and coat them with poly. They are set approx. half inch off the surface to protect the tires. Seems to work nice plus look pretty kewl.
  12. A tragic tale... Had an NSX body painted silver that I wanted to repaint in red. I have used Easy-Off for all my paint removal and have had no problems until now. Decided to do the same as I always did with this body. Sprayed the front end of the body and let it soak for a few in the sink. When I came back, left front fender well had melted away and body where I sprayed became very brittle.[] Dont know what happened, but now I will be more cautious.
  13. Hi all, I was paging thru one of my guide books and noticed a difference in the cross country chassis. The Pajero(132) chassis front wheel wells are rounded out while the others (141,152,etc.) of similar chassis have a small indent. Anybody know if there is a reason for this? (I have pics, but not familiar with how to post them.) I also have pics of what maybe the next CC chassis was suppose to look like. Thanx..
  14. On a movie from 1986, called Manhattan Project, kid uses a Subaru Brat to transport some kind of highly toxic chemical. He also tries to out smart a security guard.
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