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  1. We are having another scale truck challenge on the 7th november ,if you would like any more info just let me know. http://southderbyshireracing.webs.com/apps...llange-ii?next= here is a link to the fun we had at the last challenge event steve
  2. http://southderbyshireracing.webs.com/apps...truck-challange any more info please contact myself cheers steve
  3. Hi all scale competition at south derbyshire racing on the 22 august, either visit their site or contact myself for details ,there is a rock crawler event on as well ,plus rallycross track and a new short course track to play on as well .... steve
  4. Hi thanks for the offer but i have a desert gator sorry
  5. Tamiya pajero in good condition ballraced no electrics , fittied with cut tamiya highlift tires , has front suspension lift and ballraced steering mod£80 posted uk
  6. I have heard the silver can motor is actually 35 turns , i run a 35 turn 550 motor in the high lift and it was the same speed as the standard silvercan
  7. yes lots of parking how about the weekend september 13 or 14 steve
  8. How do you fancy seven springs -mud ,stream,hills more mud and water ,what more could you ask steve
  9. Does any body fany a staffordshire bash off road steve
  10. for sale/trade my kyosho blizzard great condition £70 or poss trade will be standard motor and kit speedo instructions (no radio gear etc)http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...0&sid=14275
  11. for sale/ trade is myxr311 re release in mint condition ,open to offers or trade http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.a...3&sid=14275
  12. hi i have got some tyres that might be of use only 1 pair though : - http://tamiyaclub.com/CS/forums/thread/205972.aspx
  13. A new pair of tyres for a kyosho salute ,optima ,might also fit ultima rear ,on the tyre it say bridgestone sand super 340/30/20.m they are for a 2inch rim.would be good for a runner as cracks have started to appear on the in side wall. £ 5 plus postage
  14. sorry will ave to pass as i want to sell the lot in one go ,sorry cant help
  15. hi there ,yes its a 40 meg unit ,i wanted to sell the lot ,but would only seperate the servo as it is a package realy . how much would you be willing to offer ?
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