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  1. Kamtec.co.uk They also do repro shells and loads of shells for mardave chassis, in lexan, and abs, most of the cars you guys have mentioned are on there!
  2. Stupid sounding question but what does the bulb look like? I may have a pair sitting in my bits box I'll have a look when I get home if you description matches what I think I've got!
  3. There is a forum specially for rc road vehicles .co.uk and they do that sort of stuff a lot, have a look over there and see what takes your fancy!
  4. Oh....nuts I thought I'd had a good idea! I'll go back to sleep then :-)
  5. What about photobucket? It's got an app you can upload direct from your phone to, could you link to your showroom from there?
  6. Maybe worth trying a local r/c aeroplane shop, if they don't have them they'll know a place that does I'd have thought...
  7. Or a place that does electric wheel chairs should do stuff like that, and a lot of towns have one of them in them!
  8. I think my eye has been caught by the aluminium ones on eBay.....upper, lower front and rear...and some wild dagger drive shafts... And I have 2 spares of them!
  9. Ah I see now, each c parts has 1 front and 1 rear upper and lower arm on it...thanks for the pic, I couldn't find one of the tree to see what I was after, thought I'd ask here as you lot seem to have the answer for most of my stupid questions! That makes life easier, I'll get a pair of Alloy front and rear lower arms, and then the same in alloy uppers, spot on!
  10. I get the fact I need 2 Baja champ c parts.... But which arms is it for..reason is I want to fit longer alloy arms to willy and just want to get 2 pairs of the correct ones! Many thanks for the answer to my many silly questions...
  11. The amount of LEDs on the mfu circuits was well within tolerance, there was 4 extra lights on the head/side light circuit, 2extra on the indicator and then just 3 on 2 of the gear indicator channels, the many lights in the sides, front and back of the box on the trailer where from a 9v battery in the belly locker...it's all good fun!
  12. That looks spot on, simplest ideas are the best!
  13. Oh dear, I wanted to keep it cheap, now with those 2 to follow it's going to cost a fortune, looks like the wife and mum are up for sale to fund a new project....any offers! Will swap for txt / juggernaut parts!
  14. Not sure what the brushless setup is! Apparently it is good for off road buggies making them much quicker than stock (however fast that is!) I thought it might just be a plate to cover the hole but thought it best to ask incase it had some funny gearing system.....will see what happens.. Thanks for the reply
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