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  1. My daughter collects them as well over the years. She has put together Star Destroyer, Original Falcon, Original X-Wing (The one with Yoda's Hut), and a few I dont know the names. She has new in box Jaba's Party Bardge, and Imperial shuttle which I see Jaba's party barge fo no less than $500 on eBay NIB. I seem them as high as $1000. Not bad for only paying $80 for it years ago. I told her to save them and if she doesn't want them in a few years, auction them off to buy herself a car.
  2. So I listed my CR01 on Craigslist, a local buy and swap on the net here in the USA. I was looking to sell for $400 or swap for a good shape 1/10 summit. Well a guy sent me a offer for the following: Mossberg 500 12 Guage with and extra pistol grip and 160 rounds of ammo. and Marlin 1894 model 44 Magnum Lever action rifle with 50 rounds of ammo. WOW! I am a current owner of: Sig Sauer P250 45 cal Sig Sauer Misquito .22 Walther P22 GSG 522 heavly modified. This just puts the icing on the cake. I can post pictures if anyone is interested later when I get back from getting them.
  3. 58503 Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO (M-05 Chassis) 58505 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (FF-03) These two strike my fancy. Used to own a 85 CRX Si back in the days and I always have loved VW's.
  4. I know a lot of the members on here have been wanting me to post mor about my VW Beetle, so I did a 1:1 car reference about it. Here is the link. My 1961 VW Type I Hope you enjoy it. Dave Tamiya King
  5. I restored on back years ago and made it mint. You will put mor money into it than you will get for it. I recommend just saving up and buying one new in box, unless you want a runner. I spent over $100 just for new body set and the wheels cost me $80 new. Good luck, but like I said, if you want a mint one, just save and buy NIB, you will spend less than building one from parts mint. TK
  6. Has anyone ever heard or seen these? I guess they were made back in 1985. They have 4 pantoons and an aircraft nitro motor and big propeller in the aft. I guess if you put large aircraft tires on instead of the pantoons, you can run on land. I am going Friday morning to pick one up that is new built, but body has not been touched. I will get pictures up of it Friday night. Any info on them would be great. Here are some pics from the ad:
  7. There used to be a 3 speed (Vintage) video on here that was to the song Magic Carpet Ride. It was the best. Can anyone give me a link to that video. I used to watch it for hours as they looked so real. That is what got me into loving the Bruiser and now on my 2nd one myself. Thanks for any help! Dave
  8. So, wondering if anyone knows how much these usually go for new built with no engine included? Unpainted body and still has decals on the sheet. Any help in how much I should give max for this local find would be great.
  9. I found this on local listing. It is a 4wd but what kind and model? Is it worth the $35 for the car and $20 in gas to go get it? Thanks for any help.
  10. Hey guys. I thought this day would never come, but it has. I recently have found the love for target shooting, so it is time to give up some of my many hobbies. I am reducing my RC collection down to just a few cars and boats. I am selling most my vintage stuff and modern stuff as well. I have about half my RC's listed so far and there will be a Clod Buster, Cox Scorpion, RC10DS and much more to come. I list set prices but will barter as well. Just make me an offer and the worst I can do is say no or counter offer. Here is the link to my trades room. My Trade Room Dave
  11. Mine was my 61 Type I VW engine and transmission swap. I put a 2275cc with dual 40mm carbs in it. The motor came from a Hi-Performance shop in California called JCS. After I was all done, I had close to $6000 into it. More than I paid for the car 5 years ago........but 3 times the Horse Power is worth it.
  12. For some reason I have always loved the old vintage Traxxas cars and trucks from the days. I have been wanting to get ahold of a Radicator for a long time, and with the Super Bowl going on, I picked these 2 up for a great deal. The one needs shocks. Both will get a strip down and cleaning and new bodies.
  13. I won bid on the chassis below. I got it for uber cheap, but was wondering if anyone knows anything about these cars?
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